After that cold night the next day I was sad very sad and didn’t get enough sleep,
I was afraid to face my family ……
I was just reflecting the incidence just then I heard a knock at the door,
It was my mother at the door, she asked me to get ready as, the whole family was already ready except me, and her voice was cold……… which scared me more………
I ran my eyes swiftly around the room and looked for my sister, she was missing!
(Above line means-looked in all corners of the room or searched the room for her)
When did she??….

I was ashamed of myself so kept my eyes low, to avoid an eye contact and just saw my mother’s feet ……
She was wearing her heavy pair of payal the one she used to wear on special occasions,
I was surprised and looked up to see her face and ask her about it……..
I was late…. By the time I looked at her she had already turned and was out of my room……
Damn it if I was fast enough that time I would have avoided all that happened to me that day……

I got ready and we sat in the car and left for an unknown destination…
The journey was a silent one, a boring one a tensed one……
Usually our journeys used to be quite noisy as we all talked a lot and had light , moments and enjoyed and specially no tension but, this one was different…..
I was just thinking about the recent happenings during the whole journey, and didn’t pay much attention to anything…

The car stopped nearby a resort, and we got down the car, my father asked us to freshen up a bit and have something…..
That time I noticed him he looked normal not much angry……..
I went to the washroom still thinking about that all and splashed cold water on my face, I didn’t notice an elderly lady looking at me and smiling………….
As I got out in the open a mild and warm, relieving breeze was flowing there and I forgot everything for a moment……

It was that time I began thinking about our destination of the journey, what were we doing here at a resort?
I was just thinking this and enjoying the day breeze just then, my sister came to me and asked me to come soon as everyone is waiting at the table for me to start, and it’s not good to make the…..
She stopped there and pulled me and took me to the table in the cafeteria and there was a surprise……..
Well for a few minutes it was just my family at the table and my parents asking me and my sister to order …….

I was tensed and usually it’s very nice when we get to order something of our choice and such a nice place, but I really didn’t have that enthusiasm inside me that day,
I was nervous and worried……….though my parents were normal with me but still you know that inner self consciousness pinched me from inside…..
I found it strange but was unable to express………

After round about fifteen minutes we had visitors………
I was surprised to see him, and with him were two people elder to him a man and a woman most probably his parents……
While I was staring these unexpected visitors my parents smiled and asked them to have seat,
He looked tensed and his tensed look made me swallow my own saliva and just my heart was just thumping hard…….
They were each carrying a tray in their hands and they kept them on the table and said your order please…………
I was just thinking that why did they bring the order just then I noticed a self service sign board….
I was least interested in the order but , what gonna happen further that thought that spooky thought possessed me …………..
*** To be continued……..

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