*******THE FEAR OF SEPARATION*********
I was determined to find the real culprit but first gotta decide where to start from……..
That day I just waited for the day to finish …….
I hurried back home and made a call to him………
He was not taking my call ……………..
I got worried as his parents ,were strict and they ……………
I tried and tried again until someone took my call ,
The voice said “Hello, may I know who is on the call”
It was not him I was worried and nervous …….
I disconnected the call and thought over it,
May be his parents took his cell phone….
But I needed to talk to him so I called him again ,
This time a lady took my call and in a stammering voice I said.
“H-Hello M….M…Maaaam……… I…Is ….Is this……….”
And silence………

{hmmm….. I haven’t given my characters’ name and this is a he & she story so I(protagonistdidn’t say anymore}

The handed over the phone to him …..
I could hear a few words she said while handing him over the phone…
“it looks like some of your friend is on the call ,plss do it fast and say your goodbye
You still have a lot of packing to do before you leave for…..”
WHAT ???
Leaving was the last word I heard and broke down into tears ………
Wore my slippers and wanted to leave for somewhere but was stopped by my mother and sister, who came to talk to me seeing my weird behavior and worried look ,
My mother suspected it to be a college and friends matter , so she, left my sister to talk with me,
As mother left the room I hugged my sister and began crying,
Her dress was soaked in tears , she held me and asked me to be strong and tell her the matter so that they can help me ,
I paused for a moment , and thought that if my parents knew about it…….
And I unknowingly spoke those words out and , my sister changed her statement and said …
Tell me so that I can help you ………
I had lost my thinking power that time and didn’t notice her change in the statement and spitted out the matter in parts dunno what she understood as mu voice was sulking my eyes were full of tears, giving me a unclear vision of my room…….
I don’t remember what I said and now when I recall those moments I really can’t remember anything….
But I was told later about it and I really found it funny and all I said was
“ Di he is going?? Diii I going friend…. Stop him??? Plssss I goo where hee stop him’
And said “ Do you know what are you saying?”
Who is he ??
And asked me do I love him??
I stood silent and before that I had never thought it that way….
Friends we were just friends right…………
Unknowingly I had disconnected the call and was woken up (brought to consciousness) by that call of his…..
And then my vision cleared I realized my parents were at the door listening to all our conversation…….
What about the parents listening??
Next time we see SEPERATION suspense and how she convince her parents , and escape her parents fury……

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  1. srry 4 any grammer or typos mistakess nd 4 the Quote plss read the lines in the cover pic frndss …. keep reading and commenting ? ? ? 🙂
    last precap srry i wrote SEPARSTION spplng wrng,,……..
    but hope u liked it over all

  2. Emotional ep dr. But plz give a name to the heroin…

    1. liza dr there is no name of the heroine orr herooo justtt a love story u can put nyone in that placeee ? nd giv ur own names
      Thnk u guyss @ liza, riya ,Aalya ,Hayathi,kirti ,Dia ,Manha nd narendran
      @ kg plss go to submit articlee section to write a fic……
      @kirti i wont seprate thm justtt a bit of hurdles ???
      @ all keep readingnd commenting???

  3. Dr superb & sad ep waiting for the next excited ep.. .

  4. Amazing wallpaper and Story too di..Awesome..I love ❤ this track..So much pain in Separation.Atlast now she Realised her love ❤ for him..now its time to find the Culprit and pls give some strict punishment to them..i just can’t tolerate this type of people who do wrong and put blame on others..
    Waiting for next part eagerly..thank u and take care ?..

  5. Oh no where is he goung yaar

  6. yeah great bt pls dont separate them and let the culprit get punished pls……………update soon………….

  7. Awsmmm……epi full of emotionss………di u r amazngg

  8. Richa plz dear can u give big ones. It is very gud but u write small chap. Plz.

  9. Nice effort richa

  10. can anyone tell me how to post my ff

  11. Were is he going? Is he leavng jst bcuz he was embarsd in clg?

    1. liya dr nd Hayathi dr i will rfeveal it later plsss…. nywayss a hinttt he will be stoppes by her and they will solve the mystery together………. 🙂

  12. Hey richu atlast u came jus love d story but pls dont separate them !!

    Pls brg romance yaar !!!

  13. Richu di if it’s japanese characters and a love story of that i guess u can name guy as atsushi and girl as ayako (just browsed now). If it’s indian then no idea will tell

  14. Ok indian guy name advik and girl ahana again browsed 😉

  15. nice going richa

  16. yeahh mandyy i wont nd stay tuned as lot of suspencee …..thnkuuu rUBYY dr
    @ unknownn nycc gussess 🙂 nd thnxx dr

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