“You can’t blame gravity for falling in love.”
“Love is life. And if you miss love, you miss life.”
I don’t know what was wrong with me but every day I waited for his call
I got impatient and worried when he was late to call me…….
Sometimes I called him myself and just made the excuse for notes……
My routine for the time I had plaster was simple ……..
Wake up late, freshen up, and complain, about food and then I was alone…..
My parents went to office and my sister went to college …….
I really found it enjoyable always and watched movies and surfed net the whole day……
I always wished to be alone at home without any tension, or work just enjoy the delicious food made by my mother …………..
Now I had it all as I wanted no work no tension just my plaster, hindering my movements a little
But who cares I just ate, watched television and slept but didn’t enjoy as I should
It didn’t satisfy me, there was something…………
Something was missing ………………….
I don’t know what was it but something was really missing?
My heart was not at peace
I found it hard to spend the whole day……….
The clock was ticking very slowly …..
Every minute seemed to be like an hour especially during the, evening hours when it was the time for his call……..
Every second seemed like several minutes and every minute was monotonous…………
I finally got my nerves back when the phone bell rang but when, it used to be someone else’s phone
I ignored it or made the excuse of low signal quality or talked in a rough or rude manner………..

Now let’s fast forward a little……………

I have got my plaster cut and back to college ……..
To my surprise when I reached college much, have changed during that one month I was not there
Damn that plaster! Oops what did I just say?? That angel plaster……
That boon in my life…… love you plaster ……….
Ok back to college I was stared upon as I reached the class door
Was something wrong in me?

I looked at myself and thought no m just looking fine just like always …
I was very nervous my legs were shaking out of nervousness
W –What it could be?
Does anyone know my secret?
Somehow I managed to sit on my seat
And I saw some familiar faces with some new and old ones …..
New groups have been formed old ones dismantled (broken)…..
I saw my old friend group with an addition and that was…….
** To be continued……..
Heyy Hayathi.brity,riya,dia .liya .Aaliya etc ….. and silent readers keep reading and thanx for support
By you u might hav gussed the addition……. Sooo keep reading and keep commenting
and two quotings for u today as i didn’t post last time 🙂

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  1. Awesome di..and ur quotes was Amazing too..Angel ? plaster..lol..
    Is Hero added to ur old friends group?..and were r the friends of heroine they didn’t cared about her or asked about her health?..update a big epi di to know what happened next..
    Pls update soon..waiting for next part eagerly..take care di..

    1. And ur wall paper is Amazing..

  2. Its him, r8?

  3. Nice story dr

  4. ohhhthnxx Aalia nd kiya 4 commenting
    &@ liya nd Aalia dr lets see in the next episode dr’s who is/are the new addions

  5. heyy aaliadid u noticethat in walpapr/cover they are holding that cup type phn (frgt name)) one endat her ear nd othr to his heart 🙂 mee too dr loved it nd thnx dr lol keep readinggg gysss 😉

  6. Amazingg

  7. leave your angel plasters and this is my story ….
    but my hero is too shy

  8. heyyy hayathi nd diaa thnxx dearies nd keep readin nd commenting……….

  9. heyy sryzO i didn’t get ur cmmnt u men u took urself as the protagonist or u hav some same type of story??and i think uu didn like thyat plaster part m i ryt?……

  10. its nice dr…angel plaster 😀

    check my story dr

  11. thnxx rubii nd i read ur intro part it was nyc 🙂 ndi cmmnted too dr 🙂

  12. Wonderful CREATION my dear creature …. Love u …. Wat more can I say ….. It’s awesome …. O words can’t describe … 😉

    1. thnuu minnal dr nd keep readinggg nd i will update other fics soon just thinkinggg upcomingggg stryyyy……

  13. Ur story is good but plse update little more yaar….

  14. A amazing love story……

  15. thank u riya dr nd lulu
    @ lulu i will update longg nexttt was justtt a bit busyyy with xams

    1. oops srry wrong comment

  16. arzoooooooooo dr plsssss dont answer on my behalf…
    nywayss thnkuuu sweeties ne i will update longg next tyme nddd thnkuu lulu nd riya dr ndd plsss aruuuuuzzzuu dobara aisaa mat kario yaar

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