A COMMON LOVE STORY “A lead to the investigation or………”- XIX


******* Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment*********

He (Mr. representative)said that he will manage miss meddling freak and entered between the chatting girls,
They were pleased to see him and he mixed well between them easily (became a part of their chat easily) and cleverly and backhandedly coaxed the situation…….
(he cleverly and indirectly manipulated the situation)
Now he came out with miss meddler and disclosed to me that she was gonna dictate the whole matter and plan to the group……….

I looked with at her with shock and surprise………..
She looked normal and gave an innocent look , normally anyone would fall to her puppy face that she was expert in making but not the two people she’s dealing with this time………..
She made a cry baby face and said in a childish way “I jusht whanted teu help you that’s it that’s aahll ahand yoh bhlaming me yoh shoe baddd yeah baddy baddyy rudie rudie..”
{NOTE:she is acting and speaking like a child & crying so she stammers, her voice is sulking }

[I like to quote a dialogue “arrey bacche ki jaan loge kya??”] We were continuously staring at her and it looked our eyeballs would jump out of their socket, she looked damn scared and tried to justify herself ………………….
And she spoke again and this time teary eyed and normally…….
“I-I – I thought that more eyes m-m-m-more help , ssssssoooooo…….
So what I yelled at her, so what miss wishy-washy huh! Speak up you mentally retarded ,clumsy freak…… just leave it just leave it alone you freaky meddler none of your business……
None of your work, u can never do any work nicely and completely……..
You –you always ruin everything…………

Do you know it could just ………. It could just………just have………..
That’s all I spoke before I broke into tears and left ………
He also gave her a scary stare and left in a whilst of anger,
We left but before leaving I looked back at her and she was expressionless,
She rushed inside the class and created a drama over there while, I sat down in the corner of our campus crying and repenting……

He Mr. representative came to me , consoled me and surprisingly he was a brilliant councilor,
I really needed that counseling , he told me that it was ought to happen someday and if still I have regrets I should leave them , just get rid of them ,
I thought over his words and decided to go back and say a sorry, and I saw her sitting in the cafeteria with a smile on her face and no …..

Well her expressions were …… they just …..
She was relaxed and had a weird smile on her face , just when I was figuring out her expressions a small mob constituting my classmates and friends broke-out on me,
I was shocked and stumbled, he gave me support,
They were not ready to listen and their mixed voices added to my confusion and distraught,
I was slowly breaking down but one thing just that one thing fired and fueled me up and that was ,
That was her sudden change in expressions she made that crybaby face again,
OMG! That dumb freak played her game again now I was determined and promised myself not to cry again because of her, no sympathy for her , “A tit for tat” for her etc etc………

I shouted wait a second you people and took a long breadth and spoke again loudly ,
First of all just keep shut and speak one by one and tell me why I am being treated as a suspect here…..
You-you all why have you surrounded me/cornered me like this…… I said this pointing at random people,
And there was dead silence………

All looked at one another and a voice from behind broke the silence , it said that I have done a very wrong thing , being wrong I am blaming others for my fault……..
I looked at miss meddling freak and she looked at me and smirked……………
I continued hearing to all the voices that spoke to me know the matter and was shockedto know what she have filled into those innocent minds………

She have ridden the wave and woven a strong web , but I was none less and fully determined to face the difficulty,
Well I pointed out the few who dared to support her and just narrated them the incidences when she got them into trouble and they bowed down their heads………….
Miss over smart meddler now jumped in to save her remaining leftover followers but we were prepared and he took out a CD and said “really u think you are innocent ,we think you’re not and here is the proof and these supporters will soon oppose you”
She gets tensed her voice showed that though her expressions were almost normal……..
And creates a drama and the CD……..

Next update: we take a look at the drama created by miss meddler and the tittle of next chapter is “The darkness concealed Within”

Stay tuned and keep reading
******** Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced**********
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Nyways I think it’s not going well so I think I should end it bcoz since last two chapters I think it’s not going well bcoz v less cmmnts

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  1. Nyc 🙂 bt y is dis meddlr creatng prblms. . .she was actualy asignd to prov him innocnt ryt. . .?

  2. Its a bit confusing to me as i didnt read the last chap

  3. Richa pls don’t stop this yr…I love reading this….and this medller should help them out so y she is creating scene….

  4. Richa don’t stop ur story Plz. Its really good to read. Continue dear…

  5. Thanj t thank u guyz 4 support actually i was quite a bit disapointed nt to c ny of ur cmntz since last 2 chap and decided to end it nd i cut tis chap too short nd edited mis meddler drama part ……. Thanx a lot nd i put drama in next update 😉

    @ liya & kirti dr mis meeler is a decoy apntd by culprit who keep chk on r heroine nd invertigatn nd ful stry in nxt update
    @dia dr last chap jurt the boy entry
    thanx ananya dr
    @all thnx ndd keep readin

  6. Now i got it
    no dii its going nyc
    SOMEONE askd me to have
    confidence in myslf bt she herself

  7. Now i got it

    no dii its going nyc

    SOMEONE askd me to have
    confidence in myslf bt she herself

  8. 😳 😳 hiihii dia dr wel i thot that bcz i thot to start nauc ammm…… Ok i agree that ____¤_¤

  9. well good u understood my abov cmmnt bczz full of mistakes

  10. DONT u dare stop this creature. ….. No not at all …. Just DONT PLZ….. Sorry I was lil rude …….
    Actually PLZ don’t end ….. And wat I found from last two episodes is tht PLZ make the male protagonist like before …. I mean like he she Wer good together ….
    Sorry actually I am telling the truth I dint like this new entry of he …..
    PLZ show ur story like:
    (I want old he with new avatar like
    •He is growing feelings for her
    •And after seeing all mis-haps with her he determines to again regain his center of attraction in his class also by just talking and discussing with his love …. And seeing all should B jealous …) . Hehehe just I am imagining these all …. I dint want new entry to B her support PLZ …. Let itb only he – she relation with uniqueness as before. ….

    Sorry again as it s ur story …. Continue as per ur wish…. I will follow it for sure

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