“As wise an owl,
As deep as sea,
As quite as snowfall,
As noisy as a flowing river,
As cunning as a fox,
As wild as an animal
As beautiful and furious as nature”

We went to the college and acted normal as usual….
With thrilled mind and heart and detective BG muric playing in my mind music i went forward to investigate…..
As planned we started spreading rumers,
and that idea seemd a flop…..
Miss over smart started accusing me for the flop plan though she jumped in excitement when i presented the idea,
flop yeah flop it was a big flop until…..
Until he came and joined us ,I mean our detective group had a new addition , it was a boy this time and he came to us stating that he knows what we are upto,and desires to join us in our task…..
I was shocked as it was a confidetial(secret) matter just between…..
I said in a stammering voice “W-W-What t-task you mean?
That new boy spoke again and said that he wants to…..
He was just on verge of completing his sentence just then miss over smart spitted out the whole matter,
DAMN! DAMN her WTH what she just did? She just….. And that too in a loud….

Someone just give me a pair of boxing gloves so that i can…. I can just ____ her,
I tried to control the matter by misleading him and confuse him. But all in vain……
That guy was smart very smart , and instead of getting into my talks he got me into his talks and diverted my mind and confused me to the degree(extent) that he suddenly asked me my name and i was unable to answer and spoke all rubbish……

Well that was obvio from someone like him who dominates the class and college after him my sweetie pie and one of the college representative, so i call him mr representative…
He put his hand on my shoulder,made me sit on something which i think was a woodenplank balanced on a box and asked me to relax and said he would like to help us , and i stared at him.
That boy said that he just wanted to Have a talk with us regarding an upcoming college activity and as he thought wd were just fine for the job…..
What! Was he just trying to cover himself for listning to our convo by giving this excuse? Or…….

I said that it was a complicated matter and…….
He laughed and said “Hy miss just relax , I won’t mess up the matter ok…… I will just help you that’s it though he is my rival but i want to help…
I questioned him on this to which he replied calmly that he can’t see someond innocend being……. And after all that culprit was a danger for everyone including him so he wants to help……

I was dumbstruck and unable to answer,
I hesitated a little but finally made him a part of it…..
Well i never repented my decision as he proved the most resourceful one……

Wait a second…..
Our consertation went smoothly no one just…I looked around and realised that we were in the college sports room which was dark,empty with just our voices echoing there …….
Suddenly i started sweating and got up from my place and realised that i was sitting on… On… Well forget it my bad… But I was alone in college sports room with a boy if… I know we aren’t wrong but..
Hey did i say alone? As soon as i realised it i looked around for that meddling alien girl but to my dismay she was not there…
She the hell how could she…
I looked at him and smiled and marched trough the college corridors looking for her, well it wasn’t that I was worried or concerned about her in anway but I was just worried about the secret that she doesn’t spit it out again in front of anyone else…
He mmm…I mean Mr. Representative followed me as later he said that he didn’t say the full thing and i left wit a scary angry look on my face so he was worried about me hmmm…
It was gud bcoz he saved me from tripping over a stone, bumping with our teacher, going in wrong direction and much more dont know what why but i was a little ungrateful and ungreatful towards thd help offred by him,but kept patience and finally met the meddling girl and she was busy chatting and enjoying…
I rushed towards her but ws taken aback,
I somehow gathered myself again and again began going towards the direction the meddling girl was standing but was pulled back/stopped and this time by Mr.reprerentative he was holding my hand and I freed it with a jerk and gave him an angry stare
He looked tenced despite of which he managed the situation(me) well and calmed me down and explained tuat he had no wrong intention and that we should work cautiously as may be we are being monitred and our one mistake could just ruin all…
B-B-But…I said nervously…
He looked at the meddling girl and said “I’ll see to it and you don’t worry and relax”
We looked at each other and signed a yes…..
next update:we see how they manage the spreading secret by meddling girl and a phone call that made our heroind crossed with someone
“I am As sweet as sugar but if you hit me once I hit you twice”

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  1. @ k as u wish dia dr nd i read ur prev fic nd that quote meant success lie in u c the and letr nd in you i say nt questn y nt agar magar type mean no o just focus n urself nd blieve urslf 😉
    nd pls do tl hoz d chap as last chap also les cmntz so plz tl is it going off trak or boring?

  2. Guyz plz tl is ht gng fyn or nt ? I hope itz nt gng off trak lol misin ur cmntz gyz

  3. i dnt like the protagonist verymuch,dnt know why

  4. Oh is that so may b datz d case with [email protected] tia pls if u can tl me the flaws i cud change…

  5. i dnt knw exactly but i guess i dnt like her tolerating her meddling friend whatever,i feel she could do something about her and not let her dominate always like be hard on her when its needed instead of just criticing her in her mind

    1. oh thank you tia 4 the sugession i’ll make the protagonist strong in next update nd keep reading and cmmnting ur veiws 🙂

  6. Now i got it

    no dii its going nyc

    SOMEONE askd me to have confidence in myslf bt she herself is______……

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