I committed a sin [episode 6]

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Recap- sanskar bursting on swara, later gets to know he was wrong.

Episode 6

SM mansion ……morning…….
Sanskar was getting ready . But he was continuously blabbering something under his breath.
Sanskar-[murmurs] ummmm…..swara i am sorry for my yesterday’s behaviour….ummm….no its too obvious….ummm….swara i apologize for my behaviour, yesterday…..ummm…..no tooo boring….ummm….swara i know i shouldn’t have said like that…i got to know the truth…plz forgive ur sadu hitler or at least ur sansku…plz don’t be sad anymore [gets sad remembering her tears] ….umm….no too dramatic.

Sanskar sighs heavily. He puts his comb down and sits on the couch.He leans back and closes his eyes. He starts thinking about something.
Boy- i am sorry kavita ….i promise they won’t do like that….plz stop crying ….
Kavita-[crying] how could they talk about me like this…..plz u go from here….
Boy- but i
Kavita- goo
Boy gets sad goes from there whilekavita stops crying. She smirks evily.
Kavita[smirks evily]- stupid!
Flashback over…….
Sanskar gets up and goes to his office.

Sanskar was sitting in his cabin. Actually he was waiting for swara as he called her to his cabin for work. In real there was no work he just wanted to talk to her ?. There was a knock at his door.Sanskar [smiles brightly]- come in
Swara entered. Sanskar was mesmerized seeing her. Today she was looking like an angel. She was wearing bright pink and white kurti with leggings and matching accessories . Sanskar was lost in her. His trance was broken by swara’s voice.
Swara-[professionally] sir u called me?
Sanskar- yes swara actually i want u to look after mr. Kapoor’s project.Swara- ok sir…umm…sir now can i take a leave?
Sanskar- yes…
Swara turns and was about to go but stops hearing sanskar’s voice.
Sanskar-[nervous] ummm….vo swara actually i….i….vo….
Swara- yes sir…
Sanskar- vo actually i…..vo swara…ummm…
Swara-sir do u want to say something
Sanskar -no….i…i…mean yes..iwant to say something
Swara-then say sir…

Sanskar-[takes a deep breath] vo swara actually i am really sorry for what i said yesterday….plz forgive me…i know i shouldn’t have said like…[swara interrupts]
swara-[blankly] its ok sir….i am not angry anymore
Sanskar- [excited] really swara thank u so much for forgiving me…u know u have such a big hea..
Swara- [cuts him in b/w] siractually i understood that i don’t have any right to be angry with u…we should get angry with them only who we call ours.
Sanskar-[smiles fade away] swara but…i….
Swara- and yes sir plz don’t call me swara plz i feel uncomfortable….plz call me ms. Gadodia only…
Sanskar- [very sad] but…
Swara- and yes sir i forgave u fully so no need to worry.sir now i willTake a leave.
Saying this she goes from there.
Sanskar sighs in displeasure.
Sanskar -[thinks] oh god what i did….but atleast she forgave me ….but was it even real…..no no no she really forgave….i know she have a very big heart. She is just a lil bit angry. Today when she will send food for me then i will go and apologize to her. Then her anger would vanish in a second[smiles] and then we will eat together .Sanskar starts working and waiting for the lunch time to arrive.
Lunch time….

Seeing the time Sanskar immediately closed his laptop. He went and washed his hands and settled on the sofa. He started waiting for the lunch. He waited and waited. He was continuously looking towards his watch. He started roaming in his room, playing with the paper wait and practising how to apologize to her.Time passed and passed but still no one came to his cabin. He understood that she didn’t brought lunch for him. He thought that he lost a person like her. This thought brought tears to his eyes. Y won’t he get teary eyed after all after so many years he got someone who really cared for him and bcoz of his stupidity he lost her. He got extremely sad. After all he is such a sensitive person who has been broken by his past. Now everySingle thing like this or something related to his past really hurted him. He have always been broken but he never showed that to anyone bcoz he again doesn’t want someone to hurt him. After so many days he started smiling. He hade someone by his side. And he lost her. The thought of loosing her brought tears to his eyes.
Sanskar-[teary eyes] no….this can’t happen i won’t let her get away from me…..i will apologize to her….[Whispers] i will apologize.

He quickly went to the canteen. He reached there and saw swara with swathi and kabir. Kabir was cracking jokes and she was laughing with him. Seeing her with someone else hurted him alot. He felt hurt and jealous. An unknown feeling was arising in his heart, but he was unable to recognize it. He quickly went back to his cabin.
Sanskar-[thinks][sadly] hmmm…… she was with kabir….if i hadn’t scolded her we would be eating together….[jealous ] and that kabir how dare he eat with her…..i just wanted to punch him that moment….[unknowingly ]doesn’t he know she is only mine….huh….and she what was the need to eat with him[super jealous] huhhh…..i apologized to her still she ate with him huh!!
He angrily sat down on the chair like a little angry boy. He crossed his hands on his chest. He had filled his cheeks with air in anger.His cheeks looked like small tomatoes. He was looking so cute. Suddenly he made a cry baby face.
Sanskar-[cry baby face] i want to eat with her ….. ehhhhhh …..huhhhh
Suddenly an idea came in his mind, he quickly called someone. After talking he kept the phone.
Sanskar -[smiles brightly] now i will see swara how u will not forgive me.
Thinking this he again started working. He was still smilingbrightly. He himself didn’t knew tht swara was changing him. He was such an angry man…but after her arrival he sometimes started behaving like a small boy. Swara was unknowingly changing him for good.

Office timings got over. Everyone started going to their home. Swara also packed her things and started going. Seeing swara going sanskar also quickly packed his things andwent behind her.

Parking lot…..
Swara was standing witha tensed face in front of her car. Her tires were punctured. Now she was thinking how to go home.
Suddenly Sanskar came there. He smiled seeing her punctured tires. In real he only called and asked his man to do this so that he could drop swara to her home and talk to her. Seeing her he changed his smiling face into a concerned one,but in real he was jumping inside his heart.
Sanskar-[concerned] oh god ms. Gadodia ur car’s tired are punctured.
Swara- [sees him and sighs] yes sir
Sanskar- ms. Gadodia now what will u do
Swara- ummm….i don’t know sir
Sanskar-[concerned ] ohhh
Swara was tensed. Sanskar naughtingly smiled.
Sanskar- umm….ms. gadodia ithink that i should give u a lift.
Swara- [surprised] umm…no sir i will manage
Sanskar- no ms. Gadodia its not safe for u
Swara- no sir there is no need for u to…
Sanskar- arrreeee no ms. Gadodia i insist plz come i will give u a lift come
Swara- no si…

Swara was interrupted by kabir u just arrived there on his bike.
Kabir- arre shona y haven’t u went to ur home till now?
Swara- kabir vo[points towards the tires]
kabir- ohh!! acha u come with me i will leave u
Swara- no kabir i…
Kabir- i am not listening anything u come with me chalo come…
Swara- no kab…
Kabir- [glares her] shona co…
Sanskar-[panics] umm…no kabir actually i was…
Swara-[interrupt] ok kabir i am coming u leave to my home.
Kabir-[smiles] now u r being a good girl….chalo its good
Swara-[makes faces] uhhh….good girl.
Kabir-[giggles] [to sanskar] ok sir now we will take a leave good night.
Sanskar-[sad] bu…
Swara-[interrupts] bye sir….kaibir chalo we r getting late
Kabir-oh ok
Sanskar-[gritted his teeth] bye

Both swara and kabir left from there on kabir’s bike. After they were gone sanskar makes a cry baby face.
Sanskar-[cry baby face] ehhhhh……this is very bad….i planned all this and in the end kabir took her…[crys like a child and shakes his head] ehhhh……this is not fare…..i wanted her to sit with me…and …..and that kabir[mimics him] shona come with me[normalvoice] huhhh calling my swara as shona and she didn’t even said anything . She always tells me to call her ms. Gadodia but let him call her as shona.
[Makes a crying face] and he ….he took away my chance[angry face] i wish that i could punch kabir on the face…..and….and…[jealous] how close they were sitting to each other….huh….she even placed her hand on his shoulder….now they both would be alone on the bikeenjoying [imagines them] noooooo!!! Huhhh what u r thinking sanskar shut up but what if they would really be doing this[cry baby face] nooo this is very wrong.
Saying this went to his house thinking and complaining about them like a little child.

Precap- sanskar forcefully makes swara sit in his car. Swara’s reaction.


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