I committed a sin [episode 5]

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Recap- swara asking sanskar about his family and kavita. Sanskar’s outburst on swara.
Episode 5
Sanskar anger was vanished till now. He got out of his cabin. He saw swathi, kabir and swara laughing and enjoying. Seeing swara with kabir he got quite jealous. Swara looked towards him. He got lost in her eyes and her innocence. There was a short eye lock b/w them. But swara broke the eyelock and went with swakab. Here sanskar felt bad bcoz swaradidn’t even smiled at him. He felt an unknown feeling in his heart. He ignored it .
Sanskar-[thinks] y do i care if she felt bad….huh….it was her fault not mine.
He went from there.

Next day….
Swara didn’t even came to wish him good morning. He didn’t even realized but he was somewhat waiting for her. But she didn’t showed her. To see her he calledher in his cabin. She came but what he expected the least happened . She neither smiled or wished him. After some professional chit chat she went from there. But he can see that she was hurt and was a little angry on him. Y won’t she be ?angry, he shouted on her soo badly . Somewhere in his heart he was feeling guilty. He wanted to apologize to her. But he shrugged all his thoughts away.
Lunch time…

He was working he looked towards his watch, it was lunch time. He washed his hands and sat on the sofa all ready to eat his food. But still swara didn’t came. He waited for her and waited. But suddenly there was a knock at his door. He became happy thinking it was swara. He corrected his hair.
Sanskar-[happily] come in
But his smile fell down seeing the person. It was the peon with a lunch box in his hand.
Peon- sir ur lunch
Sanskar-[sadly] u brought it for me..
Peon- no sir swara ma’am sent it.
Hearing this he became so happy. He even hugged the peon.
Sanskar-[smiling foolishly] really she sent it
Peon-[felt weird seeing him] ammm…yes sir…but sir r u ok?
Sanskar realized what he was doing and quickly straightened himself.He signed the peon to go.
Sanskar-[thinks] oh god Sanskar u r going mad what is the need to be so excited …but i am so happy[smiles] she sent food for me …i even hurted her but she cared for me[smiles whole heartedly ] she is so nice[unknown feeling arises] i think i should apologize …yes then we will eat together[gets sad] today she didn’t even came to eat with me….but should i apologize…i am Sanskarmaheshwari but…..ohhoooo leave all this[rubs his stomach] i am very hungry…first i will eat and then will go to her and apologize…she will get happy when she will see the lunch box empty…

He sat down and starts eating the food. While eating he was only thinking about swara. He quickly finished his food and went to talk to her.
Sanskar happily went there butscene in front of him made him angry as hell. He angrily went to his cabin. He closed his fist tightly to control his anger.
Sanskar-[thinks] she is a cheater.
There he was drooling on her and she happily was eating from his hand. First she tried to impress me when i scolded her, she showed her true colours. She was smiling at kabir and he uggghhhhh….she is such a disgusting woman….she is same like kavita….uuuggghhh.ihate her[tear escaped his eye] she tried to use me….[anger] i will show her who sanskar maheshwari is….
The day passed like this…
When everyone was going to there home sanskar called swara in his cabin.
Sanskar’s cabin…
Swara- [without any smile]may i come in sir
Sanskar- come in…
Swara-sir u called me
Sanskar- yes swaraopppsss…..correction ms. Gadodia [swara gets sad after listening ms gadodia] right na…i should only call u ms. Gadodia…bcoz i am not close or a known person to u right….i am just an unknown or should i say a tissue paper to u right?
Swara-[confused] sir?
Sanskar stands up from his chair and walks towards her.
Sanskar- yes ms. Gadodia i am like a tissue paper to u right…whom ucan use and throw away right….and yes not only me..kabir or any other person is like a tissue paper to u….[hatred filled voice] which u use for ur selfish motives and when u think that this person is of no use u move to other and then another right
Swara-[angry] sir
Sanskar- ohooo ms. Gadodia do not even dare to show ur anger to me…okay….i have seen every single thingSwara-seen what
Sanskar- [with hate] ohhh u r sooo innocent right….. tch… tchh… tch…. its ok i will tell u …i have seen how that kabir was drooling over u feeding u and u….u were enjoying it…u were enjoying his attention… the way he was making u eat…. the way u were smiling…i am not a fool ms. Gadodia that i will not understand ur cheap motives
Swara-[loudly] sir!!!
Sanskar [shouts and pins her to thewall] shut upp just shut up don’t u dare to raise ur voice in front of me[tightens his grip around her shoulder] and don’t u dare to act sooo innocent
Swara-ahhhh[teary eyes] sir u r hurting me….[tries to get out of his grip] sir u r misunderstanding me…
Sanskar-[shouts ] shut upp
Swara gets scared seeing his anger.
Sanskar-[angry] huhhh what do u think huhh! First u tried to impressme…all ur care was fake u only wanted my attention…i never thought swara u would be like her [tear escaped his eye] u would be like kavita ….i started to think that there was someone who cared for me…who woukd take advantage of me…ur care ur nature [tears were flowing from his eyes] made me believe that there was someone who didn’t hated me…..u would not betray me..but everything was fake swara[pushed her] every singlething was fake…
Swara-[teary eyed] no sir i didn’t betrayed u actually …
Sanskar-[shouts] shut up just shut up. U r a betrayer [painful voice] u are also like others….get out just get out…
Swara- sir i
Sanskar- get out [holds her from her shoulder] i hate u swara gadodia….i hate u…[pushes her out of the cabin]
swara runs from there to her cabinand starts to cry. She was feeling bad…she was feeling humiliated. On one hand she was sad seeing him hurt…on the other hand she herself was hurt from his words…
Swara-[thinks] how could he say like that…
She starts thinking what happened

In lunch time swara was sitting and doing her work. In all these days she had been eating with sanskar. So today she had no mood to eatalone. After sometime kabir and swathi came in her cabin asked her to eat lunch with them as they saw her alone. She denied . But they both forcefully took her with them. Before going she sent food for sanskar.
In canteen the three ordered their food. Swara was still in no mood to eat the food.
Kabir- swara eat na …
Swara – no kabir i am in no mood.
Kabir- arree why here come eatthis. [Offered a spoon full of food] here eat this.
Swathi- yes swara eat it na then i will also feed u…
Swara-arree i am not a small kid
Seeing her open mouth kabir fed her and swakab started laughing . Later swara also bursted in a fits of laughter.
At this moment sanskar saw them.
…….flashback ……..
After sometime swara went to her home as her mother would bewaiting for her.
In sanskar’s cabin
He was still really angry. Suddenly he went to his laptop and opened the cctv footage .
Sanskar-[thinks] let me see after i went what happened ….what happened b/w them.
After watching the whole cctv footage , he soon realised that he misunderstood swara.
Sanskar-[shocked] oh my god what have i done…..[holds his head withhis hands] no no not again i hurted her….oh god sanskar u are a fool how could u do this…no…no…no…i have to apologize to her…she woyld be very sad…ugghhh i have done a blunder.
Screen freezes on sanskar’s tensed face and swara’s sad face.

Precap- sanskar thinks to apologize to swara. But she avoids him. Jealous Sanskar. Sanskar forcefully makes swara sit in his car.

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