Is comments are the real lives to the fan fictions?


Hai friends!!! I’m a ff reader!! I’m a fan of many serials. I like matsh, kkb, yhm, naagin, manmarzian, etc.. I’m going to analyse one thing today, which is a very necessary one to the writers, nothing but the comments. It may be a good question felt by many ff writers. But as a reader, I want to analyse that.
Comments make one felt encouraged and make them to write more interesting. But as a individual including me (sometimes) not writing any feedback or comments. Is that mean their ff not good? Or do we not satisfied with their story line? Or do we not get what we expected? Or personally, don’t we have time to comment there?
I think these are the things which writers get questioned.

Some ff writers might felt that comments are the grades they get. So eventually they replied to all comments making it look like popular ff. I’m not offending this. Even I would do if I write any ff. Somebody may feel like replying to all comments would make them as friends and they will get the regular response.
1)Whether comments are the correct response for their story?
Personally, I think it’s not. Because I read almost all popular serials ff. But some serials got more readers compared to others. It doesn’t mean that other ff is better than this. Some may don’t have time like me to comment there. But we actually like that ff very much. So as a writer you guys expect us to comment? So what you think when we comment there? How you feel? Do you feel encouraged?
2) Do you guys wants comments for your ff improvement or to show others that your ff got more comments?
Seriously, I don’t know how they feel. Because some may want for improvement and some may want for the other reason and some may want that for both reasons.
3) How you writers feel when someone comment on other ff ignoring yours?
I would write any ff, definitely I would drop writing it when this happens to me. Because personally I would feel insulted. I just want to know why readers sometimes do like this. Don’t they like other ff or some other reasons?.
4) Why comments got reduced after they proceed with their stories?
When someone started a ff for the first time, they get about 20- 30 comments asking them to continue. But after somedays it got reduced to 5-10. Do we just want them to proceed with a new ff. Why don’t we comment there regularly as we first support them.
5) Do long time stories have greater comments than newly released ff?
We always comment in the ff with more than 50 – 100 episodes. Why? Is that because we just see their ff 1st in this page. But all the new writers also need some backup or comments to proceed with their work right.
6) Do we guys afraid of giving negative comment? Do you guys as a writers could bear that?
Sometimes, I hesitate to give negative comments. Do you guys could satisfy even though we give negative comments or suggestion? If so some will open up things and comment there including me. But some writers feel that as a bashing and other readers also joins them against that negative comment. If we said that with reasons, will you guys can understand.
7) Why some serials got only low readers?
I don’t have anything to say in this. Only you can clear my doubt. For example, some guys with ishra pic comment in kkb ff but not in yhm. Similarly, some guys with ishveer names and pics comment in yhm but not in matsh ff. I don’t know the reason for this. Please clear this also.
8) Why many give negative comments when it in negative story line?
When some writers wrote different story line in negative way means why you guys don’t like that. I accept we always want to see the story line sink with the real serial. But if any writers want to take it in different track means why we can’t accept that. We started to bash them. Even I did once. Can’t we see it as a story? Why couldn’t we? Is that because of our fond to real serial?
9) Do we guys comment there if they came out with different ideas like voting, polls, etc
Sometimes we comment there when there is interesting polls or voting. But some don’t even see that and not giving suggestion or vote for what they want.
10) If writers come out with your expectation, would we comment?

This is the main thing in this article. If writers do what we want will we comment. I would personally. What about you guys?
I’m just write my favourite ff on popular serials. I’ll write what thing I want in each serial ff. You guys also do that. So that writers will give you the best things what you want. Don’t miss to say your expectation in each ff.
This serial is my favourite one. I like this serial atfirst because of the bonding between ishru. This serial is special for the mother and daughter bond. If writers came out with this thing with some romance of ishra, everyone will like it. This show have less readers.
This is also my favourite as I mostly like love stories. I like this because of love between two friends. But in my opinion nothing can beat the love story of ishveer. So writers can bring the love between them and show some naughty and cute fights, nok jhok, romance too. But not only the same usual eyelock. But with different story line. Main thing, love is not only showing romance but a sacrifice and a feeling. Please understand this writers. This show also have very less readers.
It’s a nice story line of love between two different personality. I liked this at first not now as it is dragging so much. But I read all ff of this serial. When writer come out with abhi’ s naughtiness, abhigya cute fights and romance, it’ll be the best. But with different story line. This has many readers and supporters. I appreciate them
This is also a good story. Arjun and radhika have different personalities. So writers should bring cute fights and express their personality clearly. And cute and sweet romance and friendship too.
Though it is a superstitious story we have lovely lead roles. I like this serial ff because of arjun. I only like to see love story between them.
I won’t read ff of this. But I read it with combined ff of 2 or 3 serials. So I don’t know about them clearly. You itself suggest what to improve in that.
One of my favourite love series. Though it end no one can forget it. Still many ff came out with this serials. Just simply show their love and different character of both. Everyone will fall this ff. This also have more readers.

Last 3 ff have also more readers. But I don’t know about it in detail. So you guys have to suggest writers to come out with better ideas. I want to tell these are all my opinion only. I’m not the one who decide all. So please help the writer and readers with this. Many stop writing ff because of low comment. I want them to continue. Both writers and readers hope you like this analysis. Please clear with your doubts. Hope every readers tell your opinion openly.

Credit to: Unknown fan

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  1. Aadya

    You are totally right
    I myself was a reader and then started writing my ff with a new idea and got just 2 comments on my intro but continued it and I really want all my readers to comment as i feel bad as no one is commenting

  2. as a writer, I would say that, comments are a source of motivation. you get to know whether your story is liked or not. even if the story is for select audience, even then comments mean a lot. whenever you get less comments, you just feel that you’re lacking somewhere and are not up to the point and you feel Lee’s motivated to continue the story. And motivation is really important for writers to continue writing.

    2.I guess most of the writers are happy to get comments regarding how their story line and plot is moving ahead and the ways of improvement.

    3. comment on other ff ignoring yours- Frankly speaking, you won’t know if a person is ignoring your ff unless that person had commented in your previous episodes and is not now. but considering this in mind, maybe that person was unable to comment for certain reasons our has just left reading your ff due to lack of interest.

    4- reduced comments- Maybe because of lack of interest they have left reading mid way or maybe they have an hectic schedule and can’t comment.

    6 negative comments- I guess every writer welcomes positive criticism. readers have write to express their opinions but they express their views nicely. Even writers have the right to write as they want. eventually, many aspects take place. I cannot write everything

    8. negative comments to a dissent story line- well, I have read swaragini ff’s where each writer has a different story line and I have not witnessed anyone getting bashed based on a different story line except bashing due to pairs. I believe that a different story line is like a bonus for the readers. they can enjoy visualizing a different plot along with the actual serial. bashing due to a different story line is really silly. if you don’t like, then don’t read but don’t demoralize a person.

    thanks for writing this ??

  3. Monique_D

    I agree .
    I write YHM FF.
    Its quite difficult to see if one’s writing is good as on this site there is no read counter or way of accessing how many people have read your story and the interaction between writer and reader is the only way you can more or less judge the popularity of you FF or whether you are writing on the right track.

    I like feedback whether positive or negative as I can build on it and use it to improve my story.Most of the time I do my own thing but every once in a while I ask for guidance as hitting writers block can be a bummer some times.

    I do write on other site as well and post the story on those so see the popularity between episodes .


  5. Arshi

    Firstly.. i would say.. superb thought yaar…

    I m writing one ff… and i do like to have many many many comments… as there is no like button or pageviews… so comment is the only thing which we can know abt the readers….. and i personally reply all readers.. only bcz they feel their importance… each and every comment is special to me..

    And i case of negative comments.. i would like to have their open views… but the words they r using… is not appropriate… ie.. in one ff.. she / he s just bashing her… with inappropriate words… which personally i cant tolerate… bcz our words only speak our character…. tats y…

    And lastly… as a writer i would love to have many comments.. asleast in special epis… and i do having tat in my spl epis.. i mean.. in my 50th epi.. i got many many commenta.. and i felt really happy… so as with 100th epi…

    And as a reader… i too have lil time to comment all ffs i read..
    But in btwn…i do comment them once in 5 epis.. tat i m still reading.. and this ff s foing too gud…

    And i really likes that idea… like.. ff totally different from actual serial… i guess.. in yhm page.. one ff named NEERA… neelu and raman.. i really liked her humour sense.. but none like tat bcz she characterised ishita as a maid.. i just wanted her to continue her ff naming her maid in another name.. so tat she dont get much negative comments which she doesnt deserve…

  6. Veronica

    I write an ff but now I have stopped it because of less number of comments.Yes,I agree to All the comments written above…as Arshi di said comments are the only thing in this site which is motivating the writers her no like button no views vagera…..I strongly believe that a person reading an ff should openly say whether it is boring or not…..negative and positive comments are appreciable….negative doesn’t mean u just say something rubbish…..u(generally) can suggest a change in the story line…..

    Good thought dude….loved the concept.

    1. Julina

      Hey veronica… really feel bad that u stopped writing it… I loved ur ff very much… don’t think about comments… hope u will update soon….

      1. Veronica

        I will update new one soon

    2. Monique_D

      Hi Veronica use wattpad for FF or even there is great platfrom to see who read it and from where most readers are from.But really don’t stop writing.

      1. Veronica

        Yes dear I will not stop writing…….will update a new one soon

      2. Monique_D

        My next episode will be tomorrow.

    3. Arshi

      Yup vero… why did u stop it… i also wonder where ut ff has gone…was searchingb for tat… before gng to vocation i used to read ur updates… but aftr tat i missed many parts… thought of reading all in one go…

      1. Veronica

        No worries @Monique @Julina @Arshi di I am planning to start a new ff….but lil late thats it may be by last of july….I have already started writing it……

  7. Julina

    First of all… I agree to many of ur views… and very very good thought…. Congo for ur great effort dr…. then coming to ur view… as a writer u too longing for comments… since it is the only way for them to express their views…. if they read our epi means they can spare atleast 1 min to comment by just single word… it will give me that much happiness… I too reply to all comments just for spending their time to read and comment….. I don’t think they are ignoring… they just have no time to write or they just not satisfied with our epi… they may felt it as boring….comments for reduced… it’s true thing… but we can’t judge their situation…. those who r comment at first may not have time or they don’t even visit this page… I’m 100% ready to get negative comment.. coz I personally want some suggestions to improve my ff… I don’t know whether it is going in a boring track or not… but I just want all readers to comment negative also… but not like bashing… that happened in matsh page… If u don’t like means don’t comment there.. or say it in nice way as u can… but I’m fond of reading books… so i always want to read different types of stories… we have to see writer view also…. I like the 10 point very much… u guys have to comment atleast what u expect or what u want to change in each ff… if we could.. surely we would change according to readers view… u r right.. I like matsh only here .. I read that ffs only..I barely visit this page….. but I comment in every ff… I read all epis in one turn and comment there…coz u know how I feel when I get comments…. even one word means a lot… but now matsh ff readers are reducing…. even writers…. they should have to continue…and I take ur expectations also… I write one ff only… I try to fulfill ur wishes..

  8. Narendran

    I write a ff.. It crossed more than 194!! Episodes.. I get more negative comment.!!.. So I won’t mind it at all.. I am doing my best!! So no worry!! Oopppss..I came across.. Showing more romance! In show.. Love is sacrifice..!!.. It is superb!!! I don’t know u meant me or not!! But now a days.. I stopped showing romance and showing sacrifice.. And affection.. I am writing matsh ff!! I get good response.. At least 6comments.. It is enough to write a ff!!

  9. Narendran

    U spoked frankly then why did u hide u r name?? U would have put that!!

  10. SURBHI

    I am totally agreed with you no.matters what the comments are readers should give their feedback but ignoring bad language like abusive words and pointing out another reader for commenting it sucks and if they will comment genuinely I think writers will think about it once for sure ?

  11. Sarayumane

    Yes you are totally right, comments are kind of motivation for the writers, comments mean a lot to the writers, that is why sometimes whether i read the ff or not I will surely comment just to motivate them, just kidding…….

  12. Ur thoughts are very true but u hide ur name I want to know who r u plz

  13. Plz tell your name and u r absolutely telling the truth

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