Comedy ff (Naagin,Vishkanya and Yeh Hai Mohbbaten) Epi-1


The episode starts with a boy is sleeping on bed when other girl comes and throws water on him.They boy is Malay and girl is Apu.Malay falls down from bed and shouts on Apu and Apu says

Apu:It’s afternoon and still you are sleeping.I am trying to wake you up from morning.Sometimes I think you are son of kumbh karan ?

Malay:Why you think so?

Apu:Because kumbh karan and you have many similarity now get up.

Malay gets up and goes to washroom.When at Is Hitachi and Raman’s room Raman is trying to find his watch when he opens his cupboard a box falls on his head and it gets stuck.


Ishita comes to him and sees he is trying to free himself but he has destroyed he room ?

Ishita:Raman what you did?You have totally destroyed the room.

Raman:Aree your husband’s head is stuck in box and you are care of room not me.

Ishita:Ayo Morgan what you did?In that box atta was there and you wasted atta also.

Raman gets angry and still is struggling to remove the box

Raman:You always act like jhaansi ki rani then where is that jhaansi ki rani

Ishita goes to him and tries to remove the box but fails.She calls Ritik,Shivanya,Malay and Apu and all coefficient down and see Raman and Ritik says

Ritik:What Raman I know that you like to bath but if water is gone you are bathing with attached? ?

Raman:Ayeee akal ke dushmano remove this box

Malay and Ritik tries to remove the box and finally they remove but all Raman,Ritik and Malay falls on floor.Ishita,Shivanya and Apu helps them to get up.

Ritik:Atta sorry I mean Raman you go and bath.

Raman:I have got atta walk so you will tease me for two days

Malay:Are wah atta wala now we will call Raman atta wala.

All laughs and Ishita says

Ishita:Raman that muhavra suits you khutke pair mein kulhadi marna ?

To be continued

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  1. too funny loved it… plzzz update the next part asap

    1. Siddhi

      Thanks Rhimjhim.


    Its totally awesome

    1. Siddhi

      Thanks Rs

  3. Bhavana

    haha lol amazing epi

    1. Siddhi

      Thanks bhavana

  4. Kathy

    Hilarious episode siddhi… I laughed a lot… Removing box from raman is too funny… Good going… Keep writing …

  5. Wow it’s fantastic siddhi. You are truly amazing. You are very experienced. All your ff’s are unique. May you continue like this. Wow!!!!

    1. Siddhi

      Thanks shreyaa and please continue your Naagin-Love makes life beautiful pls it’s a humble request

  6. Siddhi

    Thanks di

  7. nice siddhi di

  8. HarSHaN

    Nyc epi Siddhi..Just Imagine Box scene frm ur writing..Superb..

  9. Narendran

    ???????superb.. Siddhi.. Now only I readed.. Sorry for late comment.

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