a combination of love & horror ( episode2)


Haiii guyz…thnq so much for ur comments..!! Hope u ppl support me in my further episodes..Actually I thought of posting my nxt epi on Friday but after seeing ur comments I was over whelmed..So am posting my nxt epi bit earlier..Coming to the story..
The episode begins with a house shown which return as Sweet Home at the entrance…And a lady enters the bed room and starts calling the little girl whose face is covered with blanket and the lady is sarla arora..
Sarla: wake up pragya! Its 1st day to ur school so don’t be late…But she didn’t wake up
Sarla maa continuously tries to wake her up but she didn’t wake up at last in anger tone she shouts “Pragyaaa”… Suddenly she hears a voice from her back that just came out from wash room. She is our pragya..

Pragya: Maa am here..Why is u calling my name?
Sarla maa is shocked and realized whose dat then she went to kitchen and brought mug of water..She poured water on the one who covered blanket…
Then a girl immediately wake up and said “Maa I have already wakeup a long ago but to make fun of di I did this” with a cute face who is khushi kumari guptha and she start running…Hearing this pragya says “Again you started ur drama…wait today am not going to leave u” and tries to chase..
(Guys actually in my story khushi is cousin of pragya who don’t have parents so sarla maa takes care like her own daughter)
Sarla maa says “Arey khushi and pragya its getting late…u can continue ur cat fights later”..
Pragya catches her finally..
Pragya: so now tease me naughty sissy
Khushi: sorry dhi I won’t tease u again (with an innocent face)
Pragya: my khushi is very good in action..both of them laughs
Both gets ready to school and sarla maa asks them to pray god..they start praying
Pragya: I should study well and have to take care of my maa and sis
Khushi: hey devimayaan!! U know very well about me that I can’t stay without food for even a single hour..then why are you testing my hunger..i know that this new school is very strict but I trust u that u”ll show me way to have food for every hour..

After dis they both leave to school..
In the same school Shyam, Nikhil and Tanu will join..
(guys in my story shyam and Nikhil are siblings)

The epi ends here for today…hope u like it..if u feel like its dragging plz forgive me for dis tym from next episode I will make the story to move little forward..and if any typing errors jst ignore them..and lastly plzz comment ur opinions and valuable suggestions are accepted..hope u support me..thnq u all..good night

Credit to: arshi fan

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  1. Waiting for ur next episode…. Plz update it regularly…. nice track school going children nice try…..

    1. Sure.. and thnq..

    1. Thnq..

  2. Nice episode…. Khushi prays for food loved that

    1. Haha me too loved dat..thnq

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    1. Thnq..

  3. sana ( abhigya )

    Nice one different story waiting for the next episode

  4. Good going on… keep it up!!!

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