a combination of love & horror (episode 9)


Hellooo guysss…..thnqqqq so much for ur comments and support…I am feeling like I have to concentrate more in horror track rather than love so I will try my level best to scare our arshi, abhigya, takil and shyam…so let’s go to the episode…

All of them go to their room and takes rest for some time. Pragya still thinks about the incident even khushi looks worried. tanu sees both of them.
Tanu: pragya and khushi y ru still thinking about that? Leave it na.
Pragya: no tanu. I don’t understand anything what’s happening here.
Khushi: yes tanu, di is right there may be something here then why uncle will say like that.
Saying this she takes her durga ma idol out and keeps it on table.
Tanu: khu and prag nothing will happen. Don’t worry. This durga ma will protect us.
Pragya: ok let’s go and call others for supper.

All gathers at dining and they starts eating but suddenly someone knocks door. Arnav goes to open the door but he didn’t find anyone near the door. He comes back and tells them there was no one. They all start eating. Again they hear the door sound. Arnav gets up to go but abhi stops him and says that he will go. He opens the door but no one will be there. He comes closing the door.
Shyam: someone is knocking the door intentionally.
Nikhil: yes bhai but y they are doing like this?
Pragya and khushi again starts scaring. Again someone starts knocking the door. Asr and abhi gets anger and goes to open the door. After opening it they find beautiful red roses bouquet. They smiles and take it inside but they don’t find any name on it. All of them leaves to their rooms but pragya and tanu come back to see that then they find a note inside the roses which is written as “red is not a symbol of love but blood”. Seeing this pragya throws bouquet and tanu starts calling everyone. All comes out and asks her “what happened?” She tells about the not.
Abhi: wow!! Now you to joined along with pragya.
Arnav: what is this tanu?tanu: abhi and arnav its true. I have seen note. Trust me.
Abhi: ok ok we will. Now u both go and sleep.
They leave to their room. Now the trio starts worrying about the couple of incidents. They go to deep sleep.

Its night 12
Wall clock starts ringing bells for 12 times then khushi turns towards tanu and keeps her hand but she didn’t find her. She goes out of the room to find her.

Nikhil gets up to drink water then he hears screaming sound. He wakes up shyam but shyam asks him to sleep so he starts thinking about that sound then suddenly he hears anklets sound. He thinks to go out and see but he recalls his uncle’s words and covers his face with blanket and sleeps.

Khushi goes out of her room and searches for tanu everywhere but she didn’t find her anywhere in the house. She thinks “where did tanu go at this time? I have to inform abhi and arnav about her” she goes to their room but stops herself and thinks “I have searched her everywhere but I didn’t go and search in terrace first I’ll go there if she is not there then I’ll inform them”. She goes to terrace and sees a girl standing. Khushi call tanu. She turns back and khushi gets shocked and goes near to her.
Khushi: what are you doing here at this time and y are you crying?
Tanu: khushi actually am worried about the incidents that happened from morning. I felt like someone is haunting so am not able to sleep that’s why I came here.
Khushi: don’t feel like that tanu.
Tanu: ok but why you came here?
Khushi: actually I didn’t find u in room so am searching everywhere for u and thought to inform abhi and arnav but before that I want to search in terrace too that’s why I came here. Come lets go else di will be worrying.
Tanu: ok!
They both go down and go to room.

Tanu: khushi where did u go? Me and pragya was searching and finally came to room.
Khushi is hell shocked and looks her back but she didn’t find tanu there. She faints.
Pragya calls everyone. All of them sit near her, she gets up and explains everything then tanu says “I went to washroom when I came out I didn’t find you so I made pragya wake up then we both started searching for u but didn’t find u anywhere.
Arnav: did u search khushi at terrace?
Pragya: actually we went but terrace door got a lock so we came down.
Khushi: what? I went to terrace but that door doesn’t have any lock.
Abhi and arnav goes to see that door. They find a lock. Khushi follows them and sees the lock. She is more scared and asks them to leave that place. Abhi asks pragya to take her room. She takes her to room.
Abhi: pragya, khushi and tanu strongly believe that there are ghosts in this villa. We have to do something to make them get rid of this fear.
Arnav: yes! Tomorrow let’s plan something for them.
Abhi: come let’s go and sleep now.
Arnav: ok.
They both leave. A shadow appears and disappears too.

Nikhil starts thinking that “there is something in this villa. I have to call uncle once tomorrow and ask about the secret room. So that I can do something.” Shyam asks him to sleep as it’s getting late but shyam too thinks about this matter and sleeps.

I will end the epi here…hope you guys like my horror track and keep supporting me like this am going to keep some twists in this story and if any grammatical mistakes just ignore them…thanks to akshaya kannan, zari, sabeenia sampath, reshma pradeep, jo, durga, somiya and khushi for reading and commenting and thanks to silent readers too..sry if I forget anyone’s name plzz don’t mind. Plzz post ur opinions like this…will update it regularly…bye guyzz…

Credit to: arshi fan

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