a combination of love & horror (episode 8)


Haiii guys…thanks to each and everyone for ur comments…ok I will start the episode…

Van stops near the gate of villa…shyam gets a call from his uncle who is the owner of villa…
Shyam: hello! Villa is awesome…thnq so much uncle.
Uncle: no formalities my boy but I want to tell u something about villa that’s why I have called u…just on the speaker I want to share this matter with ur friends too…it’s very important.
Shyam says ok and will keep speaker.
Uncle: listen carefully there is one room in villa which is third to the left in upstairs…that room is closed…no one should try to open that room and its key will be somewhere at home…don’t try to find that too…it’s not safe…so take care all of u.
Nikhil: is there any problem uncle?

Uncle: no beta! But before buying that villa I don’t know anything about that…I came there to visit once, at that time people who stayed near the villa said that its haunted and about the room…I didn’t believe but it’s my responsibility to say about this…so be careful.
Khushi, pragya and tanu gets scared hearing this.
Shyam: no problem uncle. We don’t have such beliefs but as per ur wish we won’t go to that room.
Uncle: ok my boy! I will arrange servant and watchman there.
Shyam: thnq uncle. He cuts the call.

Pragya and khushi: let’s go from this place as it’s not safe for us to stay here.
Arnav: hey nothing will happen…there are no ghosts anything. Don’t worry. We are there for u.
Nikhil: pragya u don’t need to worry about this villa. No one will go to that room…so there is no point to worry.

Tanu: yes Nikhil is right. We should not try to go to that room.
Abhi starts thinking “What was there in that room? Why uncle is saying not to go for that room? I have to find that.” Ok guys now let’s go to inside. Am feeling tired…so have to take my shower.

They try to open the lock of the door…suddenly heavy wind starts blowing towards them…they couldn’t able to open the door. Khushi gets more worried now as she is scared of ghosts.
Khushi: it’s a bad sign guys. Come let’s go.
Arnav: khushi I thought ur brave girl but am wrong ur scared of ghosts like a kid and starts laughing.
Khushi gives an angry look.
Arnav: Khushi am there for u…if any ghosts come near to u then I’ll protect u.
Khushi smiles and thinks “I know arnav u’ll say this but am waiting for something more to hear from u.”
Arnav to himself “soon ur going to hear something more interesting…get ready for that khushi kumari gupta!!”

Shyam: yes khushi…we are there.
He thinks “I should tell khushi that am interested in her.”
Abhi: ok guys! Now let’s try to open the door.
Shyam opens the door and goes inside. Everyone follows him and starts praising the beauty of villa…suddenly pragya remember that she forgot her bag in van…she goes into van but she didn’t find her bag she searches everywhere…she thinks “bag is not here then where is it?” and runs in hurry to inside. She hits abhi and about to fall but abhi holds her. They share an eye lock. Pragya looks at him with affection.
Abhi: what happened?
Then she comes to sense and says “I forgot my bag in van so I went there but I didn’t get there so am in a hurry to search it here.”

Abhi: no u didn’t carry ur bag to inside. Come let’s go and search in van once again.
They go inside the van then abhi finds it there. He says “pragya! I think u needs 2 more glasses to find things and starts laughing.”
She gets angry and says “I don’t need any glasses anyways thanks for u help” and starts going.
Abhi: hey pragya wait and stops her.

He says “you know what! U looks more beautiful in anger so am teasing u but ur going away from me. Is it fair for u to do like this?”
She starts blushing and smiles at him…he enjoys her expressions. Both of them go inside and shyam starts allotting rooms to everyone. All of them leave to their rooms. Pragya thinks “why I didn’t find my bag in van” and opens the bag. She finds a note written that “you entered at ur own risk”. Seeing this she gets shocked and calls everyone to show that but when she shows it to others the paper is empty.

Abhi: it’s a hallucination pragya. Don’t worry. There is nothing like ghosts. I’ll prove u. take care.

Abhi asks khushi and tanu to take care of pragya as she is scared.

Episode ends here…hope u guys like this epi…I’ll try to make it more interesting in coming epi but plz ignore me if there is any grammatical mistakes as am not so good at English…thnq so much for ur comments and suggestions…plz comment ur opinions…keep supporting me like this…bye guyzzz…

Credit to: arshi fan

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