a combination of love & horror (episode 7)


Haiii guys…thnq so much for ur comments…hope u enjoyed ur weekend very well…I thought to write some sweet moments between arshi and abhigya in college but I know guys you are eagerly waiting for horror track so I’ll enter into horror track in the middle I’ll keep some cute moments…the episode begins…

Leap takes place…
All of them join in the same college…as they can’t stay away from one another…
Its last day for 2nd yr examinations…
In exam hall…pragya sits in front of abhi and arnav sits beside khushi…tanu sits beside Nikhil… shyam sits in front of khushi (shyam at first thought to join in llb but because of bro and khushi he joined in degree)…
Exam begins…lecturer distributes question paper…khushi sees paper and starts praying “hey devimayaan! I thought I have prepared everything for exam and di helped me too in preparation but now am seeing different questions…what to do now? Now if I fail ma will feel bad…this shouldn’t happen please help me…I know u’ll me”…she starts writing something…shyam keeps his paper visible to khushi if she don’t get any answer…but arnav sees her face and understood everything…so he calls khushi and shows his paper to her..She then happily starts writing…shyam gets angry as khushi didn’t see his paper.

Abhi didn’t prepare anything for this exam…so he sits and starts seeing others face for some time and starts sleeping asr sees him and throws pen at him…suddenly he wake up and see…asr asks him to write something but he shows with his hand that he didn’t prepare anything then asr calls pragya and asks her to show paper to abhi…then she shows her paper to abhi and he write it…

Exam gets completed…all of them comes out and sit in canteen…tanu says from tomorrow holidays…we can’t meet daily…I miss u all in sad tone (seeing abhi)…abhi thinks himself “thank god! I will get relief from tanu for few days and smile but suddenly he thinks I will miss pragya and arnav too.”

All of them feel bad as they can’t meet…then khushi tells them ok will do one thing tomorrow all of them go to abhi’s house next day to lord governor’s house” saying this she suddenly stops…asr gives an angry look then she says sorry keeping innocent face…he smiles then she smiles too…Nikhil says that’s good idea let’s do that…abhi says “no yar lets think something more interesting”…asr tells them ok let’s go for a holiday so that we can enjoy there…no tell me guys…what do u say?
Abhi: wowww!!! Great idea dude…am ready.
Shyam and Nikhil: yes we can have wonderful time.
Tanu: I’ll ask papa…he will accept.
Pragya: no me and khushi won’t come…u guys carry on.
Khushi keeps her face sad
Abhi: hey! What happened?
Pragya: ma will stay alone and she won’t accept too.
Arnav: we will come and ask ur ma…u accept na
Khushi: yes di…let’s talk to ma…she will accept.
Abhi: I know pragya…for what ur worrying…aunty ji will stay with my dadi.
Pragya: but
All of them force her and she agrees finally.

In pragya’s house
Abhi and arnav tells about their tour to sarla ma. At first she will not accept but everyone request her at last she will accept and abhi asks her to stay with dadi. She agrees. They leave.

Asr thinks to keep his nani in mehra mansion as her health is not good…all of them once again gather and think where to go. Each one suggests one place but shyam tells them that his uncle has villa. Everyone accepts to go there. All of them pack their luggage.

Next day…
All of them get ready before going nani and dadi bless them. They leave to villa.

Episode ends here…
Episode is short but from next time I’ll post a longer one.I don’t guys whether you like it or not. Sorry if it’s boring. Just am trying my best to give you horror scenes soon. Plzz support me by ur comments and suggestions are accepted..Hope u guys support me. I’ll be waiting for ur opinions..good night guys.

Credit to: arshi fan

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