a combination of love & horror (episode 6)


Haii guyzz…thanks to each and everyone for ur coments and suggestions…coming to the episode…

The next day all attend to the class.. class begins
Teacher asks them about the home work she had given..she comes to check each and everyone… Abhi didn’t do home work and thinks himself about arnav “yesterday u played with me na..see now what will i do with u.” And without his knowledge abhi exchanges the book…teacher comes to abhi and asks to show his book he shows it then teacher appreciates him and he smiles..she comes to arnav and asks him…he shows her but nothing will be written in that book..she scolds him and gives imposition…
Arnav gets angry and sad too by abhi’s action..

In lunch time

Shyam and nikhil comes to tanu and introduces themselves…and asks about herself…she tells them and will have little chit chat for sometime…finally they ask “don’t u introduce ur friends?” She then says “oh wait! I will introduce them”…saying this she calls prag and khu…she introduces both of them to shy and nik..after sometime she calls abhi too and introduces him…

Next day…
Asr will not come to college..
Khushi thinks about him “why he is absent? I think he is sad with abhi’s action yesterday.”
Abhi thinks “where is this guy? Am getting bore in his absence…and why am thinking about him? He is my enemy..stop thinking about him abhi!”

Days passes but arnav don’t attend to school khushi start worrying about arnav as sarla ma’s words influences her a lot..abhi starts feeling guilt for what he has done but don’t express it…

One day finally principal call arnav’s nani about arnav’s absence…khushi goes through principal’s room and hears something and gets shocked!!!
She immediately runs to class room and tells to pragya everything that she heard even pragya gets shocked!!!

Pragya goes to abhi and tells him the reason behind arnav’s behaviour…
Pragya: abhi i wanted to talk about arnav..
Abhi: about arnav!!! Is there anything serious? Is he ok?
He asks different different questions..
Pragya: 1st listen to me..
Abhi: ok tell me.
Pragya: arnav used to have two best friends from childhood..he used to share everything with them…one day they went to tour but arnav didn’t go as he was sick..initially his friends hesitated to go in his absence but arnav forced them to go so they went…the bus met with an accident and both of them were dead..from that day he went to depression and started to feel guilt that he is only responsible for death…so he started keeping distant from others as they also may get problems…
Hearing this abhi is shattered with tears..remembering how he had irritated him…
Pragya consoles him but in vain..he thinks to go to arnav’s house and talk to him at once..pragya,khushi,tanu,shyam & nikhil joins him too..

All of them reaches raizada mansion
Nani sees them and get surprised..they all say that they are arnav’s friends..she gets happy seeing them..abhi asks her about asr room…first he alone goes to his room..asr is shown writing something…abhi goes to him and stand his back reads the paper “i don’t why fate separated us but i became alone no one is there for me to understand no one loves me..i miss u both.” Abhi places his hand on asr shoulder..asr turns back and shocked to see abhi there..he gets anger and shouts “why did u come here? Is there anything balance to take revenge on me?”
Abhi gets emotional and hugs asr tightly..he say”i don’t know anything about u when i saw u..i just thought to irritate and make fun of u..when i came to know about ur friends…i thought to say sorry so came to u…but now i promise u that i’ll never let u be alone..i am there for u even its happy or sad moment…from today ur my best friend..if u accept me as friend plz come to school from tomorrow…saying this abhi is about to leave…but asr hugs him more tight and starts crying..then says “don’t leave me like them..i can’t bare that pain again.”
Abhi says “arey idiot! Now only we became friends and ur thinking about ending..not fair yar..anyways don’t worry ur friend of abhi..no one can separate us.” They both hear from outside of the door that “can we join?” Asr sees all of them and gets happy…they all say that from today ur not single we all there for u…
Khushi comes forward and say “sorry!! I thought wrong about u”
Asr: khushi!! Am sorry for that day.
She says leave it na we are friends now..both of them smiles…pragya gets happy seeing abhi happy and khushi too…

Leap takes place…

Epi ends here…hope u guys like it…and I have no idea for the rest of the story so will think and update it by monday..thnq so much for ur support..plz do support me like this by ur valuable coments…have a great weekend…good night guyzz….

Credit to: arshi fan

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