a combination of love & horror (episode 5)

Haii guyzz…thanks to each and everyone for ur coments and suggestions…I will end this track soon please be patient and till then support my ff…coming to the episode…

Pragya and tanu goes to abhi and consoles him not to feel bad…he says am not thinking of that incident…
Pragya: why are you sitting with him even after this and he is not interested too?
Abhi: (laughs) to trouble him more and more…
Tanu: abhi leave it na.
Abhi: why should I leave him…he started this and I will end it..
Pragya: but u may get into problem…so y all these?
Abhi: you know what am the big problem…now he should get ready to face this problem..saying this he laughs..
Both pragya and tanu laughs too…

Khushi goes to canteen and eats jalebi and samosas..she hears bell sound and runs to class but suddenly she hits asr and fell down…she gets angry but thinks not to fight with him and asks him to give his hand and lift her up…
Asr: what me?
Khushi: yes you!
Asr: I am ASR..I don’t have time to lift u up…saying this he leaves to class.
Khushi: what a guy he is? Can’t he help others? What he think of himself? Feels like lord governor (in anger tone)…yes!! His new name is lord governor and smiles..
She hears a voice saying “may I help u?” from her back…its shyam…
Khushi: no thanku
Shyam: it’s ok don’t get tensed feel free..i just wanted to help u that’s it and it’s getting late to class…so am helping u..
Khushi says ok he lifts her and both of them goes to class..

Pragya sees both of them and asks khushi y she was coming with shyam…she explains what had happened…pragya gets angry and says I’ll ask him…khushi stops her and says “no di its waste of time to argue with that lord governor..
Pragya and tanu at once says “lord governor!!” widened their eyes..khushi laughs and says “yes! I kept it”…at once pragya and tanu laughs at him..he give an anger look towards them..they turn their face…

Nikhil too asks shyam “bhai! Whats going on?”…
Shyam: nothing…I just helped her…
Nikhil: but ur expressions are different.
Shyam: arey Nikhil!! Nothing like that I just wanted to make friendship with her.
Teacher comes to class…all remain silent…teacher gives them work and ask them to show it tomorrow…
In the evening…
Everyone goes to their home…

In raizada mansion
Nani: chote!! You came from school? How is ur new school?
Asr: nothing special…saying this his face turns to sad and leaves to his room.
Nani looks at him and gets worried.

In pragya’s house
Khushi and pragya recalls everything that happened in school and starting laughing..sarla ma goes to their room with khushi’s fav panipuri and milk for pragya and asks them to have..she asks “arey khushi and pragya!! Why are you both laughing like that?”
Khushi explains her everthing that had happened and starts laughing again…sarla ma laughs at first but later she tells khushi not to think bad about him…he might have any problem so behaving like that…don’t tease him be like friends…saying this she goes to kitchen…
Khushi starts thinking about sarla ma’s words and talks to herself “may be ma is right…I will try to get the reason behind his weird behavior.” And starts eating..
Pragya on other side thinks about abhi…saying “he is something different from others…I have to make friendship with him” and smiles…

In shyam’s house
Shyam and Nikhil starts doing their homework…shyam stop to do his work and starts writing khushi name..
Nikhil: bhai!! What are you doing? Why are writing her name?
Shyam: I want to make friendship with her but she is hesitating to talk to me.
Nikhil: even I want to make friendship with pragya but she is not even looking at me…what I should do?
Shyam: hey u didn’t tell me.
Nikhil: nothing like that bhai…ok first think how to make them friends.
Shyam: ok let’s do one thing…we will make tanu as our friend so that we can do friendship with pragya and khushi.
Nikhil: yes let’s do that.
Both smile and back to their work…

I will this episode here…hope u guys like it and i’ll start my horror track soon and if u want to give any suggestions for horror track..they are accepted with pleasure…thnq so much for ur support..plz do support me like this by ur valuable coments…bye guyz..

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