a combination of love & horror (episode 4)


Hello frnds… Thnks to each and evreryone for ur comments and suggestions..i thought to extend this childhood track bt now am thinking to end this track in within 3 to 4 episodes..ok coming to the story…

The episode begins with teacher enters into class…

All students wish her good morning..
Teacher wishes them good morning and asks them sit..
Teacher: ok students 1st of all tell ur name and ur aim..
Then every one starts introducing themselves followed by..
Arnav: (full name)..my aim is to become top businessman in india.
Abhi: (full name)..aim become rockstar…
Pragya looks at him and smiles..abhi observes dat and sit silently..
Pragya: (full name)..aim professor..
Khushi : (full name)..i want to be a cook..
Everyone laughs at her..asr laughs but hides it..she makes pout face..then teacher asks them to keep quiet..
Tanu: (full name)…aim model.
Shyam: (full name)..aim lawyer.
Nikhil: (full name)..aim businessman.

Class ends…and another class begins..teacher starts lesson and dictates notes..
Abhi looks after asr notes as teacher explains it fastly..then seeing this asr hides his note book..
Abhi: arey yar!! I’ll not eat ur book..u can show it to me.
Asr: y should i? U can write it on hearing.
Abhi: she is dictating it fastly so am looking at ur notes.
Asr: then what can i do?
Abhi: just write my notes too..i’ll sleep..
Saying this he keeps his notes in asr’s hand and sleeps..
Asr: (gets anger) what the..? Ok i will show u now what am..
Asr waits untill abhi sleeps completely..
Asr silently calls teacher and shows abhi..teacher gets anger and asks abhi to go and stand outside..
Asr smiles at him..abhi gives anger look and goes out…
Khushi pragya tanu looks angrily at asr..

After sometime khushi feels hungry and looks at watch.. finally bell rings and teacher goes out..then she immediately stands and runs out…

Pragya calls her khushi khushi but she says di am feelng hungry so going to canteen..she smiles and says this khushi will never change…

Epi ends here…plz coment ur opinion guys…thnq so much for ur support..keep supporting me…i’ll make it interesting..

Credit to: arshi fan

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    1. Thnq..

  1. Awesome episode

    1. Thnq..

  2. But were is horor scenes

    1. There will b leap in 2 to 3 epi…after dat i will keep horror track till then plz be patient and read my ff

  3. Its Osm yaar but short

    1. Thnq..i will make it bit longer

  4. Abhi n arnav fight really silly, it remember my childhood. Waiting for ur next episode…..

    1. Thnq..

  5. Wow!! Sooooo nice episode..

    1. Thnq..

  6. Nice yaar… It’s really full of fun BT it’s short I need somewat longer

  7. sana ( abhigya )

    Nice but it is too short make it as longer one waiting for next episode

  8. nice…

  9. Its amazingggg

  10. Haha… kushi…. same like my friend DA πŸ™‚

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