a combination of love & horror ( episode 3)


Haiii friends…thnq u so much for ur comments…hope u guys support me like this…hey guys am not so good at English if any grammatical mistake plz ignore them and I don’t know when it will be uploaded but wishing u all a very Happy Ugadi & Happy tamil year…May dis year bring new spirit, new beginning and new prosperity…coming to the episode…

The episode begins with all of them enters into school…
Pragya and khushi go to peon and ask him about their class…he directs the way to them but suddenly principal calls him so he will go leaving them at the middle then both of them search for their class and they hear a voice are u searching for class they turn back and she is tanu…she smiles at them..
Pragya and khushi: yes we are new to school..
Tanu: am also new to school and searching for class.
Pra and khu: ok friends?
Tanu: yaa sure! Come lets search for class.

While the trio searching the class..tanu will see abhi and shouts “abhiii” with an excitement and runs to him..Prag and khu look at each other with a strange expression..
Abhi sees tanu and talks to himself “oh god!! She also joined in the same school…now am finished…how to escape from her?” thinking this he says “hey tanu!!! Did u join this school?”

(Guys tanu is the childhood friend of abhi and she has crush on him…she always feels excited when talking to him and abhi feels irritated and in this story all are 6th…as Shyam and Nikhil are siblings here shyam skips one year and sits with his brother)

Tanu: hey abhi!! Y didn’t u tell me that you’ll join this school…i thought I’ll miss you but for my surprise u joined this school…am so happy to see u here..
She continuously talks to him…abhi gives irriated expressions and she completely forgot about prag and khu..

Seeing this prag and khu goes near to tanu and asks her..
Prag and khu: hey tanu who is this guy? Ur continuously talking to him..
Tanu: oh sorry friends!! I forgot about u both completely…he is abhishek…abhi my best friend.
Prag and khu: oh!! Hai abhi..
Tanu: abhi!! This is pragya and khushi…my new friends in this school..
Abhi: thinks they are finished now and laughs but controls it and says hai pragya and khushi.
All of them leave to class as abhi know the way to their class…

In class room

Asr sits silently without talking to anyone in a single bench…
Shyam and Nikhil both together sit in another bench…When pragya and khushi enter into class shyam looks at khushi and Nikhil looks at pragya…both of them says “wowwww”
Shyam: what Nikhil?
Nikhil: nothing bhai…but what happened to u bhai?
Shyam: nothing
Both of them hides for each other and looks at prag and khu..

Abhi goes near to asr and asks him to move…
Abhi: hey!! Can u move a little bit? I will sit here.
Asr: oh why? No vacancy…You can sit in some other place.
Abhi: (gets angry) is ur name written here? I am going to sit here only here after…saying this he sits beside arnav.
Asr: (gets angry) do u know who I am? I am A.S.R.
Abhi: ok I am Abhishek Prem Mehra…Abhi and laughs.
Asr: (in more anger tone): I will show u who is Asr.
Abhi: ok I am ready to see.
Both of them turns their face in opposite direction..khushi see this and wonders about his strange behavior…

Guys I will end my episode here for today…hope you all like it…plzzz comment ur opinions on my ff and suggestions are accepted…I’ll be waiting for ur coments..

Credit to: arshi fan

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  3. Arnav n abhi fight was nice. But on 6th std crush, I didn’t like that child love. Please don’t do this. Till their school days plz make them as friends..if I hurt you don’t take it seriously. It’s my humble request… if I hurt you, sry sry sry…

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