a combination of love & horror (episode 28) (the end)


Hellooo guyzz…I wish u guyzz enjoyed yesterday’s twist…thnq so much for ur comments and support…today I am going to end this ff..hope u guyzz enjoy this last epi…ok coming to the story…

In temple
Dadi gets shocked. She decides to go to villa. She says pandit that she will go to villa but he refuses her to go. Even raj tries to stop her. But she says her grandson’s life is important…she asks raj to take her after puja. He says ok.

In villa
They all get ready and leave to om’s house. They all greet him. He asks them to come inside and take them to separate room. In that room he closes all doors and windows. He lit candles and asks anyone to sit in the middle of candles. Arnav thinks to go but om refuses that any girl should go and sit then pragya goes there. He starts chanting something. Suddenly heavy wind starts blowing candles go off…pragya gets possessed. She looks angrily. Om asks her the reason of her death. She didn’t say anything but she tries to harm arnav. But om stops her.

On other side
Dadi and raj are on their way to villa. Suddenly monk stops their car. Dadi gets down then he warns her to reveal her truth to grandson. But she asks how to save her grandson he says to take his grandson tomorrow to one place. She says ok then he gives her some threads to keep it with her so that after entering into villa she may not harm them. He leaves from there. They leave to villa. They reach to villa. Maid sees them from behind and leaves from villa.

In om’s house
Om tries to control her but she behaves more dangerously abhi tries to go near her but she pushes him. Meanwhile arnav gets a call. He sees mobile its dadi. He goes side and lifts the call.
Dadi asks him to come to villa. He asks her why she went there. She says she has to talk something important to them so reached villa. He says it will take an hour so asks her to wait. Possessed pragya shouts that she will not leave anyone and will ruin them. At last om chants mantras reading book and controls her. He asks them to leave from there and he says he will meet them in villa tomorrow.
In villa
Raj asks her whether she is doing right. Dadi says no problem I am ready because I have to save my grandson. He says ok. They reach villa. Arnav says “dadi why did u come here and raj bhai when did u come india?” abhi says “yes bhai! You didn’t inform me that ur coming to india” raj tries to say something but dadi says “arnav its very important I have to tell u about sheetal”. All are shocked.
Abhi: how do u know about sheetal?
Arnav: what do u want to tell about sheetal?
Dadi says I’m the reason behind her death. All are shocked and says “what?”
Fb shows sheetal comes to raizada’s mansion and looks around. Dadi comes there and asks her “who are you? Why did come here? She greets her and says “I came here for arnav” dadi asks her “how did you know arnav?” she says “he is classmate and friend”. Dadi says “I never heard ur name” she says “I came here to talk to arnav where is his room?” dadi says “what do u want to talk to him? Talk here in front of me” she gets anger and says “I love ur grandson I came here to tell him that”. Dadi too gets anger and says “how dare you to say that? I’ll next accept u” sheetal says “I don’t need ur acceptance or this raizada’s name. I just wanted arnav” dadi says “I will see how you will make him urs” she says “see how I’ll take him with me from this house” she leaves angrily at that time. At that time raj comes there. He sees her leaving angrily. He asks dadi about her. She says everything. He says I’ll handle her.

Next day he enquires everything about her then he makes a call and tells her that he wants to meet her. She says ok. She meets him. He says her “I want to tell u something we are planning for arnav’s marriage after completion of his studies with khushi” sheetal gets shocked and asks what. He says “don’t you know? Arnav and khushi love each other. So we are planning to marry them” sheetal says “what? I don’t believe it I know they are just friends” he says “ok if arnav says then will u trust me?” she says ok. He makes a call and says arnav that sheetal loves him and what’s his opinion on her? Arnav says he don’t love her and asks him he too knows that he loves khushi. Raj cuts call and says “now will u trust me? See it’s impossible for u to get arnav as he loves khushi so forget about him.” She cries and leaves from there. He calls dadi and says “work is over I made her believe that arnav loves khushi” dadi says “but what if khushi and arnav gets to know this?” raj says “don’t worry nothing will happen. I will do one more thing”. She says ok and smiles. He cuts the call and makes another call. He asks “are you sheetal’s uncle?” man says “yes who you are?” raj says everything and asks him to keep her in control. Man demands money. He says ok. Next day raj gets a call and is shocked. He goes near dadi and informs her about sheetal’s death. She is shocked and tells him not to say anything to arnav. Fb ends.
All are shocked to hear this…everyone gets sad. Dadi comes near arnav and tries to ask her for forgiveness but he doesn’t like to talk to her. Even abhi scolds raj for his sin. All gets sad. Arnav calls om and intimates him everything. He says he will come tomorrow…
The next day dadi asks arnav to come to monk but he refuses to go with her but she forcedly takes him. All leaves with her. Om reaches villa but he doesn’t find anyone. He again searches everywhere but he does not find. He tries to call them but his phone is switched off. He thinks to leave from there. But he sees a girl hanging to ceiling fan in one room. He runs inside that room to see who that girl is then the door gets closed. He is killed.

In forest
Dadi meets monk and asks him what to do. He says her that he is making arrangements for puja meanwhile he asks them to sit in puja. He starts chanting some mantras. He says them that he will do puja some of u go to villa and bring her favorite painting and chain. They get confused and look at each other. He says to catch maid and ask her about those things. They say ok. Abhi and arnav leave from there.

They reach villa and searches for maid but they didn’t find her anywhere. They go to one room and gets shocked seeing om’s body. Suddenly om’s body gets up and tries to harm them somehow they come out of villa and they both think where to find her then they remember that house. They go to that house and searches everywhere then they find a photo of maid and sheetal’s. They get shocked but she comes with knife from their back. They both stop her and ask her why she was trying to kill them. She cries and says “sweety doesn’t have parents she is orphan but she has property so am a guardian of her. She used to share everything with me. Even she shared about her love and all of u guyzz…One day she came home upset and I asked her what happened. She said everything I consoled her and later went out to bring something. Her uncle went to her room and stopped her from committing suicide. He forced her to sign on property papers but she refused and at that time she made a call to u but this abhi lifted”. Abhi remembers “he sees an unknown number in arnav’s number and picks up. He asks her who is she but she refuses to say and asks him to give mobile to arnav but he says that he is busy with khushi. She hears their noise from background. He is about to say something but pragya cuts the call”. Maid says “after that call she gets more sad and committed suicide”. She cries badly. Arnav consoles her and tells her everything. She apologize him for misunderstanding. She goes to underground and brings the box. They open it and find the chain which she bought with love symbol pendant where his photo was placed and his painting. They reach the forest. Monk makes them burnt along with her body after so many hurdles.
They get relief and take maid with them. They all reach mehra mansion and tell them everything. Sarla ma gets worried at first and then later she gets happy that abhi and arnav are going to be her in laws. They all bless them but shyam gets sad as he too loves khushi. dadi sees shyam and likes him. She offers him to marry arnav’s sister anjali who lives in London. He accepts. They all get happy.

Ff ends…hope you guyzz like this last epi and thnqqqqq so muchhhhh each and everyone for ur comments and support without ur support this ff is impossible. I never thought I will successfully complete this ff. and guyzzz am planning to start a new ff with our pair’s arshi and abhigya. This ff will be purely thriller and horror but I just wanted to know ur opinion guyzz whether to start it or not because I don’t know that you guyzz are interested in one more thriller or not. So plzz do comment whether I have to start or not…thnq guyzzz…byeee…see u soon

Credit to: arshi fan

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  1. Yeh it was nice
    I am sad that this ff is ended
    I liked it very much
    rocked yar

    1. Thnq..support me lyk dis for my new ff

  2. sana (abhigya)

    Awesome yaar

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  3. I not expect today episode of end. anyway ending is awesomeeee really love it..

    1. I thought to start my new ff so i ended it yesterday..thnq..

  4. Almost 3 epi you made into a single epi… anyways had a great end…. but at last you said she offered arnavs sister!!!…. but she is going to marry prav ryt????…. lol… hihihi… love your ff a lot

    1. dis is afterall story so she can marry anyone acc to her wish anywyz thnq..

  5. Waiting for your next ff… ofcourse i know the story…. but every one should be amazed of seeing that horror and thriller… so I’m not going to leak the story now…. lol

    1. Haha thnq for not revealing..support me lyk dis for my next ff..

  6. Reshma Pradeep

    It’s Superbbbbbbbb………….

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  7. Abhigya........

    Awesome ending….

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  8. This ff was awesomee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I request u to strt the new ff as soon as possible……………….
    I liked ur ff alot…………………

    1. Thnq..sure will start my ff soon keep supporting me..

  9. how can u go without showing marriage

    1. Becoz in my nxt ff ur gng to see them as married couples..so i have ended lyk dis..

  10. so sad…….pls start a another ff…..

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