a combination of love & horror (episode 27)


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In villa
Nikhil fell down. shyam shouts loudly and goes down. tanu wakes up hearing shyam’s voice and goes out to see…she gets shocked seeing Nikhil in blood and goes near to him. She asks shyam what happened. He shares her everything. She asks him to wake up but he doesn’t. She tries to wake him up again but he doesn’t. She starts crying and says “why did u do this to me? I treated u like my friend because I loved abhi but after talking to arnav I realized that I’m giving u the pain what I got. So I thought to confess my feelings tomorrow but you left me like this…i love you Nikhil…plz wake up…I need u” saying this she cries even more…he holds her hand. She is shocked to see him. He smiles and gets up.
Nikhil: I know tanu you love me but ur not ready to accept me so arnav helped me.
Tanu gets angry and beats him.

Tanu: I was really scared that something happened to u.
Nikhil: I will never leave u tanu and hugs her.
Shyam smiles. All of them reach there and smiles.
Tanu: arnav is this ur plan?
Arnav: no no tanu I didn’t plan its ur friends khushi and pragya’s plan.
Tanu: what?
Arnav: yes.
Fb Arnav leaves after talking to tanu. He gets shocked seeing khushi there.
Khushi: why u didn’t share this to me arnav?
Arnav: khushi actually I thought to tell u but u may feel bad so I didn’t share anything.
They hear a voice saying “actually it’s my mistake that I never realized that she has feelings on me if I came to know before I would have tried to clear all these whatever at least now I have to make her realize feelings for Nikhil”. They turn and see abhi. Pragya says “yes abhi is right.”
Then pragya sends msg from tanu’s mobile to Nikhil. He reaches terrace and looks for tanu then arnav tells him everything and pushes but he takes rope and goes to balcony then he reaches down.
Tanu is shocked after knowing all this. She starts beating everyone. They smile and leave from there.

Its morning
All of them get ready to go to their school. Maid watches them and gets worried. They all have their breakfast and leave from villa. She goes to her room and calls sweety!!! But she doesn’t get any response so she thinks she has to do something herself. She is about to leave then she finds a note near door. “Let them go don’t try to stop them. It’s time to reveal my identity so that they will approach their death near”. Maid stops and smiles.

They reach to the school. They wish their teachers and spend some time with them. They go to office room and asks clerk about the records about the new entries in the year they joined. At first he refuses but as he likes them. He agrees to share with them. He gives the book. They turn the pages and see everything. At last they are shocked seeing the name.

Its evening
Man calls raj.
Man: I m leaving to villa. Arrange the money I will take after coming from there.
Raj: ok but remember you shouldn’t tell any reason behind her death.
Man says ok and cuts the call.
He reaches the villa. He goes inside and calls them but no one comes. Maid comes out and gets shocked seeing him. He too gets shocked seeing her.
Man: what are you doing here?
Maid: I m maid here. Why did you come here?
Man: ok I came here to talk with arnav and abhi. Where are they?
Maid: they went out.
Man: when will they come?

Maid: don’t know you wait here for them.
She leaves from there. He sits in sofa but suddenly he hears a voice from upstairs bed room. He thinks “this maid may b lying let me go and see”. He goes upstairs and sees a girl crying near window. He asks her “who are you?” she says “don’t you recognize me? Ok after seeing my face u’ll recognize me.” She turns back and he is hell shocked seeing her face. He screams and runs out from villa. He starts his car and leaves but in the middle of forest car stops suddenly. He again tries to start but it doesn’t start. He gets out from car and runs. But suddenly a truck comes from his back and hits him. He is dead.

On other side
In school, they see the name “sheetal kapoor” (ipkknd) and gets shocked. They come out of school.
Tanu: i can’t believe that sheetal dead.
abhi: yes I thought she is feeling ill so she didn’t attend clg since 6 months but I never thought like this.
Khushi: she used to be so arrogant even I tried to talk to her so many times but she didn’t.
Pragya: yes khushi but how she died and why she is trying to seek revenge from us?
Arnav: even I’m in shock that I never expected. Ok let’s talk to om sir so that he will do something.
They say “yes talk to him”.
(guyzz here sheetal is their classmate both in school and college but she used to be arrogant and according to story in college, they know that she is missing from 6 months but they don’t know anything about her
Arnav makes a call to om.
Om: hello arnav! Did you find her details?
Arnav: yes sir we came to know who that is.
He says everything about her. Then om asks him to meet tomorrow along with his friends. Arnav says ok and cuts the call.
They leave from there to villa.

Its morning
In temple, raj starts making arrangements for puja. Dadi asks him “did he call u?”
Raj: no he didn’t call me after reaching villa.
Dadi: ok intimate me if u get a call from him.
Raj: ok.
Pandit comes there and asks them whether all arrangements are done properly. She nods yes. He begins puja and starts chanting some mantras. Raj gets call. He sees man’s number and goes side and lifts the call.
Man: what is the relation between u and this person?
Raj: who are you?
Man: I m inspector I found this person dead body.
Raj gets shocked.
Raj: what? What happened to him?
Police: last night he met with an accident in mysterious way and I found this mobile in his car and got ur number in his call register. Now tell me what the relation between u and this person is.

Raj: sir I will come to station and talk to u.
He says ok and cuts the call. Raj goes near dadi and tells her everything. She gets shocked.

I will end this epi here…hope u guyzz like this episode and enjoy the twist…thnq so much each and everyone for ur continuous support…hope you guys support me like this…plzz do comment ur opinions if you feel worth and suggestions are accepted..will try to post next epi as soon as possible..byee guyzzz..

Credit to: arshi fan

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