a combination of love & horror (episode 26)

Haiii guyzzz…thnqq so much for ur comments and support…I hope u guyzz enjoy the twists…so let’s go to the story…

In villa
Arnav sees something written in book. He reads it “I never thought this day will come in my life…everything changed. I don’t have anything with me…this is all happened because of changing the school. I won’t leave anyone who is responsible for my death. Especially arnav singh raizada…”
Seeing this arnav gets shocked. Abhi asks him what happened. He shows him.
Abhi: what the hell? What you did to her?
Everyone gathers there and asks him. All are shocked to see this.
Om: arnav don’t think about this just try to know her name as soon as possible. I will call and talk to her.
He leaves from there.

In airport
A man stands outside of airport and takes a taxi to mehra mansion. He gets a call in taxi but cuts it and thinks “why is he calling me suddenly? Whatever I’ll think about him later”. He reaches mehra mansion. He goes inside and opens asr’s dadi room. He says “dadi!!” she turns back and sees him.
Asr’s dadi: raj!!!
(guyzz he is abhi’s brother same as in kb. He likes asr’s dadi from childhood. She even treats him like asr)
She grabs him inside and locks the door.
Dadi: I am really worried about arnav and everyone. Pandit said she wouldn’t leave anyone. I don’t know what to do.
Raj: dadi!! Plzz u don’t get worry like this. Let’s go there and talk to them.
Dadi: no no!!
Raj: why? What happened?
Dadi: if we go there even our lives will be in risk that too if we reveal about her she will become more powerful.
Raj: what?
Dadi: pandit asked to do shant puja to get peace for her soul.
Raj: ok then.
Meanwhile he gets a man call. Raj says “dadi he is calling me”
Dadi: why he is calling now? Ok talk to him but handle him carefully as you know he is dangerous.
Raj picks up the call.
Man: I heard that u landed india.
Raj: who said u about this?
Man: I know ur every moment even I know that she returned as ghost and started troubling ur bro and his friends.
Raj: how do u know this?
Man: don’t ask this question again and again. I m bored.
Raj: ok why did u call me?
Man: actually I m in need of money so if u give it then I will not disturb u again.
Raj: money? Why should I give?

Man: if you won’t give ur secret will be in front of media so think about that and intimate me.
Man cuts the call.
Dadi: what was he saying?
Raj: he is blackmailing that he will keep our secret in front of media if we won’t give him money.
Dadi: ok call him.
Raj: dadi?
Dadi: yes call him and tell him that we will give money but he has to do one favor in return.
Raj: what is that?
Dadi: ask him to go to villa and tell arnav her details but not our secret.
Raj: (smiles) ok and make a call.
He asks “what did you decide?” raj says what dadi said. Man thinks and says ok. Raj says “after completion of work meet me I will give you money”. Man says “ok I will leave tomorrow” and cuts the call. Both dadi and raj smiles and dadi asks him to make arrangements for puja. He says ok. Both come out of room. Raj greets everyone. His dadi hugs him and asks the purpose of visit. He excuses that he has some work here.

In villa
Its night, everyone thinks who might be that girl. They again and again read that lines.
Abhi: hey guyzz I m getting one doubt.
Shyam: what?
Abhi: I think there is a chance that she might be our schoolmate.
Nikhil: how can this be possible?
Arnav: abhi is right there may be a chance. At this time we can’t leave a single chance.
Abhi: yes dude let’s gather about her.
Arnav: yes now I’ll make a call to our school friends so that we may get some information.
All of them start calling to their friends. They ask everything but they don’t get proper information so they think to go to school the next day.

Everyone leaves from there but arnav stops tanu.
Tanu: what arnav?
Arnav: tanu I want to talk to u something important.
Tanu: ok tell me.
Arnav: tanu I know u loved abhi and still thinking about him.
Tanu gets shocked and tries to hide.
Arnav: don’t try to lie tanu even I know that Nikhil starts loving u.
Tanu gets angry and says “did Nikhil say all these?”

Arnav: he didn’t tell me anything. I know it’s hard to forget abhi but now he is no more yours as he loves pragya so just think about Nikhil once. He is loving u truly.
Tanu: arnav plz I don’t want to hear anyone in this. I like him as my friend but I can’t love him.
Arnav: ok tanu its ur wish but at last I want to tell you one thing u know abhi will never be yours so u know the pain of not getting the love what u expecting but what are you doing with Nikhil? You are giving him the same pain that ur getting. I m not even sure if abhi will love u like Nikhil because one day he even tried to talk to pragya about ur love for abhi but I stopped him. Just think about his love once whether u want ur friend to become like u or u will give him happiness.
He leaves from there. Tanu starts thinking about arnav’s words and Nikhil.

Its 12 ‘o’ clock
Nikhil mobile beeps. He wakes up and sees tanu’s message. He opens and reads “come to terrace”. Without thinking anything he gets up. Shyam asks him “where are you going?” Nikhil says “no where bhai I m just going to have water” and leaves. Shyam suspects his behavior and follows him. Nikhil reaches terrace. He finds tanu nowhere. He calls tanu but doesn’t find her. He turns towards edge of the wall. He sees a shadow at his back and gets shocked. He turns back but suddenly it pushes him from terrace. Shyam shouts and runs.

I will end this epi here…hope you guyzz don’t feel bore or any kind of drag…I wish u guyzz like this epi…

Thnq so much each and every one for commenting and silent readers too…if u feel worth plzz do comment ur opinions even it’s a single word that makes me feel like some more ppl are showing interest on my ff…expecting some more comments from silent readers and suggestions are accepted…keep supporting me like this till the end of my ff…byee guyzzz…

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  1. Who is this??? What happened to nikil?? I hope now tanu may feel for nikil. Good episode. But y she want to kill asr?

    1. Thnq..plz be patient everything is going to be revealed in 2-3 epi..hope u’ll enjy next epi

  2. Well going… the story almost reached to climax it seems… love your ff a lot arshi fan… love you 🙂

    1. Yes its going to end..thnq for ur support..

  3. super interesting…

  4. Oh! Horrible!! Interesting… Waiting for the next episode:-)

    1. Thnq..hope u’ll surely like nxt epi

  5. Super fantastic awesome

  6. Awesome.. Episode

  7. wow.. amazing… again i finished ur ff from 15to 26 in one go… and now waiting desperatly …

    1. Thnq arshi..am really happy that ur spending time for couple of epi..

  8. awesome superb outstanding

  9. super but I had one doubt the goast want to kill arnav but y nikkil get this kind of incident but anyway its really superb

    1. Thnq..wait for next epi..u’ll understand everything..

  10. Reshma Pradeep

    Its Really Interesting……. I am soooooo Excited yaar……….

    1. Thnq..

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