a combination of love & horror (episode 25)


Heyyy guyzzz…it’s my 25th epi…I m really happy because I never thought I will make 25 epi this is all becoz of u thnqqq so much for ur support…I know u guyzzz all are eagerly waiting to know who is that, everything will be revealed in order but plzz be patient becoz if everything is revealed at a time then there will be nothing interesting so it will be very interesting how they will find the truth themselves…but for today I can’t reveal everything but will give small hint…ok lets go to the story…

In villa
Everyone gets ready and leaves from there.
Shyam: where are you taking arnav?
Arnav: guyzz anyone of u don’t question me till we reach that place.
He stops the van near the building. They all get down and ask him “whose house is this?”
Arnav: come inside u’ll understand everything.
They all go inside. They see a man reading book and look their faces “who might be that?”
Arnav: hello sir! This is arnav. Last night I only made a call.
Man: yes yes! I remember u. who are they?
Arnav: they are my friends. Guyzz he is Mr. Om, paranormal expert.
They all say wish him. He asks them to sit.
Om: ok tell me clearly what incidents happened in that villa?
They all explain everything from beginning.
Om: all these are ok but did u guys tried to know about her?
Abhi: yes we tried in different ways.
Shyam: even she is not telling herself when we ask her.
Om: ok u don’t worry. I will try to control her but before that we have to know her details.
Arnav: but we don’t know how to find.
Om: you said some secret room na lets search in that room so that we may get some details about her.
They all leave to villa.

In temple
Asr’s dadi comes near to temple and greets pandit.
Pandit: what happened? Why you came here?
Asr’s dadi: actually I wanted to something first. Is there any chance that died in particular house will become a ghost?
Pandit: yes. What’s the matter?
She tells him everything.
Pandit: you did a big mistake. For ur mistake surely she will take ur grandson’s and his friends lives.
Asr’s dadi: I didn’t do anything intentionally but I thought raizada’s reputation is important. I don’t know what to do to save my grandson. I will leave to that villa and tell him everything.
Pandit: no don’t do that. I am sure she is waiting to see everyone’s death who are responsible for her death. If u go there u’ll be one among them.
Asr’s dadi: now only I’ll call him and tell everything.
Pandit: don’t do that.
Asr’s dadi: y?
Pandit: because once her identity is revealed she will not leave anyone even u.
Dadi is shocked hearing this then she says “what should I do now?”
Pandit: call him. Let’s do puja to make her soul get peace. After that god will show way o them.

On other side
They reach villa. Om starts seeing each and every place. He says “this villa is full of negative energy. U guys have to find her details soon else everyone life will be in danger”
They will stand near that secret room. Abhi tries to open the door but it doesn’t open. Om says “ok search this key everywhere in this house but one thing u have find it by evening 6. Once sunset takes place you can’t find the key becoz her powers will be more after sunset.”
They start searching everywhere in the house but they don’t it. They go to lawn and search it. Shyam says “hey guyz it’s already 4 we have to search it as soon as possible”. They don’t find it. Om closes his eyes and takes 10 coins. He chants something and throws the coins down. 3 coins will fall in one direction.
Om: Guys key will be within 3kms not more than that and its showing key is towards east direction. So go and search it soon u have to come here with key before sunset.
Maid listens to this and smirks.

They all leave in search of key towards east. They go and search everywhere but doesn’t anything then suddenly shyam recalls his uncle’s words about house at once place he see a house. He thinks this may be the house uncle said to me. They go inside and start calling whether anyone there but there will be no one. So they start searching everything. Finally shyam goes to a room. He opens the cupboard and searches there inside saree he find a key. He thinks this might be that room key. He calls everyone and shows the key. They all leave from that house to villa.

In mehra mansion
Asr’s dadi goes to room and makes a call to someone.
Dadi: she is returned as ghost.
Man: what?
Dadi: she is troubling my grandson and everyone.
Man: but how can this be possible?
Dadi: they went to her villa for enjoying holidays.
Man: what? Why did you allow them to go there?
Dadi: they didn’t inform me anything about their trip so I didn’t get chance to stop.
Man: ok u don’t worry am coming to india.
She says ok and cuts the call.

In villa
They bring the key and show it to om. He opens the door. Everyone enters the room. The room is completely decorated with different types of paintings. They see a wardrobe and goes near it. They open to see it. It is filled with lots of dresses and jewelers. They open another and find different books. There arnav finds a book and grabs it. He opens the book and finds it empty then he turns the pages. At one page he finds something written.

Epi ends here…hope u guyzz like this epi and I know you are waiting to know her name but before her name I would like to reveal her story gradually after that her name will be revealed automatically so plz be patient. If everything is revealed at once u can’t enjoy this track…hope u guyzz understand and support me…thnq so much each and everyone for commenting and silent readers too…plzz do comment ur opinions if u feel worth…keep supporting me like this…I’m going to end this ff soon…byee guyzz…

Credit to: arshi fan

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