a combination of love & horror (episode 24)


Haiiii guyzzzz…am really happy after seeing ur comments I felt like am dragging it so u may feel bore but now am feeling like I have to write this story much better than before so I’ll try for the best…thnq so much for supporting me like this…ok coming to the story…

Shyam gets a call. He looks at his mobile. It’s his uncle. He lifts the phone.
Uncle: hey shyam!! How is ur friend now? Is he fine?
Shyam: what uncle? What are you talking? I don’t understand.
Uncle: are you kidding me?
Shyam: I’m serious uncle. Just tell me what happened.
Uncle: last night you called me na.
Shyam: what? Me? Ok what did I say?
Uncle: you said your friend went to a house near villa without informing anyone. After sometime you ppl searched him everywhere but you didn’t find him. At last you found him there who met with injury. Even I asked you the reason why did he go there but you didn’t tell anything.
Shyam: what? Till now we didn’t see such kind of houses here then how can this happen?
Uncle: what? Then who made a call like this?
Shyam: there might be a wrong. Don’t worry uncle. Everyone is fine here and cuts the call.
Nikhil: bhai! What happened?
He says everything. Everyone gets shocked. This time they are fed up with her activities.
Arnav: no need to worry tomorrow I’ll end her game. They all leave from there.

Its night
Khushi gets a message. She opens and reads it.
Arnav’s message: hey khushi! What are you doing?
Khushi: (at first she types nothing and erases it) waiting for your message and smiles.
Arnav: oh really! Then y cant you msg me before I msg u.?
Khushi: vo…actually…I was thinking whether you text me or not that’s why I didn’t msg u.
Arnav: ur very good at managing khushi.
Khushi: nothing like that arnav. Actually I have learned it from u and smiles.
Arnav: what the…? Tell me when did I manage?
Khushi: if I say u’ll feel bad.
Arnav: no first tell me I want to hear.
Khushi: ok then listen. On that day we all went to movie when you reached to home at that time ur dadi came to your home. She asked you where u went. You said u went to extra class but she asked you where is book then you said u kept them in abhi’s house.
Arnav: how did you know this?
Khushi: I want to tell one more thing.
Arnav: what?
Khushi: next dadi ur dadi called me and asked about this. I said everything to her. Hahahaha
Arnav: oh is it u? U know what that she scolded me only because of u.
Khushi: sorry arnav I didn’t say that intentionally.
Arnav: I don’t want sorry.
Khushi: then
Arnav: I want to hear something more.
Khushi: I’m feeling drowsy will talk tomorrow bye.
Arnav: ok then you sleep I’ll come to your room.
Khushi: no no.
Arnav: then tell me later you can sleep peacefully.
Khushi: ok…i…love…you…
He smiles and says her same. Both sleep.

Its 1 ‘o’ clock
Maid wakes up from sleep. She thinks she has to move that box from the villa. She goes to everyone’s room and checks whether they slept or not. She goes near the room and sees the room locked. She says “sweety open the door! I will keep that box safely.” The door automatically opens itself. She enters the room and brings the box out and runs out of villa from back side as watchman can’t see her. She goes to some place and reaches villa with empty hands by morning.

In mehra mansion
Arnav’s nani, abhi’s dadi, sarla maa sit in sofa.
Sarla ma: its one week they went to villa. I never stayed these many without khushi and pragya. I don’t how they are, whether they are having food or not properly and that too I’m not worried about pragya but khushi is still like kid. She doesn’t know anything.
Abhi’s dadi: sarla ji u don’t worry abhi, arnav, pragya are there na to take care of khushi. Even pragya is also safe. Hope they will be enjoying there.
Arnav’s nani: yes but arnav’s dadi asked me about arnav then I said her about their trip. She is bit tensed hearing that villa name. I asked her what happened she didn’t say anything. I’m little bit worried as I can feel she is hiding something.
Sarla ma: what? Is everything ok? Or else let’s go there.
Abhi’s dadi: sarla ji don’t get tensed we don’t know anything and even our children didn’t say that the villa is not good so if they go there they will get worried. Let them spend some days happily.
They hear a voice saying “no they have to leave that villa immediately and come here”. They turn back in shock and see its “arnav’s dadi”.
Arnav’s nani comes near her and asks “when did you come from ashram?”
Asr’s dadi: after hearing this I was not able to stay in ashram so I went to raizada’s mansion but they said you are staying here so I came here.
Asr’s nani: what will happern if they stay there? They want to spend some days there.
Asr’s dadi: what do you know about that villa? You don’t know anything. It’s waste of time to share about that villa. I will do something.
She goes out and makes a call to pandit. She says she wants to talk to him. He says ok. She thinks to meet him in some other place rather than house. She tells him that she will meet him in temple.

In villa
arnav wakes up early in the morning. He asks everyone to get ready soon.
Shyam: hey arnav! Where are we going?
Abhi: yes today there are no entertainment programs. We have to think about that problem.
The three girls support abhi.
Arnav: it’s very important to go there.
Khushi: but where?
Arnav: not for entertainment even am also taking out to solve this problem so all of you get ready.
They all leave to their rooms. Maid watches this and says “wherever you go your problem increases but it will never decrease and I won’t allow you to solve it even she becomes weak” and smiles.

Epi ends here…sorry guyzz today I couldn’t keep abhigya’s scene but for tomorrow I will try to keep plz forgive me…hope you guyzz like today’s epi..thnq so much each and everyone for commenting and silent readers too…plzz do comment ur opinions so that I’ll try more to give u an interesting story and suggestions are accepted..Expecting opinions from silent readers…keep supporting me like this till the end of ff…byee guyzzz…

Credit to: arshi fan

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  1. Nice episode.. Arshi scenes was soooooo nice.. Waiting for the next..

    1. Thnq.. will update next one soon @arshi fan

  2. As you said it earlier… the epi is amazing dear… love your ff a lot.. seems like tomorrow will have a goosebump scenes….. amazing one DA!!!!

  3. Nice yaar bt still u dint gv any hint abt tat ghost n also tat maid n watchman plzzzzz disclose tat secret n y she want to kill thm… Plzzzzz as soon as possible yaar…

    1. Durga just be patient… because of you the writer can’t reveal the twists…. give some time… let us allow the writer to write the story happily.. hope you are enjoying the twists till now

  4. Reshma Pradeep

    Its Awesome…….

    1. Thnq…. @arshi fan

  5. Please reveal the truth….

    1. More some episodes jo.. please be patient… until then enjoy the twists happily 🙂

  6. awesome con’t wait pls reveal truth..

    1. More some episodes darshimi… because of us the story should not be compramised… until then njoy the twists 🙂

  7. Guyzzz i know ur eagerly waiting bt be patient i will reveal everything step by step hope u understand and sry plz dnt feel bad if anyone is hurt..

  8. Awesome

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