a combination of love & horror (episode 23)

Haiiii guyzzz…don’t feel like am dragging the story but I’m trying to give importance to each and every character so I’m keeping less romantic scenes. Hope you guyzz don’t feel bad for that and still support me like before…ok lets go to story…

Magic show begins…khushi and pragya stares with much interest. Abhi and arnav sees their interest and look at each other. They both ask “what? Why are you both looking like that?”
Abhi and arnav: because you both are looking beautiful.
Pragya: abhi stop flirting!!
Abhi: hey baby!! It’s not flirting. U know na I admire your beauty and ur my girl so I can stare at you whenever I want.
Pragya: abhi plzz this is public place. We can talk later.
Khushi: arnav u too started like abhi.
Arnav: no no khushi nothing like that actually I love ur face expressions when u start exciting for something.
Khushi blushes hearing this.
Abhi: what did you say khushi? I started? What did I start? I want explanation.
Khushi: vo…actually…I…I don’t mean that.
Abhi: then what?
Pragya: abhi she doesn’t mean that. She…
Abhi: wait wait khushi will tell…
Arnav: hey abhi stop it yar. Leave it.
Abhi: All are supporting khushi…ok ok I will leave now but after this show I want answer.
Arnav: ok first watch that.

Magician shows at first he takes a rabbit from an empty hat then showers coins from empty bucket. He changes silk handkerchief to color then keeps a lady into wooden box and cut with knife in half, tears the newspaper and restore it, he keeps his asst in cabinet and closes it then opens but he disappears and comes from back. He makes a silver ball floats around a cloth. He at last makes his asst float in mid air then suddenly a man stand up and says “Stop all these nonsense. Everything is fake”.
Magician: (laughs) ok if u feel like that come here I’ll show you.
Man: I’m not interested anymore to see ur tricks and leaves from there.
Everyone start talking about that tricks. Then magician says “I know you ppl are thinking it’s a trick but I’ll show you if anyone come here”. No one dares to go there but khushi stand up then arnav, abhi, pragya and shyam are shocked.
Pragya: have you gone mad khushi?
Khushi: no di! You know na since childhood I like this show so I’ll go there and try once.
Arnav: no khushi you are not going anywhere. Keep calm and sit.
Shyam: yes khushi don’t go.
Khushi: hey guys nothing will happen to me. Wow!! This khushi kumari gupta is going to perform magic show so enjoy it now.
Everyone tries to stop her but she doesn’t listen to them and starts moving forward. Magician asks the ppl to clap for her. She reaches the stage.

On the other side Nikhil takes tanu to fashion show. She gets happy seeing that place and forgets mirror incident. She thanks Nikhil for taking her that place. He says he want to see her happy always. They both go inside.

Magician says “see now I’ll take her to mid air” and asks her to close eyes. She closes then he chants something. She goes mid air. Everyone clap for him. Khushi gets excited. Then he says he will make her come down. He again starts saying something but this time she didn’t come down. All are shocked at once. Abhi, pragya, arnav and shyam starts worrying. Again he tries but she didn’t come down and goes to up. She shouts for help but magician can’t stop her. Everyone leaves from there. Arnav, abhi and shyam runs to upstairs. Pragya gets sad. The trio searches her at different place but they didn’t find her. At last arnav finds her at terrace. He sees her fainted and tries to wake up but she didn’t then he lifts her and brings down. pragya sprinkles water and make her wake up.

They are about to leave but magician comes there and stops them. He apologizes for his act but arnav and abhi gets anger.
Abhi: if you can’t control then why should you call from audience?
Arnav: yes it may risk their lives. We know these are just tricks but it’s unnecessary to call from audience.
Magician: no nothing like that. This incident happened not because of me but there is supernatural power behind this.
Arnav: what? Don’t tell lie.
Magician: just think how she can go up like that without any rope. If it’s because of me she has to come down anyways I’m sorry.
He leaves from there. They all start thinking.
Shyam calls Nikhil and tells him everything. He says that he will reach there with tanu. After some time there reach to the place. All leaves from there.

In villa
Maid comes out from the room with a box covered with cloth and thinks that she has to hide that box where no one can even think that place but again she thinks if she will take this box out then watchman may see that box. She again takes the box back to room and comes out with empty hands. She thinks I’ll not make them to enter this room anyhow. She leaves from there.

On other side
Shyam: guys we have to do something immediately otherwise day by day her actions are hurting everyone.
Nikhil: yes ur right bhai.
Pragya, tanu and khushi says “whatever we do she will not leave us”.
Abhi: hey don’t think like that we are there na. We will protect u.
Arnav: see what I’m going to do tomorrow.
Everyone looks at him as what he will do. Shyam gets a call.

Epi ends here…I know guyzz this epi is bit dragging and boring but for next epi I’m planning to keep some twists till then plzz be patient… hope u guyzz like this episode too…thnq so much each and everyone for ur continuous support…hope you guys support me like this…plzz do comment ur opinions if you feel worth and suggestions are accepted..will try to post next epi as soon as possible..byee guyzzz..

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  1. Hey, please never will say that this was boring episode… Ur every episode was sooo interesting and also todays episode was interesting… It’s very interesting to read… Waiting for the next episode..

    1. Thnq khushi…keep supporting me like this..

  2. So nice episode yaar. Don’t say its boring. Update next one.

    1. Thnq..will update nxt one soon..

  3. superb episode.keep rocking dear

    1. Thnq..keep supporting..

  4. Nice yaar don’t thk tat ur ff s boring always in a horror movie r story no one vl feel boring I thk sooo.ultimately I don’t think it is boring yaar ..

    1. Thnq durga..keep supporting will try to give my best..

  5. I felt a little bit scary while reading y means I was reading it in dark where all my family slept already
    Keep going with horror and romantic moments

    1. Haha thnq..keep supporting…

  6. Hey its amazing!!!!…. you said today it will be little bored and tomorrow will be most interesting….
    If so bored epi is this much amazing.. then what will be the most interesting one???…
    Badly waiting for the episode DA.. love your ff alot

    1. Thnq angel..its my pleasure that ur feeling my ff amazing..anywyz will update nxt one soon..

  7. Kushi is always different.. abhiya n arshi moments nice…

  8. super episode I really liked it

    1. Thnq..keep supporting..

  9. Just awesome…waiting to know what was inside that box

    1. Thnq..it will be revealed soon..

  10. super …

  11. Its Superbbbbbbbb……

  12. Awesome

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