a combination of love & horror (episode 22)


Helloooo guyzzz…sorry for the late update…I was little bit busy with some other work so I couldn’t update yesterday…hope you guyzz don’t mind…ok coming to the epi…

In villa
In arnav’s room, arnav sits silently and thinks about something…abhi enters the room and asks him what he was thinking.
Arnav: nothing abhi
Abhi: hey arnav! I know very well about without any reason u won’t sit like this.
Arnav: I got call from dadi.
Abhi: dadi!! She will not call you na then why did she made a call this sudden?
Arnav: nani informed her about our trip and about this villa that’s why she made a call to scold me about coming to this villa. I asked her why what happened. She said she don’t us to come to this villa. I tried to ask her about this villa but she asked me to return. She didn’t say anything and cut the call.
Abhi: I think she know about this villa.
Arnav: even am also thinking about this but she didn’t say anything that she knew this villa.
Abhi: ok let’s see what to do next. Come get ready.
Arnav: where?
Abhi: I said na shyam planned a place.
Arnav: I think he too planned something like museum.
Abhi: maybe but whatever both pragya and khushi are in depression so if we will take them out they will forget a little.
Arnav: yes.
They both go to get ready.

In pragya’s room
Pragya: hey tanu! How much time you take to get ready?
Khushi: you know na di she is upcoming model so it needs time for her to get ready and smiles.
Tanu: hey stop it both of u. I’m not that much late.
They both laugh and say “ok ok we know u get ready first”
Tanu: because of u both only I was late.
Khu & prag: what we did?
Tanu: u didn’t wake me so I was late.
They both look at each other. Shyam call them. Both pragya and khushi ask her to get ready soon and leave from there.

Tanu gets ready near mirror then she observes a dark spot on mirror but she ignore that and bend to take comb then her reflection start smiling in mirror. She gets up and about to comb but she observes that dark spot size increased then she touches it. Suddenly she is shocked that her reflection caught her hand tightly and smiling at her. She tries to shout but her voice got stuck. Her inner voice starts saying “who are you? What do you want? Leave my hand.” Her reflection says “to torture you”. Tanu says “but why?” Her reflection says “you get each and every answer when you meet ur death”. Tanu is shocked. She gets freed…
She comes out of room but doesn’t tell anything as they will worry again. Nikhil observes her.
Nikhil: tanu are you ok?
Tanu: ye…yes I’m ok…why what happened?
Nikhil: nothing nothing…seems like ur in tension.
Tanu: nothing like that.
Nikhil suspects her but acts like he is convinced with her answer.

All of them leave. Maid watches this from behind and thinks to search the secret room key. She goes to each and every place in the villa but she doesn’t find it. She goes near room and tries to open it but the room doesn’t open. She leaves from there and again search everywhere but no use. She sadly sits near the door. Suddenly the door gets open. She smiles and enters into the room. The door gets closed.

All of them reach the place. It’s magic show.
Tanu: what yar shyam u brought us here? We are not kids.
Shyam was about to say something but khushi interrupts.
Khushi: don’t say like that tanu it’s really a superb place…me and my di used to go magic shows frequently in childhood even today I like them a lot.
Arnav, abhi and pragya smile at her innocence.
Shyam: see everyone likes this place that’s why I planned this place.
Tanu: ok guyzz u carry on. I’m not interested. I will sit in that garden.

Everyone requests her but she refuses to come with them. So they all leave inside. Tanu goes to garden and sit in one bench. She starts thinking about the mirror incident and past incidents. She talks to herself “who might be that? How did she know us? Why she is doing like this? Do we know her? But we didn’t harm anyone till now then why she is trying to seek revenge from us”. Nikhil comes there. She sees him and stops thinking.
Tanu: why didn’t you go with them?
Nikhil: I thought to go but even I’m not interested so I came here.
Tanu: don’t tell lie. I know you like magic show so go from here.
Nikhil: nothing like that tanu. Ok leave about that. I’m observing u from morning ur looking upset. What happened?
Tanu: nothing Nikhil.
Nikhil: u asked me not to lie but what are you doing now?
Tanu: Nikhil actually.
He forces her and she share with him everything…he consoles her and says “ok I know ur feeling bore that’s why I planned to take you some other place”.
Tanu: where?
Nikhil: don’t ask anything come with me.
They both leave. Magic show begins.

I will end this epi here…sorry guyzz there are no love scenes between arshi and abhigya but tomorrow I’ll try to keep. Plz be patient till then..hope u guyzz like today’s epi will post next epi as soon possible…I will try to make it more interesting in upcoming epi…thnq so much each and everyone for commenting and silent readers too..Keep supporting me like this…byee guyzz…

Credit to: arshi fan

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