a combination of love & horror (episode 20)


Haiiii guyzzzz…thnq so much for ur comments…hope you enjoy this track meanwhile I’ll try to keep some cute scenes…plz be patient till then and enjy this horror track…ok lets go to the epi…

In pragya’s room
Pragya shouts then abhi runs to her room and gets shocked…all of them gather to pragya’s room and is shocked. They see a warning message written with blood on mirror. That is “I came back, now no one can save you ppl from me. Get ready to face me”. They all remain in shock seeing this.
Khushi: we have to do something immediately otherwise she’ll not leave anyone of us.
Shyam: yes I think she is more powerful now so we have to find a solution soon.
Arnav: but before that we should know the reason why she is doing all this.
nikhil: did u remember what mona said, she just wanted to end the lives who enter this villa. So we are among her list.

Abhi: maybe but we have to plan something.
Tanu: we have to know who she is first of all.
Arnav: yes ur right. Let’s try to find details about her.

All of them leave to their room but abhi observes pragya sitting in shock. He goes near her.
Abhi: pragya I know ur freaked out after seeing this but soon we will make her leave this villa.
Pragya: no abhi she will not leave anyone of us. She will kill all of us and starts crying.
Abhi: don’t cry I’m there na if u scare like this she will try to trouble you more. Listen to me within few days I’ll sort everything and I forgot to tell u one thing.
Pragya: what is that?
Abhi: I said everything to dadi about our love. She accepted u happily and asked me to take care of u…she also said that she will talk to sarla aunty once we complete our studies.
Pragya feels very happy and says “really” in an excitement.
Abhi: yes! If u has any doubts talk to dadi once.
Pragya: no no nothing like that and thanq abhi.
Abhi: what ur saying thanks to me? Instead of thanks give me something..
Pragya: something means?
Abhi comes close to her and says “like kiss or hug”
Pragya: (gets shy) abhi day by day ur becoming more romantic and what anyone think if they hear this?
Abhi: what’s wrong in that? I’m asking to my gf not a stranger girl so come on.
Pragya: no abhi
Abhi: ok then if u won’t I’ll give u.

She says no and closes her eyes.
Abhi: wow!! You are closing ur eyes means seriously expecting a kiss from me.
Pragya: no no
She is about to leave then abhi holds her and gives a kiss on her check. She gets shy and runs from there.

On other side
Tanu sits in leaving room. Nikhil comes there and was about to talk but tanu ignores him and leaves from there. She goes to lawn and sit there. He too comes there. She sees him and was about to leave but holds her hand.
Nikhil: tanu plzz listen to me.
Tanu: what will u say Nikhil? I don’t want to hear anything from u.
Nikhil: I know tanu you loved abhi and it’s difficult to forget him but plzz think about my love too. If u give me a chance I’ll never leave ur hand.
Tanu: Nikhil plzz stop it na. I love only abhi and will love him. I can’t see anyone in his place.
Nikhil: plzz tanu, don’t talk like that. U know abhi will never love then y u still think about him?

Tanu: because I love him more than myself. So don’t force me about this.
Nikhil: hope you change and think about me but at least be a good friend for me.
Tanu: no Nikhil now I can’t move freely with u like before as u developed feelings on me.
Nikhil: plz tanu am not asking u for love I’m just asking you to stay as my friend like before even I don’t ask for anything more than that.
Tanu: but Nikhil
Nikhil: trust me I’ll never raise this topic if so u can stop talking with me.
Tanu: ok and leaves from there.
He cries seeing her going. Someone places hand on his shoulder. He turns back and sees arnav. He wipes his tears and was about to say something but arnav says “I know everything don’t try to hide anything from me”.
Nikhil says “nothing like that arnav”.
Arnav says “I said na don’t hide from me, I heard ur conversation last night. I’ll talk to her”
Nikhil says “but she will not”
Arnav says “don’t worry I am there na”

Nikhil says “thanq arnav”
Arnav says “hey don’t say thanks to me, I’m like ur brother”
Nikhil gets emotional and hugs him.

In pragya’s room
Maid starts cleaning the room and observes the note written on mirror. She stops there and smiles. She recalls the fb. Exorciser takes the idol in his hand and starts leaving from the villa. He walks to forest. On the way he talks to his men that he will reach there by night. Maid after a while leaves the villa and starts following exorciser. He reaches the place and looks around then she hides. He starts digging then she reaches there.
Maid: stop it! Don’t do that.
Exorciser: who are you? What are you doing here?
Maid: that’s unnecessary for u. free her soul.

Exorciser: why should I free her? And u leave from here otherwise ur life will be in risk too.
Maid: u can warn me later but first of all free her.
Without listening to her he starts digging and was about to bury. She forcedly takes the idol but he again too takes it. Both of them start fighting for that idol then he says that “leave it. If it fell down she will become more powerful and no one can end her” but she don’t leave it. Suddenly it fell down and idol breaks. Her soul comes out with much force and wind starts blowing heavily. Maid leaves from there. Exorciser gets scared. He thinks to inform it abhi and tries to call but mobile gets off.

Exorciser walks fastly as he realizes that his life is in danger. He walks too long distance but he didn’t find main road. He stops and thinks “I came from this side only and why am not getting road” and walks suddenly he finds a light from distance and thinks that he reached. He walks near that he is shocked to see the board written with letters “graveyard”. He runs from there and worries where to go as she diverted his way.
He hears a screaming sound and asks “who is that?” and she laughs widely. He asks her “come in front of me if you have daring” she says “get ready to see ur death”. She appears and laughs. He gets little scare seeing her. She disappears. He gets shocked. She appears in other side and laughs. But he remembers that he was wearing devi maa locket and laughs widely. He says “u can’t do anything until I have this locket” and tries to touch it but he didn’t find it. He then recognizes that he lost it. She drags him and kills him. Fb ends.

Who is she? What is the relation between maid and ghost? Why did maid help her? Will they come to know about this? What will she do next?

I know guyzz you are waiting for answers to these questions, I’ll try to reveal all these in few episodes till then plz be patient and enjoy this ff…

I’ll end the epi here…hope u guyzz like this epi…and don’t feel any kind of drags. Soon will try to reveal and make it more interesting with some more twists. Thnq so much each and every one for commenting and silent readers too…if u feel worth plzz do comment ur opinions even it’s a single word that makes me feel like some more ppl are showing interest on my ff…expecting some more comments from silent readers and suggestions are accepted…keep supporting me like this till the end of my ff…Have a happy weekend…byee guyzzz…

Credit to: arshi fan

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  1. Nice yaar bt plzzz reveal abt tat devil as soon as possible yaar

    1. Will reveal it but it may take couple of epi becoz once she is revealed thn dis horror track will end so keep enjyng horror scenes anywyzz thnq for cmntng keep supprtng me like dis

  2. What’s her story??? Why she wants to kill everyone, who is mastermind behind this????

    1. I know so many questns are running in ur mind all the ans come out soon till then plz b patnt and enjy dis track

  3. Oh!!! Wow!! Nice horror scenes.. Please reveal the truth soon… And today there is no Arshi scenes.. Miss my Arshi a lot… It’s ok.
    waiting for the next episode

    1. Thnq..i know u’ll be waiting for arshi scenes will try to keep in nxt epi and keep supporting me like this

  4. Actually I am feared of horror movies or stories…but i am reading yours. I am thinking by reading this I am getting strong…to see movies…thank you do much..

    1. Haha its my pleasure anywyzz thnq for reading keep supporting me lyk dis..

  5. Wow!!!… writer satisfying both horror and love completely well!!!…. coming to love the writer had a great sense of love.. seems she or he had an experience like abhi nd pragya kiss scene…. 🙂

    1. Lollll writer dont need to have any xprnc jst they need an imagnation to bring the situation..thnq for lykng keep supprtng..

      1. Say me truth!!!…. if I’m right.. you had a same experience in your life…

  6. Superb episode.more interesting

    1. Thnq…will try to make it more interesting

  7. Superb dear. Its very interesting

    1. Thnq..keep supporting me lyk dis..

  8. Its Awesome yaar………..Really Interesting……….

    1. Thnq..will make it more interesting..

  9. wow really super. nice horror day by day interesting…

    1. Thnq…keep supporting me lyk dis..

  10. day by day u giv suprb twist..its intrstng…

    1. Thnq..keep supporting me lyk dis..

  11. ghost came back ah……vry nice….cute scene of abi n pragya….who was that gal…y she dng lik tis.

    1. Thnq…soon will reveal it…keep supporting me.

  12. Sorry for late comment arshi actually I was busy…anyways the episode was superb

    1. Haha dats ok…thnq for commenting keep supporting…

  13. Awesome horror scenes

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