a combination of love & horror (episode 21)


Hellooo guyzzz…happy Sunday…I am really happy to see ur comments its really supporting me a lot…thnq so much for the wonderful comments and I know guyzzz you are eagerly waiting to know who is she and why she is doing all these but you have to wait for some more epi because I’m trying to keep some more twists regarding her track so plzz be patient and support me. Don’t feel like story is dragging because am trying to give u max horror scenes in this ff and cute moments between arshi and abhigya so apart thinking truth revelation enjoy twist…hope u guyzz understand…ok coming to the story…

In villa
In kitchen, khushi starts making jalebi’s. pragya comes there and sees her making jalebi’s.
Pragya: arey khushi! Why are you making jalebi’s these many jalebi’s? What happened?
Khushi: di! Actually am so happy that arnav is loving me, thinking this I can’t stop myself without making jalebi’s so I thought to feed it to all of you..
Pragya: khushi, you’ve changed a lot.
Khushi: what happened sis?
Pragya: you don’t like to share jalebi’s with anyone even me and ma but now you are thinking to feed it to all.
Khushi: di! Vo…actually…I…
Pragya: don’t say anything khushi…arnav’s love changed you.
She blushes…arnav comes there.
Pragya: hey arnav! What’s the matter? Why you came to kitchen?
Arnav was about to say something but pragya continues “oh for khushi? You can’t leave my sis even for a min…what is this yar?’
Arnav: no pragya! Actually I came here for water.
Pragya: (laughs) arnav first learn how to tell lies properly.
Arnav: hey nothing like that.
Pragya: don’t try to cover I know you came here for khushi if for water you can have it near table yar.
Arnav bits his tongue. Pragya laughs.
Khushi: di plzz..
Pragya: offooo for arnav you are requesting me.
Abhi who is watching this from behind comes inside and holds pragya’s ear.
Pragya: hey abhi! Leave me its paining.
Abhi: paining? Till now you are so busy na, now tease him.
Arnav: thnq dude you came at right time to save me from these sisters.
Khushi: (in an anger tone) what I did?
Arnav: you are not talking anything when ur sis is teasing me.
Khushi: it’s ur mistake to say lie.
Saying this she turns towards stove. Abhi says “guyzz you both stop fighting, this is all because of pragya I will take her from here”. Without leaving her ear he takes her from there.
Arnav says “khushi”. khushi doesn’t respond. He again call her. She says “what?” He says “actually I don’t mean that, I just wanted to tease you” khushi says “enough arnav I don’t want to listen anything”
Suddenly she widens her eyes and mouth at once and turns back…arnav hugs her from back…
She says “wha…wha…what are you doing arnav?”
He says “you don’t want to listen na so I’ll try to make u understand clearly”.
She says “no no I understood. Leave me”.
He says “no”.
She says “what will my di think if she sees this”.
He says “no she is busy with abhi there”.
She says “please leave na”.
He says “ok I will leave you if you give me a kiss”.
She says “no no”. He says “if you won’t I’ll not leave you”.
She says “OK” and was about to kiss then arnav mobile rings. He says “shit” and goes out to attend the call. She smiles.

On other side
Pragya: abhi leave my ear…its paining.
Abhi: why should I leave? I m searching for u everywhere but you was so busy in teasing my friend and ur sis.
Pragya: nothing like that abhi.
Abhi: then what? I will not leave u and comes close to her.
Tanu comes there and sees them. She gets sad seeing them and jealous too. She asks abhi “hey abhi! What are you doing to her?
Pragya says “see tanu! He is not leaving my ear”.
Tanu says “leave her ear abhi it will be paining na”.
He leaves it and says “today tanu saved u but next time if u run from me I’ll hold it more tightly”. She gives an angry look and turns towards tanu.
Shyam and Nikhil come there and says “hey guyzz what are you doing here? We are searching for u all everywhere”.
Abhi: nothing. What happened?
Shyam: tomorrow we are going to one place.
Pragya: what place?
shyam: don’t worry you will like that place. Khushi too likes that place.
pragya understands the place and smiles. He asks “where is khushi? I will tell her”
pragya: I will call her she is in kitchen.
She goes to kitchen. She sees khushi still making jalebi’s.
Pragya: hey khushi! Still you are making jalebi’s. Wait I’ll taste them.
She takes one and tastes it. She says “it’s really superb”. She sees jalebi’s getting roasted and asks khushi to off the stove but khushi don’t respond. She offs the stove and says “hey khushi! What are you thinking?” And keeps hand on shoulder. Khushi turns back. Pragya is hell shocked to see possessed khushi. Her eyes turn red. She comes near pragya. Pragya walks back. She presses pragya’s neck. She tries to shout but she can’t as khushi forcefully presses her neck. She at once pushes her forcedly and runs outside kitchen and cries.

They all come there and ask her what happened. She says everything. They all go to kitchen but pragya refuses to come then abhi holds her and takes her. They see khushi fainted and lay down on floor. Shyam sprinkles water and wakes her up. They ask her why she fainted. She says “di came here after arnav left. I asked di to have jalebi’s but she said she is not interested then I asked her what she want. She asked my blood and came near to me with a knife. I tried to escape from her but at last she caught me and I fainted”. All are shocked to hear this. Arnav comes there and asks them what happened. They share everything. He starts thinking and says “don’t worry. She is trying to scare us. We should search a way for this but till then you guyzz plzz be strong”. They all leave to their rooms.

A little girl starts running in lawn and turns back. She says “catch me if u can”. A lady asks her to wait as she can’t run with her but the girl doesn’t wait. She runs continuously. Suddenly she fell down and gets injury. She weeps in pain seeing it. Lady comes near her and cleans it and ties a cloth to her injury. She wipes her tears and says “don’t cry sweety. Nothing will happen. Come I’ll give you chocolate”. The girl stops crying and holds hand for chocolate. Lady gives her chocolate. She again starts running. Lady asks “no sweety! Don’t run again u may fall plzz come back”. But she runs. Lady shouts “sweety…sweety…sweety…”

Maid wakes up from sleep and starts crying thinking about this incident. She finds a cloth which she tied to that little girl and starts crying more. She sees a note along with that “don’t cry like this, if u cry I’ll become weak. So don’t make me weak”. She wipes her tears and says “I’ll never make you weak. i’ll help you to seek revenge.”

Epi ends here…i know guyzzz this epi is little bit boring as there is less horror scenes but for next epi I’ll try to give you full length horror scenes…I’ll try to make it more interesting and will keep some twists in upcoming epi..hope you like it guyzz…thnq so much each and everyone for commenting and silent readers too…plzzz do comment ur opinion guyzz it means a lot for me and suggestions are accepted…I wish you guyzzz support me like this till the end of my ff…byee guyzzz….

Credit to: arshi fan

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    1. Thnq…keep supporting..

      1. Will try my best.. don’t worry about the support.. many more are liking your ff a lot

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  5. Hey, why u said that it was boring??? I was sooooo interesting and Awesome…. Arshi scenes was nice… Pragya and Khushi moment was a lil bit horrible for me… I was so shocked while reading the part.. Then I understand everything.. And who is the little girl? What’s her revenge??

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    you are amazing

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