a combination of love & horror (episode 19)


Helloooo guyzzz…I know guyzz some of u were disappointed as there are no horror scenes yesterday but I planned to give u a twist so meanwhile I kept that epi full of cute scenes but today u’ll enjoy this epi…thnq so muchhh for ur support guyzz…So let’s go to the story…

In pragya’s room
Khushi wakes up as her mobile beeps. She gets arnav’s message as “good morning sweet heart”. She blushes seeing arnav’s message. Pragya sees her and asks her “hey khushi! What was that?”
Khushi says “di..vo..actually”
Pragya says “give me ur mobile, I will see it”
Khushi says “nothing di” and hides the mobile.
Pragya says “when there is nothing then y r u hiding it?
Khushi says “I said na nothing” and tries to leave but pragya holds her and tries to take her mobile. Finally she forcedly takes her mobile and sees the message and smiles.
Khushi says “sorry di! I love arnav but am worried how u and sarla maa will take this that’s y I tried to hide it from u.”
Pragya says “no khushi you need to worry about it, I will support u and will talk to ma about this.”
Khushi says “thnq so much di” and hugs her.

Abhi enters the room and sees both of hugging. He says “wow!! What a sis sentiment!!”
They both break their hug and Pragya says “abhi!! Again u started”
Abhi says “arey pragya! Just now only I entered ur saying again I started. Is it fair for u?”
Khushi smiles and says “poor jiju. How will u handle my sis?”
Abhi says “what to do now it’s just fate”. Pragya gets anger and says “stop it both of u”
Abhi says “ok ok cool”. Pragya observes gift and asks him about that. He says that he found it near door.
Pragya says “may be arnav presented her this gift as a surprise”
Khushi thinks “last night only arnav presented me again what’s this? Anyways so sweet of him”

Abhi handovers the gift and left from the room. Khushi was about to open the gift but her mobile rings. She keeps the gift aside and sees the mobile. It’s sarla ma. She smiles and lifts the mobile. Sarla maa wishes her and asks her to take care then she gives mobile to pragya. They both have some talk and cut the call. Khushi forgets about the gift and goes to get ready.
Pragya too gets ready and goes to kitchen to make khushi’s fav dishes. Khushi gets ready and comes out of room. Arnav is mesmerized seeing her beauty. He continuously glares at her.
Abhi observes this and whispers in his hears “she is gorgeous na”
arnav thinking about her and says “yes” then he comes to senses and says “no no”
abhi says “what yar u said yes at first and now no? Is she not beautiful? Wait I’ll tell her?”
arnav says “no please”
abhi shouts “khushi”
arnav says “no no she is so beautiful”
khushi asks abhi “what happened jiju?”
abhi sees arnav’s face and was about to say then arnav folds his hands not to. Abhi covers “did you open that gift?”
arnav asks him “which gift?”
abhi says “don’t act smart. You presented it and u forgot about”
arnav is confused and says “I don’t understand”
khushi says “what you didn’t presented me then who have sent it. Wait I’ll bring it and open here”
She goes to room to bring it…abhi and arnav look at each other. Tanu, shyam and Nikhil join them. Tanu looks at Nikhil and turns her face. Nikhil gets sad but hides it.

Khushi bring the gift and open it. She shouts seeing exorciser belongings with blood stains and throughs away. All are hell shocked. Pragya comes out from kitchen and is shocked to see that.
Shyam: what are these? Who have sent all these come here?
Pragya: she…..
Khushi: yes di! You are right. She came.
Pragya, tanu and khushi start worrying. Abhi and arnav ask them not to worry as nothing will happen. Both of them think what to do next? Abhi takes his number from tanu and calls him but he didn’t respond so he asks tanu to call her servant and enquire about him in his area. Tanu makes a call to her servant and asks her to go and enquire about him.

After a while tanu gets a call from her servant. She says that “I asked his men about him they said that he didn’t return till then and also said that he made a last call yesterday evening 7”. tanu gets shocked hearing this. She shares everything with them. All are shocked and start thinking if he made a call at 7 then who came here at 9. They all start worrying. Abhi and arnav thinks to search him.
But pragya says “where will you find him? If u goes to find it may not be safe for u both”
Arnav says “but it’s necessary to search him as we don’t what happened”
Abhi says “yes arnav is right. We should find him”
He says “we both will go you all stay here” shyam says he will join them but arnav refuses as its good if he stays with girls in villa. Khushi gets sad and asks arnav to take care. He smiles at her concern. Pragya signs abhi to take care. They both leave.
Maid smiles watching all these and thinks “no one can do anything until she fulfils her desire”

Arnav and abhi starts searching everywhere. But they don’t find him anywhere. They stop at one place and starts thinking. Arnav recalls the place where exorciser said he will bury it. Abhi too recalls the same thing. Both of them say same thing and leave to that place but they don’t find him. Abhi makes a call to his number. His mobile starts ringing. They hear a ringtone in a distance. They go to that place and see it completely filled with grass. They removed and shocked to see his body. They sadly leave from that place.

In villa
All of them start thinking deeply. Arnav and abhi reach there. They all ask both of them in anxiety. Abhi says “he found dead”. All are shocked at once.
Pragya: why she is doing like this? What does she want? And start crying. Abhi consoles her not to cry.
Shyam: what to do now? This plan also failed. Let’s do something.
Arnav: yes we will think something to get rid of this till then no one should scare for her acts.
Nikhil: yes what u said is right and we should be more careful now.
All of them leave to their rooms.

Arnav calls khushi. She turns back.
Khushi: what happened?
Arnav: I know what happened today makes u sad but trust me I’ll sort out all these problems soon.
Khushi: I have complete trust on u arnav if I don’t trust you it’s like I don’t trust myself.
Arnav: I love u khushi
She says I love u too and hugs him. He smiles.

Pragya goes to her room thinking about that and shouts at once after entering the room. Abhi runs to her immediately. All of them go to her room.

Why did pragya shout? What did she see? Will abhi save her? How did she return? How did exorcise die? What will they do next?

I know guyzzz you all are waiting for answers to these questions but you have to wait till tomorrow’s epi.

Epi ends here…I wish u guys don’t feel bore or any kind of dragging if so just tell me frankly…hope u guyzz especially horror fans like this epi…thnq so much each and everyone for ur comments and silent readers too…if u feel worth plzz do comment ur opinions and suggestions are accepted…keep supporting me like this…byee guyzzz….

Credit to: arshi fan

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