a combination of love & horror (episode 18)


Haiiii guyzzzz…thnq so much for ur suggestions. I can understand that ur eagerly waiting for arshi & abhigya scenes so I’ll try to keep max scenes between them but in some epi I may not keep plz be patient and support me like this…ok lets go to the story..

In villa
Khushi searches them but suddenly something fall from up. She shouts. Once all lights get on and all of them shout “happy b’day khushi” and sprays foam at her…they all wish her and make her cut the cake. She feeds cake to everyone then pragya feeds her and gives her bangles, tanu gives her designer bag, abhi gives bracelet, shyam gives her ring and Nikhil gives her dress. She goes near arnav and asks him “where is my gift?” He says “sorry khushi, I didn’t buy anything for u. I will try to give u for ur next bday” she gets little sad by his words but she know that he will something for her. Tanu says “what’s this yar? khushi is ur best friend and you didn’t give her anything. This is not fair arnav” everyone scolds him and leaves from there meanwhile abhi observes pragya busy in scolding arnav and applies cream to her face. She widens her eyes in shock and gets anger on abhi. All of them start laughing at once. Abhi laughs and runs from there. Pragya says “see what I’ll do now” and chases him. He turns back and teases her. She gets more anger and runs.

All leave to their room. Khushi was about to open her room door then arnav calls her “khushi” she says “yeah arnav” in an excitement as if she was waiting for his gift.
Arnav says “I want to give u a special gift so I didn’t give u in presence of them so now I’ll give you close ur eyes first”
Khushi says “why?”
He asks “1st u close”
She hesitates but later she closes then he holds her hand and takes her in front of one room. He asks to open her eyes. She opens and looks at his face. He asks her to open door. She opens the door and was amazed to see that room was decorated with lots of teddy bears in different colors; different quotes are written on paper and pasted to walls and a huge red rose’s bouquet is placed in the middle and a greeting is place inside it. She enters inside and starts playing with teddy bears as she loves them a lot then she starts reading the quotes.
The quotes were written as “I smile every time I think of you but when I see u that gets even bigger” on one paper.
In another paper it was written as “you are the most important person in my life, now and always”
In other paper “in all my life, I never believed I’d find a girl like you”
In other paper “as hard as I try, words really aren’t enough to express how I feel about you, the word LOVE just isn’t big enough to describe my feelings for u”
In other paper “I never dreamed I’d write a love quote to anyone…until I met you”
In last paper “my life is incomplete without u and I’m my best self when I’m with u”
She reads all and gets shocked. She goes near bouquet and takes the greeting from inside. She opens it and sees her and arnav’s pic inside heart symbol then written at bottom “I LOVE YOU”
She turns back and asks “what is this arnav? Why you did like this?” (In an anger tone)
Arnav is shocked for her questions and understands that she don’t love him. He says “am sorry khushi”
She says “I have never thought u’ll give me this kind of gift” (she smiles but hides)
Arnav says “I thought you too have same feeling like me but now I understood you don’t so plzz forgive me for this mistake at least lets be good friends like before” saying this he cries and turns back to leave then khushi runs and hugs him from back.
She wipes his tears and kisses on his cheek and says “thnq for the most memorable gift this is the best gift I ever received in my life and I am waiting since long to hear 3 words from u”.
He gets very happy hearing these words from her. He hugs her tight and says “I LOVE U KHUSHI”…she hugs him back and says “I LOVE U TOO”. Both smile looking at each other. They leave to their rooms.

In terrace
Pragya tries to catch abhi but she is about to catch him and fell down. He runs to her and asks “pragya what happened? Are you ok?”
She holds him and brings his face near her face and applies cream through her face. They share an eye lock then she smiles seeing his face.
Abhi says “hey pragya!! Why did you do like this? See my face has spoiled with cream.”
Pragya says “accha! Then why you did it before for me?”
He smiles and says “that’s for fun”. She says “then this is also for fun only”
Abhi says “what fun? I’m a future rockstar if you do like this my face will spoil then no girls will be ready to see my face” and teases her.
She gets angry and applies more bringing close to her face then starts beating him. He says “ok ok cool! I’m just kidding. When you are near no girl is ready to see me because I stare at you only”
She blushes and asks him to wash his face. They both wash their face and sit for some time in terrace. Abhi stares at moon without talking anything with pragya. Pragya asks him why he seeing moon like that without talking anything to her.
He says “see that moon how pleasant it is!”
She says “ok u see it. I will go and sleep”
He says “hey wait!! Let me complete what I’m saying”
She says “no need” and turns her face.
He makes her to see his face and says “when I see that moon I recall ur face because it resembles ur face”
She says “like how?”
He says “see that moon its shape is like ur face shape, its brightness resembles ur eyes when u look at me, the mark in moon is like ur nose….
She stops him and says “stop impressing me, am already impressed my dear”
He says “no am not impressing u its fact yar trust me”
She says “day by day ur becoming poet I think apart becoming rock star u can try this”
He says “if I try that all girls start following me I don’t want any girl to compete u darling”
She says “wow! What a concern!”
He says “no not concern “its love””. She smiles and both share a hug.

In living room
Tanu doesn’t get sleep. She comes to living room and thinking about abhi loving pragya and feels jealous. She starts crying as she can’t imagine. Nikhil comes near her and sees her crying. He asks her what happened but she doesn’t tell him anything. He holds her hand and asks her again. She cries and tells him everything. He tries to console her and tells her that “tanu plz don’t cry. I can’t see you like this. In fact I had once crush on pragya but” he stops saying. She asks him “but what?” he says “nothing leave it. You don’t think about him its better if you forget him as he is not urs anymore” she says “ur hiding something from me tell me what” he says “nothing” and about to leave then she holds him and says “if u don’t then it’s my promise. Tell me now” he says “my feeling has changed. I started feeling for u and now I am loving u” saying this he leaves and tanu remains in shock. Arnav hears all these and thinks to do something.

Its morning
Abhi wakes up early and asks coffee for maid. She goes inside kitchen to bring him coffee. He opens the main door and finds a gift near the door. He picks it up and finds no name on it. He thinks to give that to khushi as it’s her b’day.

What’s that gift? Who have sent it? Is that gift for khushi or some other? What will happen next?
Excited for next epi then wait till next episode…

I will end this epi here guys…hope u guyzz like this epi…Sorry for horror fans as I was not able to keep any horror scenes for today but for next epi I’ll try to bring some more twists and make it more interesting till then plzz be patient..thnqqq so much each and everyone for commenting and silent readers too…plzzz do comment ur opinions and suggestions are accepted…expecting some comments from silent readers if u worth keep commenting…keep supporting me like this till the end..byeee guyzzz…

Credit to: arshi fan

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  1. so sweet…Thx fr abigya romantics.by the wts the gift….stil horror was ter ah…

    1. Thnq..wait for next epi

  2. It’s nice yaar bt I’m really missing horror in today’s episode

    1. I know ur surely like next epi..anywyz thnq..

  3. Awesome romantic episode loved arshi and abhigyas scene

  4. I need more horror scenes….

    1. Yup sure will keep it..

  5. No words to express… its simply an amazing… gppd going on.. good luck !!

    1. Thnq..keep supporting me..

  6. Oh!! Wow!!! Today’s episode was sooooo special for me….. Of course only for my Arshi…. Arnav’s confession was AWESOME…
    And in ur last episode u had shocked me by the last part…. I was so afraid by thinking what will happen to my Khushi……. But it was Khushi’s Birthday… WOW!!! Awesome… And obviously waiting for the next episode..

    1. Thnq..i know u’ll like it..wait for today’s epi am planning for a twist..

  7. Its Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome Awesome!!!!!!!

  8. its super dr…..

  9. yaar its simply superb yestday nly I thought tht no abhigya scenes but today u gv it like a bunch of grapes nd cream applying is sooooo sweet nd arnav nd abhi romantic dialogues r soo sweet

    1. Haha thnq..hope u support horror track too

  10. Superb

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