a combination of love & horror (episode 17)


Helloooo guyzzzz…thnq so much for ur comments…ok coming to the episode…

They all inform maid and watchman about the incident last night happened and ask them to leave as they are leaving the villa. They start the van and leave from there.
Watchman: see now they came to know that she will trouble them so they are leaving.
Maid: they can’t leave anywhere. They have to stay here only.
Watchman: I think they save themselves now from her.
Maid: no one can save them from her.
Watchman: ok but let’s try to help them so that they can survive.
Maid: don’t even try to think like that if she comes to know this our lives will be at risk. She is so powerful that whoever comes to save them surely she will see their end.
Watchman: ok come let’s leave.
Maid: where will u leave? She will not allow us to leave till they end their lives.
Watchman: what?
Maid: yes so go to ur work.
They both go to their work.

In van
tanu and nikhil: we are feeling relief now as we left that villa.
Shyam: don’t think that we are completely out of danger; she will try in different ways to stop us.
Khushi and pragya: yes ur right she will leave us.
Abhi: y u guys think like that? Let’s hope she will not do anything.
Arnav: we are out of that villa na so be cool. Whatever we will reach our houses.
Arnav gets a call. He lifts and talks.
Arnav: hello who is this?
Lady: your death.
Arnav: what the hell? What are you talking?
Lady: don’t be serious mr. arnav singh raizada stay calm and listen to me that’s good for ur health.
Arnav: who are you? Why are you doing this?
Lady: don’t ask me unnecessary questions I called u to warn to go back to villa or else I have to start my game.
Arnav: do as u wish. We are leaving.
Lady: ok then get ready to face me and cuts the call.
He gets anger. Abhi asks him who that is. He says everything. All are shocked at once.
Shyam: I said na she will try to do something.
Pragya and khushi says I think it’s better if we go back and try to find her intentions.
Arnav: stop it both of u. if u both scares like this she will try to scare us more.

Its afternoon
They stop their van to have their lunch. They get down and set everything to have their lunch but at once tanu shouts loudly. All ask her what happened. She points her finger to one direction. They all look at that direction and are hell shocked to see villa there. They immediately leave from there. In van, pragya, khushi and tanu start crying. Abhi asks them not to cry as nothing will happen. Arnav thinks “It’s better if I stay in villa so that I will find who is that and end her game.”

Its night
All of them sleep in van. Arnav drives the van but suddenly tire gets punctured. All of them wake up and ask him what him. He says “tire got punctured” and gets down. Nikhil is shocked to see villa again. Abhi says “why she is doing like that?” arnav says “I understood that she diverted the route so I think if we stay in villa we can find her real intentions”. Khushi and pragya says “yes arnav is right as we don’t have any other option”. at first shyam, Nikhil and tanu refuses but later they all leave inside villa.
A silhouette of lady disappears near the van.
All goes to their rooms and sleep. Maid watches this and thinks “I know u can’t leave this villa as she will not allow u because she is waiting here for u”. She leaves to her room.

Its morning
All of them get ready and comes to living room. They all think what to do next.
Shyam says “if anyone of us alone go to terrace she may come to us then she will come at that time we can ask her”
arnav says “it may risk that one person life so it’s not correct.”
Abhi says “yes arnav is right. Let’s think some other plan”.
Tanu says “ok guys I have one idea”.
Pragya asks “what is that?”
She says “my servant knows an exorciser. He may help us from this problem”.
Khushi says “yes that’s a good idea”
Abhi and arnav says “have you gone mad? They come here only for money but they can’t solve problem.
Tanu: no no he will at least we can try na as we don’t have other option at present.
They all get convinced by tanu’s reply. She calls her servant and asks about the details of exorciser.

He reaches villa and starts seeing each and every place. He says that he will make them get rid of her spirit. Ha asks them to go to room and lock it till he asks them to open. They all go inside the room and start seeing everything from window. He arranges all the things for puja. He starts chanting the mantras and calls her. She ignores to come at first but she comes then he makes her spirit go inside an idol. He asks them to stay there only and says that he will come after burying it. He leaves from there.

They all wait for him. He didn’t come time goes on but he didn’t come. They all get worried about him then he returns back. Everyone asks him about her in anxiety. He says problem is solved now u can live here happily. If u get any problem you can contact me again. He leaves. They all feel relief and become happy. Khushi says “wow!! Am so happy now so I’ll make jalebi” pragya says “ok I’ll prepare some spicy food” tanu says “I’ll prepare ice cream” abhi, arnav, shyam and Nikhil smile at them and say “wow!! We are feeling hungry make it fast.” They all smile and the trio leaves to kitchen.
Maid gives a shocking expression. Abhi asks her “what happened?” she says “nothing” and leaves from there.

Its night
Everyone sleeps. Suddenly power goes off. Khushi wakes up as there is no fan and bed light. she says “di plz lit candle na” but pragya didn’t respond she touches bed beside her but she didn’t find anyone. She comes out and searches them…

What will happen now? Did they really get rid of her? What will happen to khushi? What’s going around her? Is it ghost or imagination or something?

I know guys there are lots of questions running now but you should wait for all these answers till next episode…

I will end this epi here…hope you like this epi guyzz…thnq so much each and everyone for commenting and for silent readers too…so plzz comment ur opinions like this if you feel worth and suggestions are accepted…expecting some more comments from silent readers…I’ll be waiting…byee guyzzz…

Credit to: arshi fan

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  1. Hey, what will happen to my Khushi .. Yaar, it’s soo horrible.??… Waiting eagerly for the next episode cause it’s about my Khushi..

    1. Be cool everything will be alright to khushi..

  2. really nice yaar

  3. Nice episode. Horror is nice but finish it soon na. Bcos there s no romance na. Give one episode with romance yaar. Don’t take it wrong. but the suspense s interesting.

    1. Yup am planning to keep episodes parallely for love & horror…soon will try to implement till then plz be patient..

    2. Yeah! I am agree with Tweety..

  4. Nice episode.pls make abhigya scenes

    1. Thnq..hope u like next epi

  5. yaar ur damn suspicious person u deserve a breath taking appreciation its super gud episode villa moving here nd there is sooo funny in reality

    1. Haha thnq so much..keep supporting like this

  6. Oh…….Soooooooooooo Excited yaar………….Superbbbbbbbb…………. What will happen now ??????

    1. Thnq..hope u like next epi..

  7. Really you are creating superb horror sequence ya

    1. Thnq..hope you like next epi..

  8. It’s soooooooooooo superb yaar really 2day s sema interesting episode

    1. Thnq so much..keep supporting

  9. Even.I feel that I was there alone, it’s really come.into my eyes. Maybe I watch lots of horror movies…. more than abhiya, arshi scenes I love horror scenes. Thanks a lot dr……

    1. Thnq..i will try to keep more horror scenes in upcoming epi

  10. Guys.. please stop asking for romance scenes… the story is going very good with great content inside… if you go on asking like this.. the writer may hesitate to show the real story as he or she thinks… if you really like it just support it… amazing DA… good going on… keep it up!!! 🙂

    1. Thnq so much angel..hope u support me like this till the end

      1. Hey idiot… ofcourse I’m.. no need to say that DA..

  11. Wowwwwww awesome waiting 4 next

  12. Omg…. what a ff…i havent read it till now … when i sqw the title.. i have waited a long for u to compkete some parts.. so that i could read all epus by one go…bcz i love horror… and i cant wait for next…

    But whem i finished all parts now.. i m feeling very bored… update next asap …. waiting eagerly

    1. Thnq so much arshi…keep supporting me like this i’ll try to update next epi as soon as possible..

  13. Awesome can’t wait for next episode

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