a combination of love & horror (episode 16)


Helloooo guyzzz…thnq so much for ur comments…i know yesterday’s epi is little bit dragging but today I will try to make it a full length horror episode and there might not be arshi and abhigya scenes so plzz forgive me for that..i will try to keep in next epi…ok let’s go to the story…

In villa
Its night 11:30
All of them make arrangements to play the game. They turn off the light and lit some white candles and place burning incense. They all sit in a circle. tanu and Nikhil keep the board on their lap. All of them keep their finger on coin and start moving around the board in a circle few times to get the energy flowing.
Then as a speaker abhi specifies his intentions of playing the playing along with this he says “we are here, surrounded by light, to made positive communication and seek positive energy”. They start moving the coin and shyam asks “is anyone there?” the coin moves to “no” but still they move the coin asking again then the coin moves to “yes” khushi gets little bit scared but holds arnav’s hand.
Shyam asks “are you a good spirit?” coin moves to YES.
pragya asks “what’s ur name?”
Coin says MONA
All are shocked at once and recalls the girl who asked for lift before.
Abhi asks “why are you haunting us?”
Coin moves from z to a (guys if coin moves like that spirit wants to escape)
They again ask but coin move from z to a only.
They change the question and ask “when did you die?”
Coin moves to date and they notice that she was dead 3 months before.
They ask where you died.
Coin shows the letters “villa”
They all are shocked.

They ask “who will die among us?”
Coin moves and shows the letter “all”
They are super shocked now to see this answer. Pragya, khushi and tanu gets scared and ask them to stop but shyam and abhi ask them not to scare. Arnav says “this game is rubbish” abhi says “please be patient and cooperate with us” arnav says “ok”.
They ask “how will we die?”
Coin again moves from z to a.
Nikhil asks “how many ghosts are there here?”
Coin moves to number 5
All are hell shocked to see this.
shyam asks “did you kill them?”
Coin moves to “no”
He again asks “Then who?”
Coin does not move. They think why she is not saying anything arnav gets angry and ask “how did you die then?”
She begins her story.
(Hey guys I know that coin doesn’t give lengthy answers but as this is story am trying to keep some horror scenes so am keeping description don’t take me wrong)

My name is mona. I’m a software engineer. One day I went to a park which is 10km away from this villa to meet my boy friend but he didn’t come as he was engaged with some other work. So I left that place but suddenly heavy rain started falling along with thunders and my car got breakdown then I saw this villa and thought to stay here as its late night. I knocked the door a servant opened the door and she asked me to sit. She called her madam. I said her everything then she asked me to stay that night. She asked her maid to prepare food for me. We both had our dinner and I went to room to sleep. I slept but suddenly I heard a screaming sound then immediately I went down to see what happened. There I saw that lady shouting. I asked her then she showed me washing machine which is automatically running on its own. I asked her not to scare as it might be happened accidently then she went to her room. I went to my room and started sleeping then again I heard a screaming sound. Again I went to her room there I was shocked to see her maid attacking her with knife. Then I pushed her maid and we both came out of room and locked her inside. However she is scared at last she slept along with me but again she screamed seeing me. I asked her what happened. She took me near mirror. I was shocked to see my face which has blood stains. She started running from me. I tried to explain her but in vain. She reached terrace and was about to jump I tried to save her. Then I saw 2 men talking I went near them they were talking that “another girl found dead. What we can do? Come let’s call police. I saw down and really shocked to see my own body found there. Later I came to know that she and her maid both are ghosts.

All are shocked to hear this story. Now abhi and arnav start believing that the villa is haunted.
They ask “is there any way to get survive from this villa?”
Coin says “no. she brought you to this villa intentionally”
They ask “plz tell us why she targeted us?”
Coin starts moving from z to a.
They ask “who can help us?”
Coin says “no one”
They ask “why are you not telling her name?”
Coin says “because am her slave”
Then coin starts moving speedily around the four corners of the board and moves to number 8 (which means now the board is under the control of spirit). Candles suddenly get off and room is completely filled with dark. They try to say “goodbye” but coin goes on moving finally coin leaves the message “you all are in my villa. No one can help u. get ready to face ur death.”

Everything becomes normal. Shyam turns on light. They leave from that room. All of them sit in living room. Pragya, khushi and tanu start crying.
Arnav says “I can’t believe all these but situation is making me to believe.”
Abhi says “yes dude even I don’t trust all these but I have to. Ok let’s think what to do now” khushi says “we can’t think anything as she knows our plans too”
shyam says “but we have to do something na”
arnav says “yes guys, tomorrow we are leaving this villa”
Khushi says “yes let’s leave”
pragya says “do you think that she will allow us to leave this villa?”
tanu says “yes pragya is right, she will not allow us”
Nikhil says “but at least we should try na”.
They all say ok and think to leave villa…

What will happen now? Will they be able to leave the villa? What will be her next step? How will they survive?
So many questions running but finally there will be a solution for everything…

I will end this epi here guyzzz…hope you don’t feel this epi dragging or bore…I know its small but for next epi I’ll try to post a longer one and will try to make this horror track more interesting with some twists in upcoming epi till then keep supporting me like this…I wish u like this epi…thanks to each and everyone for your comments and for silent readers too…keep supporting me like this…I’ll be waiting for ur comments… Byee guyzzz…

Credit to: arshi fan

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  1. OMG……. how can they escape????? Interesting… please update ASAP…

    1. Just wait for today’s epi..thnq for comntng

  2. ur story scences remembr me a demonty colony filmm..its very thrill and intrstng .keep going ..

    1. Thnq..i know this board scene remnds u that movie bt still this stry will be dfrnt everything will b related

  3. Episode was osm yaar . Bt I’ve hv a doubt tht mona said tht der r five ghost . 1 is mona , 2 is maid , 3 is the women nd the other 2 r who

    1. Thnq..hey maid is not ghost she is alive rest of the 3 are trapped like mona and died in that villa…in mona’s stry another ghost acted like maid to trap mona but she is not actually maid..hope everything is cleared now…

  4. Amazing work DA.. love you always…. waiting for every moment.. although i know… ^

    1. Haha thnq..keep supporting me..

  5. Superb yaar it’s really interesting…

  6. Omg really horror….. game part was amazing…. good going

    1. Thnq..keep supprtng me lyk dis..

  7. Oh!!! It was sooo horrible. Thanks to Allah, I read it now at morning. If I found that story at night then surely I couldn’t sleep yaar… Cause really I am very afraid of these things.
    Awesome episode..

    1. Haha thnq khushi..dont get scared its afterall an imaginary story..

  8. Superb episode.keep rocking

  9. Awesome story. Fantastic horror scenes. How ‘ll they escape? It’ll b interesting.

    1. Thnq..wait for next epi i hope u like it..

  10. awesome sema horror.no dragging no boring but very interesting.

    1. Thnq..keep supporting like this

  11. Its Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. omg super duper suspense nd horror lvng it to the core nd its not at all boring yaar waiting fr nxt episode

    1. Thnq..will post it by night keep supporting

  13. Awesome

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