a combination of love & horror (episode 15)


Helloooo guyzzz…good evening…sorry for the late update actually I thought to post it by evening but due to some work I couldn’t so plzz forgive me…ok coming to the episode…

Its evening
All of them get ready and leave in van…
Khushi: where are we going arnav?
Arnav: wait for sometime khushi.
Abhi: hey arnav! Where are you taking?
arnav: wait for few more min.

In villa
Watchman: hey you know very well about this villa and why are we staying?
Maid: because she will not harm us.
Watchman: maybe but why should we take risk?
Maid: there is nothing risk here as we came here for food and we know about her very well.
Watchman: but it’s very sad that they have entered in danger. Let’s warn them once so that they will try to save their lives.
Maid: no no if we do so we will be in danger. Let’s remain silent and watch everything.
Watchman: but
Maid: don’t say anything now. I’m not ready to take any risk.
Watchman: ok.

Arnav stops the van…Everyone looks outside window and finds it a museum.
Abhi: what yar arnav? Don’t u get any other place? It’s so boring. I will not come inside.
Everyone says no except pragya.
Pragya: (looking at abhi) it’s really nice place arnav if don’t come let them. Come let’s go inside.
Abhi gets jealous and says “wait arnav! I’ll come with u”. Slowly all of them follow arnav. They all go inside museum. They start watching everything. Suddenly khushi stops everyone and says “hey guyzz!! I’m feeling hungry. Come let’s go and eat something.”
Tanu says “yes guys! We can watch it after having something”.
Arnav says “ok then”
pragya says “no guys I’ll not come, u go and have something. I’ll stay here.”
Abhi says “even I am not interested to eat anything guys”
arnav says “oh if we go there u’ll start romance here”
abhi says “hey nothing like that yar”
arnav says “ok ok we will give u some privacy. Come on guys let’s leave.”
They leave from there.

Pragya: what is this abhi? Y didn’t u join them?
Abhi: if I go with them u’ll be alone and u may feel bore.
Pragya: I’ll not feel bore. U go and join them.
Abhi: how can I leave u dear? No I’ll stay here and comes close to her.
Pragya: no abhi this is not a place for romance.
Abhi: oh then you are expecting something from me.
Pragya: no no nothing and runs from there.

On outside
They all eat ice cream and starts leaving that place but khushi see panipuri and stops.
Arnav: hey khushi! What happened? Why did you stop here?
Khushi: arnav I want to eat panipuri. Come with me na.
Arnav: what? Just now only u ate ice cream but again pani puri.
Khushi: yes I want it. If you don’t come I alone will go there.
Arnav: ok ok I will come with u.
She smiles. They both leave. She eats panipuri eagerly arnav sees her and smiles. Khushi asks him “what?” He comes close to her. She closes her eyes. He cleans her mouth then she opens her eyes and gets relief. Both smile and leave from there.

Inside museum
Pragya watches everything and reads about their history. She stops at one idol and sees it with great interest and starts reading about it. Abhi feels thirsty and goes out to have some water but pragya didn’t notices that she thinks that abhi is standing her back and keeps on talking. She moves forward and enters into another room which is sub room of the main room. She sees different idols with excitement but suddenly room door gets closed. She turns back to see it then she notices that abhi is not at her back. She tries to open to the door but the door doesn’t get opened. She hears sound from her back and turns. She gets shocked to see all idols starts moving towards her. She shouts loudly but no one comes. They start coming near her and she faints in shock.

Security goes inside to close all the doors as visiting hours are over. They don’t notice pragya as sub door is already locked so they close the main door and leaves. Abhi sees them closing and goes to his gang to ask about pragya but they say that she didn’t come outside then he gets tensed and tries to go inside but the security stop him. Then he argues with them. Rest of them join and argue with the security. Finally they talk with management and goes inside. Abhi searches on one side and arnav khushi on other side tanu, Nikhil, shyam on another side. Finally abhi finds pragya. He tries to wake her up but she didn’t. He sprinkles water but then she wakes up and cries. Everyone understands that something has happened. They leave from there.

In villa
Pragya shares everything with khushi, tanu, shyam and Nikhil. Nikhil says “am sure she only did it” shyam says “yes Nikhil ur right that’s y I said we will convince them about that game” khushi says “I’ll talk to arnav” and leaves from there. Everyone follows her.
They go to arnav’s room
khushi: arnav I want to tell u something.

Arnav: yeah tell me.
Khushi: tomorrow let’s play Ouija board.
Arnav: what? Have you gone mad khushi?
Shyam: no arnav actually we want to find out what’s going on here so for that we need ur support too.
Arnav: what shyam? U too started believing all these.
Abhi gets worried about pragya’s situation and decides to play.
Abhi: yes arnav. We are going to play this game for our friends.
Everyone requests arnav. Finally he accepts to play.
They all leave to their rooms.

Abhi starts recalling all the incidents from beginning. He thinks “there is something going on behind me and arnav. Why all are saying like that? Is there anything if so why we are not experiencing anything. Whatever tomorrow I will find through game if not I will plan something bigger than this. However I have to save my pragya and friends too”.
A shadow stands near window glass and leaves from there.

I will end this epi here…I know guys this epi is little bit dragging and small too but for next epi am going to post a full length horror so plz wait for my next epi…hope u guyzz like this episode too…thnq so much each and everyone for ur continuous support…hope you guys support me like this…

plzz do comment ur opinions if you feel worth and suggestions are accepted..will try to post next epi as soon as possible..byee guyzzz..

Credit to: arshi fan

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