a combination of love & horror (episode 14)

Hellooo guyzzz…thnqqq so much for ur comments and support…ok let’s go the story…

Pragya opens mobile. There will be abhi’s message to open the cupboard. She opens the cupboard and finds a gift. She opens it and finds a beautiful dress with a note. Plz wear it and come outside of house. At first she hesitates but later she gets ready as she trusts abhi. She opens the main door and comes outside and searches him. She again gets a message “Look at right side”. She then sees a campaign tent and goes inside…she is amazed to see it’s decorated with balloons, roses and a beautiful cake written with ur very special on it. Abhi seats near cake. She smiles seeing all these and thinks that he will propose her. Abhi is mesmerized by her beauty and says “welcome angel”. She asks “is there any special?” he says “actually I thought to surprise you that’s why I made all there arrangements”. She gets little bit upset but still she feels happy for his efforts. He understands her intention and thinks “I am not going to upset you”. He says “ok pragya!! I have arranged this cake for you cut it”. Pragya says “ok ok” and she cuts the cake and feeds it to abhi. Abhi too feeds her. She says “thank you abhi” and about to leave but he holds her hand. He says “where are you going? I wanted to tell you something”. She turns back. He takes a beautiful ring and says “you came into my life as my friend and I realized that I love u so now ur in my heart and I know that u’ll never leave me…I want u to know that I love u more today than I did it yesterday and tomorrow I love u more than today…when I go to sleep I think of you, when I am in sleep I dream about u and when I wake up I am smiling because of u…you are the only one that makes me happy. So will you be my partner?” Hearing this pragya cries. Abhi gets tensed and says “what pragya? Did I say anything wrong? Please don’t cry.” She hugs him tight and says “idiot!! Don’t u understand these are not sad tears but happy tears and I love you so muchhh” abhi gets happy and smiles. He makes her wear ring. Both of them smile and leave inside.

In shyam’s room
Shyam and Nikhil are in sleep. Suddenly heavy wind starts blowing. Nikhil wakes up due to window sound. He goes to close window then he sees a person going with lantern. He wakes up shyam and shows him.
Shyam: come let’s go and see who that is.
Nikhil: but bhai! I think it’s a trap for us.
Shyam: whatever I will see what she is going to do?
(guys here she means ghost who is troubling them)
Nikhil: bhai! Plz don’t go.
Shyam: let her know that am not scared so am going. U stay here.
Nikhil: no bhai! I can’t leave you like this. I will come with u.
They both go outside and follow her. They catch her at once and gets shocked to see maid. They ask “what are u doing here?” she says “watchman health is not well so am going to give him medicines.” Shyam says ok and leave. They start going inside house but Nikhil observes light in pragya’s bed room and shyam observes a girl standing on terrace compound wall. Shyam without saying runs inside the house.

Shyam runs to terrace and Nikhil goes inside the room where light turns on and finds that it’s not pragya’s room but side room of pragya’s room. He finds no one there but hears a tap sound from wash room. He shouts “who is that?” but no one responds so he goes near the wash room and opens the door but he doesn’t find anyone. He offs the tap and thinks to leave the room but the room gets locked. He tries hardly to open the door but it doesn’t open and he calls everyone to open the door but no one hears it.

On other side, shyam reaches terrace (guys after khushi’s incident arnav unlocks the terrace door) and he sees a girl standing on compound wall. He shouts don’t do that and goes near her to stop and sees khushi. He gets shocked.
Shyam: Khushi what are you doing here? And why are you doing this?
She didn’t speak anything. She remains silent. Suddenly the light goes off. Then he didn’t find anyone there. Again to his shock the light comes and finds khushi there. Then again light goes off. It’s so dark. Then he shouts “who are you? What do u want? Why are you doing all these?” wind starts blowing more heavily than before but there will be no response. He gets anger and again shouts “Once you come in front of me I’ll not leave u. if you have guts talk to me.” Suddenly he feels like someone pressing his neck and drags him to the edge of the wall. He was in slanting position at that edge then he hears a voice “don’t you dare to talk like this again if so u’ll be the 1st in my list. So take care” he gets free and wind stops blowing. Nikhil’s room door gets opened.

Both of them reach their room and share their experiences. Shyam says “I came to know that she is doing all these intentionally. There is a strong reason behind this”. Nikhil says “yes bhai! But what will we do now?” shyam says “I will think what to do now. Tomorrow we will discuss about this”. Come let’s go and sleep. They sleep.

Its morning
Pragya wakes up and smiles remembering last night proposal. Khushi wakes up and observes this. Khushi says “di!! You are looking something different”. Pragya says “different?” Khushi says “yes di!!! You are recalling something and smiling.” Pragya says “no khushi nothing like that.” Khushi sees her ring and asks “then what is this ring?” pragya covers ring with her hand then khushi says “you can cover ring but not that person so tell me?” pragya blushes and tells her everything. Khushi says “wowww!! Abhi is my jiju then…wait am going to tease him.” Pragya stops her and says “not now khushi first get ready”. Tanu sees all this and gets jealous but acts like she is happy too.
Nikhil and shyam enters their room. They share last night incident with them.
Khushi: day by day situation is getting worse if we don’t take any forward step our lives may get into risk.
Pragya: yes khushi but we are not getting any way.
Shyam: no there is a way but for this we need abhi and arnav’s support.
Tanu: what is that?
All looks at him in eager..
Shyam: Ouija board
Nikhil: what?
Shyam: yes at present it’s the only solution for us.
Pragya: but shyam u know na its very dangerous.
Tanu: yes shyam it may risk our lives.
Shyam: it might be danger but we are already in danger so we may get any solution.
Khushi: no no am not ready for this.
Shyam: nothing will happen khushi. We all are there for u. trust me
Khushi says ok. They all think about abhi and arnav.

Arnav calls all of them. They all gather.
Shyam: what happened arnav?
Arnav: guys we are outing for a place this evening.
Khushi: where?
Arnav: if I say now no one will come there so let it be like a secret.
Pragya: abhi I think you know that place at least you tell me.
Abhi: no he didn’t tell me anything.
Pragya: you liar.
Abhi: I really don’t know please trust me.
Arnav: what is this pragya? Last night only you got into relation and u started dominating my friend.
Pragya looks at abhi. He starts laughing at her.
Khushi: my di is not like that. She is so innocent like me.
Arnav: (he laughs at once) please don’t crack jokes like this khushi…my stomach is paining.
Khushi: stop it arnav! Am not joking everyone knows am innocent.
Arnav: yes yes and laughs more loudly.
She beats him. Abhi says “ok later you both can fight but arnav tell me yar where are we going?”
Arnav: I won’t. Wait till evening.

Where was arnav planning? What will happen there? Will pragya and khushi succeed in making them accept for game?
There are so many questions but still you guys have to wait for all these till tomorrow.
I will end episode here…hope you guyzz like this episode…thnq ANGEL, sabeenia sampath, durga, zari, khushi, jo, reshma pradeep, arshi, abhigya, darshmi, shriti, deeps and maahi for commenting and silent readers too…sry if I forgot anyone’s name..Hope you guys support till the end of my ff…plzz do comment ur opinions and suggestions are accepted…good night guyzz..byee…

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  1. Wowwwww. Really awesome episode… Waiting to know what will happen next.. And abhigya scenes was nice.. Eagerly waiting for cute romantic Arshi scenes..???

    1. Thnq khushi..will try to keep some cute scenes between arshi in next epi

  2. Wow superb episoe.pls make more interesting episode

    1. Thnq..will try to make it more interesting

  3. Wahh!!! Wahh!!!….. no words… its just an amazing… the word “idiot” feels the real lovable sense… same like happened in my life… love your ff a lot!!!! Amazing DA.. love you 🙂 🙂

    1. Haha thnq..sometimes scenes will be created from real moments only angel

      1. Yeah.. i know… I had experienced on Feb 23 of this year….. lol 🙂

  4. very nice.

  5. superbbbbbbb plz show more romance between abhigya. & what is mean by Ouija board

    1. We call spirit game.. in that game we use the board right… that board is named as Ouija board

      1. Thnq angel for explaining..

    2. Thnq..will try to keep in upcoming epi

      1. My pleasure arshi fan…

  6. omg yaar abhis proposal words made me dumbstruck imagining the situation nd trust me dr I am enjoying a lot dizzzz horror cum love track always lv abhigya and arshi thnq uuu fr giving dizzz ff

  7. Awesome loved abhi’s romantic proposal for pragya ☺ and when khushi says I’m innocent and arnav laughed ?

  8. Awesome yaar

  9. Day by day more interesting. No words to say….. ouijo board nice… waiting for that game..

  10. super dr…

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