a combination of love & horror (episode 13)


Hellooo guyzzz…thnqqqq so muchhhh for ur comments…I will try to post full length horror episodes but in the meanwhile I’ll try to keep some abhigya and arshi scenes. So plzz be patient and I’ll make it more interesting…ok coming to the episode…

All of them reach villa…
abhi and arnav see tanu and ask “what happened to her?”
khushi lies them that she slipped so she got little injuries…arnav suspects her but he acts like he trusts her.

They take tanu to room and Nikhil first aids tanu. She looks at him and smiles. After that he leaves room but tanu calls him and thanks him. He smiles and leaves from there.

All gather at pragya’s room again
Shyam: I don’t understand why she is doing like that?
Nikhil: yes bhai! There might be something behind this and who is she?
Pragya: I thought he will help us but she closed that route so we have to think something and should be careful.

Khushi: yes di! But we came to know about her now she may not try to scare us.
Shyam: no khushi she will try again and again to scare us now in a terrific way as we came to know about her.
Pragya: yes shyam is right so we should be more careful now.
Arnav and abhi comes there. They stop discussing about that matter.
Arnav: hey guys!! What are you discussing?
Pragya: nothing arnav.
Abhi: hello madam I know what you are discussing.
Khushi, pragya, tanu, shyam and Nikhil look one other faces.
Abhi: don’t look ur faces like that. I know you guys are discussing about me and arnav that’s why you kept meeting here.

They get relief that he doesn’t know anything.
Pragya: yes ur big celebrity na so we are thinking how to take autograph from u.
Everyone starts laughing. Abhi gets anger.
Abhi: of course I am a future rock star…you have to stand in queue to get my autograph but still I won’t give u autograph.
Pragya: no need am seeing it from childhood so It’s very funny to stand in queue for that.
She laughs saying this arnav too laughs.
Abhi: plzz don’t laugh yar arnav.

Arnav: chill dude! Actually what pragya said was right and starts laughing again.
Khushi: abhi my di will say like that only but I’ll take autograph from u.
Abhi: (smiles) so sweet of u khushi. I’ll give you a big treat.
Arnav: what about me abhi? Don’t u give it to me?
Khushi: why should he give u? Did u support him?
Arnav: abhi don’t listen to this khushi. She is diverting u. I am ur best friend na.
Abhi: wow!! What an action!! I think u should concentrate in movies rather than being a businessman.
All of them laugh and arnav makes a pout face.
Arnav: ok guys I am feeling bore so let’s watch a movie.
Khushi: wowww!!! Ok then salman movie.
Arnav: plzzz…no khushi.
Abhi: then what movie dude?

Arnav: horror movie!!!
All of them at once say “what?”
Abhi: that’s a good idea dude.
They all say no but arnav and abhi force and make them sit in movie. All sit together and arnav start playing movie. Movie begins pragya closes her face with hands and watches from fingers gap. Abhi observes this and says “arey aunty!!! This is just a movie and that too no devil is ready to trouble u because you yourself a big devil” he laughs. Pragya beats him and says “if you again call me aunty I’ll call you grandfa”. Arnav says “both of you can fight later now watch the movie.” Khushi gets involved in the movie and starts closing her eyes as its scary she then thinks it pragya’s hand and holds arnav’s hand tightly. He sees her and smiles. Abhi observes this and asks him “dude!! What’s going on here? Instead of horror movie romance movie is going” arnav say “stop it abhi! She is scared and what are you doing without watching movie?” abhi says “if you stop this movie then I’ll watch that movie.”

Khushi leaves his hand and gets involved. She closes her eyes tightly after 5 min she opens her eyes and thinks to hold pragya’s hand and touches but its sofa then she is shocked that no one is beside her. She is alone sitting and movie is going on playing. She tries to stop it but remote doesn’t work. She calls their names and goes to search each and every room but she didn’t find anywhere atleast she goes to pragya’s room she sees pragya and says “di why you left me there alone am really scared. Thank god atlast you are here.” But pragya didn’t talk anything. She goes near to her and asks “what happened di?” and makes her turn. She is hell shocked to see herself (with khushi’s face). She shouts loudly and opens her eyes. Arnav asks her “what happened?” she sees everyone and starts crying. Pragya again asks her. She explains everything. Everyone console her and take her to room. She sleeps.

Abhi asks arnav to come. Arnav says “what? Why are you calling me?”Abhi says “u forgot or what about secret camera? Come let’s go and see.” arnav says “but why now? We know na it’s her imagination”. Abhi says “yes but let’s go and see once”. Arnav says “ok”. They leave to room. Abhi operates it. They see all are watching movie and khushi holding arnav’s hand but later screen gets disturbed and they couldn’t able to see anything. Arnav says “I think there might be problem in camera”. Abhi says “maybe ok let’s leave”. They leaves then suddenly video starts playing.

At night
Arnav goes near to khushi. He sees her sleeping and caresses her hair. He talks to her “what happened khushi? Why are you getting worried day by day? I don’t what’s happening and even I don’t believe all these but I am sure about one thing that whatever problem approaches u I’ll will sort out all those and stands for u…this is my promise”. He kisses on her hand and leaves from there. She opens her eyes and smiles thinking about him.

Its 1 am
Everyone is in deep sleep. Pragya’s mobile beeps. She opens the mobile and sees it…

Episode ends here…guyzzz I hope you like this episode…in next epi I’ll try to keep more horror scenes and will make it interesting too…thnqqq ANGEL, durga, Sonia, khushi, saranya, angel, sabeenia sampath, jo, zari, maahi, reshma pradeep, shriti, durga & darshmi for commenting and silent readers too…keep supporting me like this…plzz post ur opinions..expecting some comments from silent readers too…byee guyzzz…

Credit to: arshi fan

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  1. Nice horror track… day by day its going very interesting…. had goosebumps while reading the story… love your ff a lot DA 🙂

    1. Thnq…keep supporting my ff like this..

      1. Yeah Sure Angel 🙂

  2. omg…wt msg ya…so horror n interesin..nice

    1. Thnq..wait for today’s epi

  3. Ohbmy god oh my god oh my god it’s really awesome yaar… U know don’t take me wrong when I c end tz episode here I just getting angry n irritated coz while reading sincerely n with full of concentration suddenly a break wat s tz yaar.. Ok I know we can’t get anythg without waiting Na I vl wait plzzzz update soon

    1. Haha thnq and i know that u guyz will be waiting for next epi..i will try to post it by evening..

  4. Awesome… But I don’t understand in starting about whom they r talking that why she is doing like this and now she may not try to scare us?????

    1. They are talking about ghost and they are strngly believing that ghost is a lady as a stranger girl asked lift on previous epi na so here she means ghost and thnq..

  5. Wow! Awesome episode… It was soooo interesting… And obviously Arshi scenes was soooo nice.. Thans for the Aeshi scenes.. And waiting for the next episode..

    1. Thnq…will try to keep some more moments in upcmng epi..

  6. Day by day it’s mind blowing. Omg what happen next???? This question lulls me. Please update ur episode fast…

    1. Thnq..will update soon..

  7. Wow………..Its Just Amazing yaar……….????????

    1. Thnq.. keep supporting me like dis

  8. Wow.. Its superb… J just have read this part… Now I gonna read the previous all parts.

    What an imagination yaar keep it up..
    And update soon the next epi… I m at the core to read the next part

    1. Thnq arshi..i am really happy after seeing ur comment as am silent reader of ur ff since beginning and thought to leave a comment for ur 100 epi…keep supporting me like this..

  9. Superb episode

  10. wow really super day by day horror increase really interesting..

    1. Thnq..keep supportng lyk dis

  11. superb episode.i want long horror episode

  12. yaar its damn gud nd I like thissss horror a lot nd if possible gv sme abhigya scenes

    1. Thnq..hope u enjy nxt epi

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