a combination of love & horror (episode 12)


Hellooo guyzzz…thnqqq so muchhh for ur comments and support…I will try to keep a full length horror episode so for today episode I can’t keep moments between abhigya and arshi don’t feel bore plzz be patient and support me…soon will try to reveal the mystery…ok let’s go to the episode…

Its morning
All of them wakes up…pragya gets a call from sarla ma…she attends her call.
Sarla ma: pragya how are you? Are you ok there?
Pragya thinks not to tell anything as her ma will get worried…
Pragya: yes ma I am fine here and everything is ok..why ma? What happened?
Sarla ma: nothing pragya
Pragya: no ma you are worrying for something. Plzz tell me.
Sarla ma: last night I had a nightmare that u and khushi was in danger.
Pragya gets shocked but she covers that everything is going fine.
Sarla ma: ok but you take care and I want to talk to khushi once.
Pragya gives her mobile to khushi. Sarla ma talks to her and cuts the call.

Door bell rings…
shyam goes to open the door but Nikhil stops him saying “bhai! Is it safe to open the door?”
shyam: let’s see who’s that?
Nikhil: ok then
Shyam opens the door…two people stand saying that they are maid and watchman…nikhil gets relieved seeing them.
They both leave to pragya’s room…

In pragya’s room
Shyam and Nikhil enter into the room…shyam says “we want to talk with u”
Tanu: what happened guys?
Nikhil: tanu…actually there is something in this villa.
Tanu: what?
Shyam explains them everything about last night incident and Nikhil shares his experience.
Pragya, tanu and khushi are super shocked to hear those things…
Pragya shares last night incident…
Shyam: guysss we have to do something…let’s inform this to abhi and arnav once.
Khushi: there is no use of informing them as they are not ready to trust us.
Nikhil: ok guys! Then let’s do one thing.
Pragya: what is that?
Nikhil: let’s try to search the key of that secret room.
All are freaked out at once.
Shyam: no Nikhil that’s not safe without knowing anything about this villa. We shouldn’t take any risk.
Pragya remembers monk’s words and she tells them “if we find that monk then there will be a solution”Tanu: yes ur right but where will we find him?
Pragya: Let’s go to the same place so that we may find them…ok then let’s get ready now.
Shyam and Nikhil leaves to their room.
Maid watches this secretly from window and laughs…she leaves from there.

In arnav’s room
Abhi stands near window and thinks about last night incident.
Arnav wakes up and sees abhi then he says “abhi now-a-days you are changing like me and am changing like you”
Abhi didn’t respond to him then he goes near him and asks “hey abhi!!!”
Abhi comes out of his thoughts and asks “yaa arnav”
Arnav: what are you thinking?
He explains last night incident.
Arnav: what yar you too started believing all these?
Abhi: nothing like that dude but I can’t see them in pain like that so let’s think from their point of view once.
Arnav: ok I don’t believe all these but I have a plan to find out what’s happening here
Abhi: how?
Arnav: let’s keep cameras in every room secretly.
Abhi: superb idea yar but no one should know about this.
Arnav: let’s do it in their absence.

All of them get ready to go to temple except abhi and arnav. Tanu lies them that they are going for shopping and asks them whether they will accompany but abhi and arnav thinks it as a good chance asks them to leave.
They all leave to temple except abhi and arnav. Both abhi and arnav starts fixing camera each and every room. They came near to the secret room but they remember that key is lost somewhere in that house so they skip that room. Maid watches this. Abhi notices her and asks what was she doing there? She says that she brought coffee for them. He asks her to leave.

In van
Shyam: does anyone remember that place?
Pragya: yes I’ll guide you
They see the temple from far and think that they have reached. They get down from van. Suddenly heavy wind starts blowing as they can’t see anything and sky becomes dark with clouds. However they think to reach near temple and search him but it became very difficult to walk them too but they reach the place. All are hell shocked that it’s not temple but a room with grave placed inside. Pragya, khushi and tanu shouts loudly. They try to run from that place but some force stops them from doing that. Suddenly tanu is taken away by wind. She flies in the air later fell down. Pragya and khushi makes her get up and starts running. Khushi starts chanting gayatri mantra then wind stops blowing and sky becomes normal…they immediately get into van. Inside van they find a note with blood that don’t dare to do this again…you may meet ur death in advance…they freaked out and starts van immediately and leaves from there.
Khushi: di we went to temple on that day but today how it changed to grave?
Pragya: even I don’t understand that khushi.
Shyam: maybe you forgot the route.
Pragya: no shyam how can I forget? Stop the van once. I will show you the board which is showing left arrow.
Shyam stops the van. They get down and again got shocked seeing that the board showing right arrow then they understood that she did it intentionally. They immediately leave that place.

I will end the episode here…I know guys this episode is little bit boring as there is no arshi and abhigya scenes but I will make this track more interesting in upcoming episodes and surely try to keep some romantic moments too…till then keep supporting me like…thanks to each and everyone for commenting and silent readers too…plzz comment like this and be free to share to ur opininons…good night guyzz..byeee

Credit to: arshi fan

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  1. Great horror connectivity in the story…. might the maid is the women they met in the temple?
    The story is well going with love and horror…
    Arshi fan don’t think that its a boring one… great content upto now.. just go on.. good luck!!

    1. Thnq..no no that woman and maid are different..

  2. It is really gud … Something different …

  3. Hey, so nice episode, yaar.. And no need to tell sorry, and today’s episode was not boring.. It was very interesting.. Waiting for ur next episode and also Arshi romantic scenes.?

    1. Thnq.. yup will keep it in upcoming episodes

  4. Superb episode.plese upload next episode quickly

  5. Awesome! Keep writing more episodes!

  6. so horror ya….superb….contiune…

  7. It’s awesome…. keep ur horror episode like this…….it’s interesting.

  8. yaar its very intrstng I am loving tgis horror dooo update faster

    1. Thnq..will update it

  9. Its Just Amazing……..???

  10. Nice yaar it’s not boring its really interesting n I hope tat no one will get bored on some horror episode it’s really interesting n increases our eagerness… I’m eagerly waiting yaar

    1. Thnq..keep supporting like this

  11. super ..

  12. Scary….???
    But nice yaar?

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