a combination of love & horror (episode 11)


Haiii guyzzz…I thought to post it tomorrow but after seeing ur comments am posting this episode in advance but I don’t know when it will get uploaded…thnqqq so much guyzz for ur comments…coming to the episode.

Pragya thinks about that cloth and goes out of her room. She calls everyone. All gathers there and ask her y she called them.
She tells “nothing happened. You all know very well about the incident that happened with khushi. So please don’t come out of ur rooms whatever happen just stay back in ur room even its important too”.
Abhi asks her “again u started, listen pragya there is nothing ghosts. You need not to worry about that”.
Pragya: plzz abhi atleast for this time you try to understand me.
Abhi: but pragya
Arnav: dude let’s listen to her for this time.
Abhi: ok.
They all leave to their rooms. Pragya gets relieved somewhat but still she thinks about that incident.

In shyam’s room
Shyam: I think pragya is in depression its better if she visits a doctor.
Nikhil: bhai plzz! Don’t talk about pragya like that she is in shock with the incidents that happened.
Shyam: maybe but she is thinking about them deeply.
Nikhil: khushi and tanu will take care of her so we need not to worry about her.
Shyam: yes ur right. Hope she will get well soon.
Nikhil: bhai! Plz make a call for uncle about maid and watchman.
Shyam: oh I forgot about that. Wait I’ll call him now.
Shyam calls him. He lifts call. Shyam keeps speaker on.
Shyam: hello uncle.
Uncle: hey shyam!! How r u? How is my villa?
Shyam: ya am fine uncle and ur villa is just amazing.
Uncle: that great!! Ok are you comfortable there?
Shyam: yaa uncle but yesterday u said that u’ll arrange maid and watchman here till now they didn’t come. So plz send them as soon as possible.
Uncle: what me? When did I say like that?
Shyam: what? Yesterday you made a call and said that u’ll arrange them and about that secret room in villa.
Uncle: what are you saying? I do not understand. Actually am out of city yesterday so I didn’t make you a call.
Shyam: ok uncle. May be I thought I made you a call. Sorry!
Uncle: no formalities my boy. I will arrange them by tomorrow.
Shyam: thank you uncle and cuts call.

Both shyam and Nikhil are hell shocked and starts thinking about that call.
Nikhil: I said na bhai there is something in this villa. What pragya, khushi and tanu said was right.
Shyam: I don’t understand anything what’s happening here. I thought there is nothing like ghosts here but the circumstances are changing my opinion.
Nikhil: bhai! We have to do something.
Shyam: ok tomorrow let’s talk to abhi and arnav once.

In pragya’s room
Its 2 am
Pragya wakes up to drink water but suddenly heavy wind starts blowing then she goes near window to close it then she sees a guy going out from house. She thinks who might be that? And why he is going out at this time? She then remembers about the cloth and gets worried. She sees him from window. He bends down to tie his shoe lace then she sees his face and gets shocked to see abhi there. She thinks to save abhi and goes out. She shouts abhi but he didn’t hear her and goes fastly…she follows him and calls him repeatedly but he didn’t listen to her. She almost goes to forest then suddenly she misses abhi and start searching for him everywhere but she didn’t find him anywhere. She hears a screaming sound then she realizes that she trapped herself but not abhi. She doesn’t understand what to do and forgets the way she came.

She stands there alone suddenly a hand gets placed on her shoulder she screams loudly and turns back to see. She sees abhi. Without saying single word she hugs him and cries badly. He hugs her tight and asks her what was she doing there at that late night? She cries and explains him everything. He consoles her and takes her from there.
A shadow appears and disappears from their back.

Abhi makes pragya sleep and leaves to his room. He thinks that pragya was completely in depression so he has to do something to cheer up her. He sleeps.

I will end this episode here. Guyzzz I know this episode is short but I will post a long one for next episode…sorry for this epi I didn’t keep any cute moments between abhigya but for next epi I’ll sure plan something better for them…hope u like this epi…thanks to zari, sabeenia sampath, jo, saranya, tweety, usha, sara, reshma pradeep, kutty(manu), khushi, abhigya, shriti & darshmi for commenting and for silent readers too…keep commenting and support me like this…good night…byee guyzz…

Credit to: arshi fan

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    1. Thnq…actually abhi keeps an eye on pragya so when she goes out he follows her secretly and he too doesnt know that she is calling his name..yes uncle doesnt know anything about villa

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