a combination of love & horror (episode 10)


Helloooo guyzzz…good morning…thnqqqqq soooo muchhhh guyzzzz for ur comments am really happy after seeing comments from silent readers too…guyzz actually am also scared of ghosts but this is imaginary story after all so need not to scare hahaha…but in meanwhile I’ll try to keep some cute moments between arshi and abhigya…so let’s go to the story…

Its morning…
Abhi and arnav calls everyone. All gathers at living room.
Abhi: guys I know that you were totally disturbed due to couple of incidents happened yesterday but we came here to enjoy. So I and arnav planned something interesting.
Arnav: yes guyzz…today we are going to waterfalls nearby.
Shyam and Nikhil: wowww!! That’s a great idea dude.
Tanu: yes let’s go there.
Pragya and khushi: but is it safe to go there?
Abhi: arey aunties!! When will u both changes?
Arnav starts laughing and gives hi5 to abhi.
Pragya and khushi gets anger and starts beating abhi. He asks arnav to save him but arnav say “sorry dude! U just carry on. I can’t handle these aunties” saying this he runs from there. Khushi and pragya start chasing him. Abhi thinks “thank god I got relief” and goes to get ready.
Pragya gets tired and sits in sofa but khushi doesn’t leave him and starts beating him. He holds her hands tightly. They share an eye lock.
Khushi: hey arnav! Leave me na. It’s paining.
Arnav: if I leave u again u’ll start beating me. So am not going to leave u.
Khushi: plzz leave me yar.
Arnav: ok I’ll leave u but if u give me something.
Saying this he keeps his face close to her face. Her heart starts beating fast. He whispers in her ears that “plz make jalebi for me” and leaves her hand. She gives a cute smile. He turns back and enjoys her smiles. (rabba ve plays)

All of them get ready for waterfalls. Khushi wears blue jeans and white top, pragya wears light blue jean and black top, tanu wears pink top and black 3/4th jean. All guys are mesmerized by their beauty. Nikhil stops seeing pragya and starts seeing tanu as he is lost in her beauty. Shyam looks at khushi and compliments her but abhi and arnav don’t get words to express their beauty so they stare them continuously.

They start going to waterfall but in the middle pragya sees a temple. She asks to stop the van and goes to temple. She call all of them to get down but abhi, arnav,Nikhil and shyam asks the girls to go as they are not interested. The trio start praying but suddenly they hear a voice from back that “u ppl lives are in danger…no one can save u…she will not leave anyone.” They turn back and see a monk. They get shocked hearing his words.
Abhi comes there and says “ok we know how to save our lives. We don’t need any suggestions from u…just leave from here” saying this he takes the trio. Monk starts shouting “u’ll come to me when u’ll realize”.

They leave to waterfalls but the three girls starts worrying about the monk words. They all start enjoying under fountain but pragya alone sits and thinks about the incidents. Abhi comes to her and asks her to come but she refuses to come then he forcefully takes her then she slips and her leg gets sprained, he makes her get up but she couldn’t then he lift up and carries her in his arms. She looks at him lovingly. He takes her into van and makes her sit then he starts applying ointment to her. She felt happy for his care. He asks her “are you ok now?” she replies as she is ok. They forget about waterfalls and will have some cute talk.

They start returning from villa.sky becomes dark. Pragya, khushi, tanu and Nikhil sleep. Suddenly a lady stops their van…she asks abhi for lift then arnav asks her to get in. Everyone wakes up. Abhi asks her “what are you doing here at this time?” she says “my car got breakdown but there is no mechanic shop here so am waiting if anyone gives me lift, luckily you came.” Pragya asks her name. She introduces herself as “MONA”.
Mona: Where do you guys stay?
Arnav: we stay in a villa here nearby 5km
Mona: ok guys. I have reached my place…just stop here.
Abhi: what? This place!! It’s very lonely.
Mona: no yar…my friend is coming.
Arnav: R u sure?
Mona: yes and thanks.
Abhi: ok take care.
All bids bye to her. Abhi starts van. Khushi sees her bag and shows it to pragya. Pragya asks abhi to stop van as she forgot her bag. abhi gets down to give her bag but he didn’t found her so he gets into van and start driving. They reach to villa. All leave to their room.

Pragya gets fresh up and sit in couch. She sees her bag and thinks to open it so that she can get details of her. She opens and gets shocked. She finds a cloth written with blood as “save ur friend from me tonight”. She doesn’t understand whether to show it to all or not. She then thinks not to show it to anyone as they do not believe her. So she hides it in cupboard acts as nothing happened but she thinks who might be that friend among them…

Nikhil: bhai! Am trying to call uncle’s mobile but it’s not reachable so can u call him once?
Shyam: why? What do u want to talk with him?
Nikhil: bhai actually…I…I want to talk to him about that secret room so
Shyam: have you gone mad Nikhil? They are girls so they are scaring but ur boy why are you thinking about that? There is nothing like that. So stop thinking of calling uncle.
Nikhil: no bhai nothing like that but there might be something mysterious. Ok I’ll not ask him anything but he didn’t send maid and watchman so let’s make him a call and ask about that.
Shyam: ok then I’ll call him.
Shyam takes his mobile to make a call…

What will happen next? What will uncle say? Who is that friend? Will pragya be able to save her friend? What she is going to do now?

So many questions running in my mind and ur mind too…but for today It’ll remain as suspense…tomorrow I’ll try to make a full length horror scenes till then u just enjoy this episode…

Hope you guys like this episode…and thanks to hema d’souza, madhu, maya, darshmi, reshma pradeep, shabeenia sampath, sara, zari, meghna shanty, ayaz, khushi, preethi, jo, durga, jabee & karthika for commenting and thanks to silent readers too..expecting some more comments from silent readers…keeping supporting me like this guys and plzz do comment ur opinions and suggestions…I’ll be waiting..byee guyzzz…

Credit to: arshi fan

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