Haai guys….. This is pinky. Just came up with a devakshi one shot. Its only one episode short story. So pls read, review and comment. Hope u all will like this.

This is continuation of present story…..

The story progresses with Dev becoming more and more addicted to sona. So as with her too. They both enjoying their secret love life. Other side Ishwari is getting more suspicious besides provoked by Radha Rani. Dev and Sona are in a stage that now they cant live without each other. And there Neha is also facing troubles in her household. This also stresses Ishwari. At a point of time Neha returns home failing to adjust in Ranveer’s house. Dev instead of suppressing things supported Neha. This leads to further complications. Mean while Ishwari is so worried for her daughter. She tries to explain Dev but in vain. Its then Sona makes him understand that what he is doing is wrong.
Their convo:
Sona: aap ne things ko ithna complicate kyun karye Dev. Its not right.
Dev: Sonakshi tum ko bhi mein nae galat lagtha hoon. I cant understand agar Neha kush nahi toh wo waha janamae kya faidha hai.
Sona: Dev aap ko lagtha hei ki neha Ranveer ki bina yaha kush rahoongi.
Dev: …….. He stands still.
Sona: Dev, app hamesha bolte rahoongi na tumare bina mein nahi reh sakthe sonakshi. Aap ko aisa kyun lagtha hei, kyunki aapne mujhse satya pyaar kareyae. Its same with neha too. Bas unko yeh mehsoos nai horiyae ki all these materialistic things are not so important than her love for ranveer. Once she start to feel this automatically she will go there but it can be very late. So its your duty to make her understand.

These words made dev get clear. He then sorted all the things between neha and ranveer with sona’s help. Finally neha went back to her in laws house and dev gave all credits to Sonakshi in front of all family members and thanked her for making him understand this. Even Ria and Nikki hugged sona and praised her. This made Ishwari so much insecure. Further days passed. Ishwari’s insecurity and possessiveness grew.

One day nikki, Ria and Sona were playing some game and nikki started teasing sona. Talk by talk sona told that once she get married she would stay alone with her husband so that their privacy will not be affected. Ishwari hears this and get shocked and leaves from there. But after she has gone Sona continues that she will not do so ever bcoz she loves staying with family and her perception towards life is changed now.

Dev and sona’s bond got more stronger and even Ria and Nikki started suspecting them. And one day Ishwari finally saw dev and sona hugging in their room. She is totally broken and distraught. Her biggest problem with their relationship is dev hid it from her. She thought dev has changed becoz if he had informed earlier she would not hav have said no to him. But now she is hurt. She thought Sona has snatched dev. She got to a decision that sona is not perfect for dev becoz one girl who don’t value relationships will not maintain good family. She reminces those words spoken by sona. She decided herself that she will not let sona into their lives. Next day Ishwari called sona and spoke to her directly. She confronted her. Sona tried very hard to explain but in vain. Ishwari ordered Sona to leave the job. Sona was shocked. Finally before leaving sona just told that “ Take care aunty ji. Dev aapko kithna important ho mujhae bhi uthna important aur dev ki kush aap hae isiliyae pls aapka kyal rako”.

Ishwari misunderstood this and started fearing as she would loose dev. So she had fallen sick. Dev got to know about all these things. He is hell worried. Finally he gathered courage to face his maa. That night she was lying in her bed. Dev spoke to her. Before dev could explain anything Ishwari spoke so emotionally that dev himself felt so much guilt. Finally she also asked a promise from him that he will only marry the whom she chooses. Dev too promised. Dev understood that his mother will never accept his relationship with sona.

Next day he met sona at coffee shop. The first promo of show gets repeated. They decide to part their ways. Both are so much distraught. That scene:
Dev: sona I hope u will understand.
Sona: yes dev I can. With her eyes filled with complete tears.
Dev: so….
Dev: we…. We….
Sona : we are gonna break up.
Tears rolled like falls from dev’s eyes.
Sona: pls dev don’t cry and make me weak. U r not doing anything wrong. So no guilt pls. I don’t know about u but I will forever remain as ur Ms. Bose only. U gav such beautiful memories. Wo mere liyae kaafi hei.
Dev: sona pls tu aise baath math karo. Mein already tuta tha.
Sona wiping her tears gave her smile. Dev stood up and they hugged tightly. Before leaving
Dev: sona kya mein tume pheli aur aakari bar kiss kar sakthae
Sona: tears rolled. She nodded yes.
Dev gently holded her head and kissed her forehead and cheeks for first time unfortunately last time too. Then they both stepped one step back and forwarded their hands for a final hand shake. Their hands departed.

Days passed. Sona joined job which was previously offered to her in dev’s party. Here dev back to his regular mechanical life but now turned even more obodhro(rude). Same time he was not concentrating on his business as well as his health. Ishwari noticed this. She thought sona is responsible for all. She also thought dev would change once he get married but a girl of her choice. So she finalised relation with Natasha. When asked dev he just told “aap jo kare mujhae ussae mansur hei maa”.
Here Asha too pestered sona for her alliance. But sona never agreed. Suddenly one day Tina came to sona’s office and gave her Dev’s engagement card. She added “ dev sir has no courage to give this card to you directly. So he sent me. He just asked me to tell you sorry and requested you to move on”. Sona was shattered hearing this. A heart wrenched sonakshi reached home where her mother again started pestering sona for alliance. Sona bursted out. She cried her heart out. She informed entire family about her relation with dev and her break up.
Asha: don’t cry sona. U r my princess na.
Sona: no maa. Mein koi princess wrincess nahi hoon. Meri zindagi mei mujhae pyaar karne ki liya koi hak nahi hein. Mein reject ho gayi thi ma. Mein waste hoon. Kal dev ka engagement hein. Its all over. All over.Saying this she cried hardly.

Asha for the first time saw her sona in such a devasted state. That side Ishwari again emotionally blackmailed dev and asked him not to make her feel embarrassed tomorrow and don’t cheat on me. Dev agreed.Next day all arrangements were going on in a full swing. Its engagement time. All were present suddenly Asha swarmed in and stopped engagement. All were shocked. Mr. Gujral ( natasha father) asked ishwari whats all this. Radha Rani started humiliating Asha and bad mouthed sonakshi. While dev was about to stop Ishwari stopped him. Radha very cheaply spoke about Asha and her family to convince Mr. Gujaral. Asha stood speechless in tears and disgrace. Finally Radha asked “ will u even sell ur daughter for money?” just then sona enterd and heard this. Hearing this even dev was about to shout but sona shouted enough. She came in and suddenly asha fell holding her chest. All got tensed while Dev about to help Sona angrily denied his hand and took her hospital. In hospital they told its cardiac arrest and very serious. Just then dev came there and requested doctor to save her. Sona stared at him. Doctor informed we will do our best but don’t give her any shock r make her weep. Just then asha gained consciousness and she called out for dev. He entered the ward. Asha asked him to promise her that he will marry sona and its her last wish. Dev was stunned. He got flashes of his mothers promise. He stood helpless and without saying anything he walked out. All were shocked. And asha’s heart beat fell with the sound ‘pip….pip….pip….peeeee……’ sona rushed doctor. He said she is no more and told I said don’t make her weep but now see. Just then Dev made up his mind to give promise and came back and saw her dead. He stood heartless. Suddenly hearing asha’s death news bejoy got paralysed. Before dev could understand whats happening around him everything was over. Sona just walked towards him and said “ Thank you Mr. Dev Dixit. Thank you”. These words pierced his heart.
All final rites took place for asha and now Bejoy is stucked with wheel chair. Sonakshi blamed herself for her mothers death and could not forgive herself. She finally took a decision to move out of town and depart for Europe. She promised her mother that she will one day pay back for all the disrespect that occurred to her at Ishwari mansion. Dev came to know about sona moving to europe. He rushed to airport to stop her and at least ask for apologise.
That scene:
Dev: sonakshi pls ek baar suno
Sona: in very high tone its not sonakshi, neither Ms. Bose, and not even doctor bose for u.
Dev: stood speechless.
Sona: u know Mr. Dixit the biggest mistake of my life is meeting u. I regret it. I don’t even have idea that app ithna selfish ho saktha hei. Just becoz of ur mom u killed my mom. Us din at least for a formality u would hav promised my mom. If u hav done that she would have been with me today. But no. U be happy Mr. Dixit with ur mom. But remember u r a killer. And I hate u.
Saying this she boarded flight. Dev stood there in completely devasted condition. He reached home back. Ishwari tried to comfort him.
Dev: I am a killer. Sonakshi hates me. Iam a killer. I killed my love. I killed sona’s mom. I killed her heart. Don’t go sona. Sona. Sonaaaa…..

Ishwari hugged him and consoled. She realised her mistake but it was too late. After some time dev reapeated same words and cried. He agn repeated. Agn. All were shocked. Yes dev went into complete depression. Now his life has stopped with that moment were sona left. Doctors checked and said no cure. Its all ruined. Now as per ishwari’s wish dev was fully with her but his heart went with Sonakshi.

SIX years passed. Dev still in same condition. Dev’s business was taken over by Vicky and it was completely spoiled. They were in heavy debts. Ria and Nikki still unmarried. They were in a position like from where they started. Its auction day. Bank is gonna take their house for their debts. Radha Rani now no more respected Ishwari and she left for her house which was built by vicky with money looted from dev. Ishwari understood the true colors of life. Same day Sona landed to india from Europe. Now she is no more a simple doctor. She is now a successful business woman. CEO of Asha group of companies and hospitals. She directly went to her mothers tomb. She also learned about dev’s house being auctioned but unaware of dev’s condition. She sat thinking all past incidents. Then Asha appeared before her….
Asha: sona beta at times there are situations like that which will test our character and will make us fall. Real winners are one who will understand that and win over it. In such time dev failed that day. But u should not. Make my upbringing proud sona.
Saying this she faded. Its sonakshi’s imagination. Sona with a clear mind knows what to do. She went to Ishwari mansion. She paid all their debts and saved their house. Then ishwari explained every thing and apologised sonakshi pathetically. Sona learned dev’s condition. Ishwari, ria and nikki begged sona to talk to dev once. Even Bejoy and sourav came there and insisted same asking sona to forgive dev.

Sonakshi moved to dev’s room. She opened door and saw dev uttering the same words. Tears rolled down her eyes. She went to him and called him dev. He doesn’t respond. She then sat before him and placed her hand on his and called MR.DIXIT…….. Dev got the flash of first meet of them. He then reminced all their moments and finally sona leaving. He shouted don’t go sona…. Them came into senses. He saw her with tears. He stood. Apologised. Cried. Let his heart out. Finally they hugged. They both filled the emptiness of past six years. He promised her that he will not leave her anymore on anybody’s saying. She promised same. At last they both made their live felt by each other with a deep intense liplock.

The family cried happily on hearing their words……….

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