colours that came into their lifes! (Intro)


colours that came into her life!
this is the first time i am writing a fanfiction and it is based on raginis life and how she finds the will to be strong .
it starts from when the pisodning drama starts and ragini following a man who is cliking pictures and then she follows him to the secret place and finds that this karthik is boyfriend/ex-husband of kavya and they are planning to take revenge from maheshwaris but suddenly swaras health deteoriates and she is unable to help ragini and sanskar also wants to stay with swara and take care of her .
ragini thinks this her chan ce to do penance and save her sisters in laws from danger so she decides to expose them herself but when our ragini tries to do so kavya and karthik kidnap her and murder her in this mishap she falls from the cliff but the our hero and the man who is going to change her life enters.
characters/new entries
malhotra family
raj malhotra {father of manik and drashti and husband of shreya}
shreya malhotra {mother of both siblings and wife of raj}
rithik malhotra: ladla of the family innocent and sweet inside his heart and to his family .but arrogant and rude to girls due to some past happenings and is connected to ragini{will be revealed later}
drashti malhotra : sweet but very touchy about matters of her brother and sensitive and vulnerable .

ragini will turn moder in oreder to remain incognito.
how do you guys like her looks .
i will only start writing after 21 march .

Credit to: sita ram

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  1. Nice, are u writing 12th board exams, coz u told i will start after 21.
    Well i hope u start soon,

    1. no i am writting 9 board exams cbse and thanks for liking it will start as soon as exams get over.

  2. superbbb

    1. thank you

  3. What happend to rags

    1. suspense!

  4. nice …

  5. It’s awesome…. please update soon ??

  6. it is really awesome <(")

  7. Nice……..good luck

  8. mridulakrishnan

    awesome start dear….eagerly waiting for the next chapter…

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