colours that came into their lifes and forever introduction

hey guys hope some of you know me actually i had written an ff is the same title but eft it half so decided to make some changes with the same title a beautiful journey of two people swara and ragini.
ragini : elder sister of swara loves her sister a lot overprotective of her and thinks swara is still a child even though she is 20 years old and is a most succesful reality show director and producer. loves her father and mother a lot and won’t go beyond their words which makes her both sanskaari and modern as well sice she is given an independent world to live in and sometimes they call her sanskaari for fun .
swara: younger sister of ragini and bubbly chubby childish innocent the most purest soul in the world loves her sister a lot and calls ragini her soulmate forever 🙂
she wishes to live with her sister forever and is the most mischivious girl in the family loves her parents a lot even though she always find them anoying as she is treated like a small child (oh my swara is so cute isn’t she) 🙂
shekhar gaddoidia : a very serious man when it comes to his buisness that is a trade company but always weak when it comes to his daughters they are the apple of his eyes and loves his family a lot and he has a secret a biig one
janki gaddodia : a loving mother a loving a dutiful wife and always gets fed upof swara antics .

this story is about unconditional and undying love of two sisters and when love comes in their way how are they going to survive and how much strong their bond will love life win or sisters bond what do you think

any sugestions are always welcome
do you want me to cotinue 🙂


  1. Sonya


    |Registered Member

    amazing introduction
    wow ragini is already successful
    is laksh isnt part of this ff
    im just guessing from the cover
    hope ull update soon

    • Sitaram



      Dear there will be some twists and of corse i will put a poll not now after i show some sisters and brothers bonds pairs or lovestory is like coming soon and Thank you for your sugesstion

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.