colours that came into their lifes! EPISODE 2


hey guys so hoped you guys like my ff and thanks to everyone who commented you are free to suggest and tell me anything you don’t like and yeah guys from today i will write in english.
recap: rithvik and ragini in each others arms fighting and dadi watching them amused.rithvik taking care of her
it’s a new day for the malhotras as everyone wants to persuade ragini to stay there and wants to tell that not only rithvik brought her here but they wanted her here as they had to tell about rithvik and raginis past.

malhotra mansion
its morning rithvik is sleeping and suddenly a sweet and melodious like the wind chimes reaches his ears and he wakes up he thinks
rithvik: this is unusual no one sings bhajan in the morninig
shreya and evryone in the family wakes up and comes down they see ragini holding some sweets and doing pooja
dadi : beta what was the need to do all this ragini: wo dadi i usually wake up early in the morning and sing bhajan and do aarti i am sorry if i hurt anyone
raj and rithvik together says you are guest in this you don’t need to say sorry
they both look at each other
raj; rithvik next time you are going to say that please inform me and say {sarcastically} he said
rithvik yeah dad i will send a message {sarcastically} by the way your voice is very sweet ragini you have made my day lucky.
by hearing the name lucky she remembers she has to go back and tell everyne she is alive and when she says this to the family they stay shocked but not rithvik
flash back

rithvik; you know ragini my parents were also there with me in kolkata with buisness matters and while we were walking besides the river near the cliff from where you fell we saw your body first i thought you were dead but when i turned you to my side i saw you were still breathing but your pulse was going weak my parents and daadi was shocked to see you
shreya: daadi she how come is it possible
daad : lets take her to hospital immediately i need my rago to be alive
raj : shh rithvik might here it he shouldn’t know about it right now .
in the hospital
doctor: her pulse is very weak it might be hard to save her. she needs your prayers .
after some time doctor: she is all right now out of danger but is weak and she needs rest i got information that she is ragini gaddodia a divorcee and her ex husbands second wife tried to kill her media is proclaiming she is dead we need to clarify them but if we do then kavya will be released she might try to harm her .
then they decide that it shall not be revealed that she is alive until kavya gets her punishment and they inform this to their lawyers so that if the doctor gets into trouble he can bail him out.
fb ends

daadi: that’s why beta they brought you here you stay with us until kavya gets her punishment you should do it for your own and familie s safety
ragini is all set to go she is determined and tells daadi
ragini: daadi atleast i want to tell my family that i am alive i can’t even think about how miserable they will be
i can’t again ruin my sisters life
rithvik : what how did you ruin your sisters life .
raj: rithvik stop you know its her personal matter ragni beta but try to understand you can’t go ther tody you are weak and you need rest that’s why we brought you here
daadi: if you are going to be ziddi then i will make you eat at least some 10 bittergourds and 5 lemons juice without water and chilli powder added to make you enrgetic .if you are ziddi then i will also be ziddi.
ragini stands shocked and everyone giggles looking at raginis expression suddenly she feels dizzy rithvik holds her tightly and dadi tells him to take to her room and dadi said for one week you stay here and then we will decide when will you go to kolkata.
in maheshwaris house

sanskaar : swara at least eat something till when you will stay hungry and weak and you know we need to get strong for the sake of your family which is shattered and you need to go and comofort them and bring them out of this trauma and maybe even ragini will come back by that time i don’t think ragini is dead as they said the river is not that deep or has strong currents so they should have got raginis body over there .
swara : do you think it is possible ?
sanskaar : i trust on maa she said ragini will come back to her so do i say that ragini will come bback to us as she can’t leave everyone like that and now you eat we have to go to baadi.hugs her and give a peck on her cheeks .

at the baadi
swara : maa i trust you our ragini is not dead she is alive now come on make some food i am hungry and haven’t eaten anything for two days
sumi: shona how can you ignore your health like that
and she goes to kitchen when she opens a container she see a letter
ragini i hope maa gets this letter then even if i die she will get to know why i did this ?
and she writes how she has been following kavya and karthik and how she got to know the truth and why d=she is going to do this by herself
maa you know i have done many bad things with shona and you and dida and sanskaar laksh everyone so i am doing this so that atleast now they get peace i their life at least if my death happens it will be for agoo thing maa i will go to the other world atleast out of the guilt
maa what i am doing is repentenace so hope you and swara and everyone forgives me for the mistakes which are unforgivable and if due to my death they get free of kavya i will be happy forever
i may not be alive to say this maa
i love you .

precap : daadi telling ragini and rithvik why they want them to …… before they go to kolkata all are shocked .
any guesses guys what daadi wanted .
please guggest guys all ideas are welcome. love you guys.

Credit to: sita ram

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