colours that came into their life and forever episode 3

hey guys sorry for late update was busy during weekends and tanks for your lovely comments
so lets start
Swara and Ragini has reached office and when they enter the cabinet they see a bouqet

Ragini : choti a bouqet four us today though even fans section is closed who can it be ?
Swara : hmmm di are you thinking what i am thinking?
both shout together papaaa superheroooooooooooo
and they squezze
Shekhar ; arey my princesss leave me otherwise i will die did yuo miss me so muchh
yes papa said ragini
swara : PAPA today maa scolded me a lot and you were not there to save me i am not your friend anymore kati and made a puppy face
shekhar : ragini ee your choti has started her drama already save me from her.
Ragini ; haan papa lets go and leave this dramebaaz over here she even skipped her college because she was late
Swara: papa diiii soooo bad i won’t talk to you once superhero ( sometimes they call their papa super hero) comes you leave me and go kati to dii tooo and she made a very angry face
After some time swara did not hear anyone so when she turned she saw no one and now she became really sad
when she stepped out of the office shekhar and Ragini screamed surprise
swara saw a lot of gifts for her
She couldn’t believe that her father bought her so many gifts from paris ( he had gone to paris for a meeting purpose)
Swara: Thank you papaaaaaaaaaa love you diiiiiiiiiii
Ragini : ab bas how can my choti think your dii will leave you never your dii will never leave you give me a hug
Swara gives ragini a hug
Swaragini bg

Shekhar was happy to see his daughters smiling and laughing.
But that happiness didn’t last
That phone call came and brought a huge shadow of sorrow over them
Shekhar : hello janki I have reached London and went straight to meet my daughters please don’t get angry on me my jaan
Janki: shekhar ji and the she started crying for she couldn’t bear the sadness anymore
Shekhar: what happened janki why are you crying is everything fine?
Janki: jiji she she died in a car accindent yesterday even jiju died she said crying only their daughters survived but their son was in Shimla that time ji we have to go to india as soon as possible we have to forget what happened there I want to see my jiji once shekar ji please
Shekhar : have I denied anything youasked till now my jaan of we will go to india but not swargini they will never step on that soil never
Janki : shekhar ji just once for once can’t they see their own counry their dada daadi nana nani please shekhar ek baar.
Shekhar: fine but only for one week we ae going there then we will come back janki pack the bags I will buy the tickets today itsef
Ragini: papa is everything all right what happened to maa ?
Swara; haan papa is everything alright
Shekhar : don’t ask any questions now just go and get ready to go to india
Ragini : but papa our new show is starting next week and I am the anger via judge of the show papa
Why are we going at the first place papa
Shekhar ; ragini we are going that’s it your relatives aciident occurred and we have to pay condolences no more questions take choti and get ready to go to india and I will assign another judge and anger for time being
Ragini and swara were shocked that had never seen their papa soo angry
Precap:old memeories and revelations

Hope you liked it signing off sitaram


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