colours that came itno their lifes! EPISODE 3

hey guys hope you like my ff please keep loving and supporting me so yeah guys feel free to say what is good and bad in my ff so that i can make it better .so lets start
in malhotra mansion
daadi to rithvik and ragini
daadi : beta i want you two to get married before you go to kolkata.
everyone stands there shocked what to do thinks ragini and why does she want it
rithvik : daadi i will do anything for you but not this. what do you want daadi and why should i marry ragini.
daadi: that’s because you are supposed to marry her only you know why
raj is tensed so is shreya
raj interupts
raj : for her safety rithvik you know ragini is daadi’s childhood friends pothi that’s she feels you should marry her for her safety .
ragini don’t feel bad okay and by the tell us why you went to fight with kavya alone
she stands ther shocked not knowing what to tell .
in the baadi
sumi screams and shouts crying holding the letter even laksh had come to visit and apologise but suprisingly even shekhar asked forgivance for not understanding him lately it seemed everyone is trying to understand laksh’s emotions so that they don’t hurt him and he stays more honest and supporting to the family that’s when they heard sumi’s screaming and crying they rushed to the kitchen and they saw sumi in a horrible condition crying holding a letter.
sumi: shona our ladoo has left us purposely she knew what she was doing she knew she would have died doing it and you know why ?
swara: maa we all know it that she had gone to find kavyas truth but what do you mean that she knew she was going to die .
sumi: my ladoo is no more she sacrificed herself for our happiness so that you people get peace in your life that she had taken away she was doing her repentance
maheshwaris and gaddodias are shocked even dida was present there even she had forgiven ragini but did not show it to her now she regreted that she didn’t talk to her with love.she might have been alive today.

swara reads the letter aloud everyone has tears in their eyes the last sentence is
if you people can please forgive me for all my horibble and most inhumane deeds if my death also doesn’t get that kavya out of your life i am sorry please forgive that my death to which i was going after knowing so that those people i have hurt can atleast leave with peace in their lifes. please forgive me ……………
no one is able to control their emotions in malhotra mansion she says i tried to prove it without trying to harm anyone but i saw that someone should be harmed i thought why not me after all that i have done this is the smallest way possible to get me and that vamp kavya out of their lifes
daadi raj shreya and even rithvik was unable to hold their tears mack they all were crying .
rithvik: yaa you are very bad you deserve it
every one stands there with shocked expression
in rithviks mind this girl is stupid at the time her love changed into obsession but she never loved him for money but gave that unconditional love that i wish …….. had given she loved my money but not me ragini is not like her ragini poor girl.
raj: what is this rithvik how dare you talk to her like that what do you think she is like that girl…..
no she is not okay so you dare talk to her like that.
ragini: but what rithvik is saying is right if i hadn’t started with those evil thoughts of ruining my own sisters happiness all this wouldn’ have happened. and she is unable to stand in front of them she runs away crying
raj: look rithvik until now you were behaving with respect towards her even after knowing that she did all those things with her sister why did you have to say those rude things to her now look how hurt she is .
rithvik : dad until now no one made me especially a girl has not made me cry for anyones emotion since that days incident but ragini her emotions her feelings and that she knew that she was going to die but still did it i couldn’t stop i was angry with her don’t know why but i will go and talk to her .
in raginis room
ragini : i should go from here i can’t stay here anymore even rithvik the rockstar hates me if people get to know my truth they will also hate me why should i live ? any ways i hope no one will be hurt by my decision.
she writes a letter keeps it on the study
as she tie a rope to the pillar and gets down rithvik is coming near to her room she had losely tied the rope so that it holds and after she come down she can remove it then she see the ladder in the backyard and escapes from there and just then rithvik entered her room shattered to see something.

precap: ragini missing rithvik panicking and tensed everyone is tensed in malhotra house…..somewgere else as ragini is about to jump from the cliff some one pulls her and gives a tight slap she stands ther shocked.
can you guess who it is
and what is ragini’s and rithvik’s past and how are they connected
guys how is it please reply and i am actually putting a poll for my another ff modern love story of rajputs
i have written it is swasan raglak vidhaani and thahaan but i wanted to know about swasan and raglak
so do you guys want
1. swasan
2. raglak
3. ragsan
4. swalak
5. your choice majority wins i have already written episode 1 i will reveal pairs in episode 5 or 6.
6. love you guys .

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  1. raglak..

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  5. swasan & raglak

  6. dude if you reveal rags & rithik past soon it would be nice …i just don’t understand wht rithiks dadi is talking abt

    1. next episode wait dear it will all be revealed its going to be quite a shock

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