colours that came into their lifes! EPISODE 1


it is night and someone is runing towards a hut her feet bleeding and she with all the energy left in her tries to escape from them then she sees that that vamp kavya is over there tears are coming from her eyes shinig like diamonds under the moonlight she thinks

” o god please save me not for me but for others whose life release from this vamp depends on me i have done many mistakes which are not supposed to be forgiven you gave me a chance to repent for my mistakes and when i am so close to fulfilling it you brought death in front of me please atleast for my sisters and families sake give me a chance to live” she is standing right at the edge of the cliff and kavya and karthik is in front of her.

kavya- behenji ragini do you think you can come in between my revenge like swara did .no miss behenji cid ragini i will not let your detective life move forward like this it should have a end at it is going to be done right now suno na baby karthik my love is everything ready.
karthik- yes baby everything is ready .
they hit raginis head throws her down the cliff.

next day ragini wakes up and finds herself in a very comfortable room and the tv is on as she sees the news she is shocked kavya murdered ragini gaddodia and her ex husband was with her conspiring against the maheshwari family as kavita was her sister and the reporter says khun karna inke family me chalta ha i mean kavita ne urvashi ko maara aur kavya ne ragini ko bichari usko sach patha lagatha iss liye usne ragini ko maardala par miss ragini gaddodia ke body abb thak mila nahi.
their family was shown maheshwari family and gaddodias were crying miserably and swara she could not speak cry she was lifeless
swara – ma baba dadi sanskaar agar yeh sab ragini ki sath hua hai toh sirf mere wajah se hua hai me uska sath hona chahiyetha
sanskaar – kahi na kahi mere bi galti swara mene usko help karne se inkaar nahi karna chaiyetha kash me uska saath hota.
sumi – meri bachi zinda hai aur wo mein jaanti who kyunki usske body ab thak nahi mile tho mujhe pata hai wo zinda hai aur wo mera pas bapas ayega dhekna shona and she was not crying
everyone calms sharmishta

the malhotra mansion
ragini : how di eberyone come to know kavya did this to me who helped me where am i ishould go to ma baba right now they must be miisng me a lot i can’t let them suffer in the pain of losing me .
shreya: beta thoda rest karo rithvik abhi aatha hi hoga phir wo tume sab khuch bata dega tika hai beta ab yeh doodh aur devai lena okay beta
ragini: thank you aunty par me kaha hoon .
shreya :malhotra mansion mein shreya malhotra
ragini : app rockstar rithvik ke maa ho main sach mein mumbai mein hai.
shreya : sab kuch rithvik tume bata dungi ab soo ja bheta apne sar ko zyaada pressure mat dena
ragini:thanks aunty
shreya goes out of the room and sits with her maother in law and husband raj
shreya : kash mein ragini ko uske aur rithvik ke bbare mein patha sakti.
raj: shreya ab anhi tume pata hai ragini and rithvik dono apne personal life mein bohoth problems face kar rahe hain aur hum uske muskile bad nahi sakte.
dadi: kash rithvik uss ladki kain dhoke se bahar aathi aur pyaar par ek aur bar vishwas karthi hey rama rama
rithvik: tho ab log mere pyaar par ek aur baar vishwas karne ke baare mein bol rahi hain ho iska matlab yain hain ki app logoko lagtha hai ki main app se pyaar nahi karthi.
raj : there is nothing like that my handsome beta tum toh hum sbase pyaar karthe hain hum jaantha hain par thumari behen drashti nahi. kal woh states se aayega tho usse time par pick karna thik hai beta .

rithvik: ha meri bole bala baba!
shreya : tho idhar sirf bole bal baba hain ma ke bare mein bhule gayi baath nahi karoungi tujse { making cute sad expressions}
rithvik: apne hot aur beautiful jasmine jaise mummy ko mein kaise bhulungi maaf karno na {catching his ears says sorry}
dadi: apna kel katham hua tho ragini ko jha kar milna usko ghosh aagaya.
rithvik: kya woh ro rahiti usne kuch sawal pucha
shreya: haan beta jaan kar milo usse woh tumara intezaar kar rahi hain aur woh jald hi jald media walon ki galat famiya dur karna chata hain.
rithvik tik hain maa par mein usse iss halat mein bapas kolkata nahi jaane dunga
rithvik goes to ragini room and sees that she is trying to walk and she is about to fall when rithvik catches her and hold her tight around her waist he gets mesmerised seeing the innocence and exciment filled in her face after seeing him
ragini: oh my god rockstar rithvik how did yu save me why you brought me here how did you fly from kolkata to here by the way when you came to kolkata ………..
rithvik:in mind {this girl is not soping has she forgotten that she was about to die and not even thanking me just asking one after another i have to stop her}
he shuts her mouth by keeping his hands on her mouth
rithvik: tumare ma aur baba ne tume anjaan logo se chahe wo celbrity ho yah saadarn aatmi ithna bath karna galat hota hai wo tume kuch bhi kar sakti hain{in a scary voice}
ragini: mere ma aur baba ke baare mein kuch bhi kaha tho aur mujhe mere jawab chahiyain
all time during this convo ragini was in rithviks hand and when dadi came inside and saw them fighting but being in one anothers arm she coughed
they came to their senses and when ragini tries to let go rithvik pulls her and picks her up her heart skips a beat so does his but they ignore it and he makes her lay down in the bed their eyes lock
kuch toh hai tere mere darmiyaan darmiyaan kuch toh hai tere mere darmiyaan{ background music plays}

precap flashback of how rithvik saved her and why he took ker to mumbai maheshwaris and gaddodia s shocked

guys do you like and please keep encouraging me i couldn’t stop from wriiting this before 21 march
love you guys for supporting me.

Credit to: sita ram

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