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Colour 50

Few months passed & it was Gouri’s godh bharai ( baby shower). Her family had reached OM to attend the function too. Om was the most happiest person that day. He had dreamt of this day long ago. He was very much excited & was all set to go down. But gouri was not to be seen in the room. He checked everywhere but couldn’t find her. That’s when he saw her praying in front of shiv murthi kept in his working room.

She was looking like a goddess wearing a white lehenga, her innocence & purity adding to the beauty. She stood there with closed eyes, folded hands & soft murmuring of her prayers. He didn’t want to disturb her, after all it was her prayer that gave them such a beautiful life like this.

As Gouri had slowly opened her eyes, she felt contented on having sharing everything to her Shankarji. She knew he would grant all her wishes & keep her Omkaraji & family safe & secure.

As she slowly turned to go out she saw Om standing at the door, admiring her.
G: hey Jatadhari hippie pati, what are you doing here?

Om simply smiled & took her hands in his keeping a soft kiss on her palm.He kept his one hand on the baby bump.
O: I was also praying for my pagli chiraiyya & my honey.
G: oh, then why did you stand at the door, you could’ve come in right?
O: I didn’t want to disturb you gouri that’s why….

She felt so happy seeing him smiling whole heartedly like this.
O: waise, how are you feeling now gouri. Yesterday you were so weak & you were almost unconscious.
G: woh…I’m fine Omkaraji. Don’t be tensed for all this.
O: how can I be not tensed Gouri, I can’t bear it if something happens to you. You are most important to me. I can’t see you in pain & danger. It’ll be like death to me.

Suddenly gouri closed his mouth with her palm while Om realized what he told.Her eyes were filled & tears began flowing.
O: arrey gouri…
G: khabardar Omkaraji, don’t say such things from now on. I don’t want to hear all these.
O: I’m sorry baba, why do you cry like this.

Saying this, he wiped away all the tears.

O: I would never ever hurt you in any way, I would always keep you happy in spite of any condition. This is my promise.

Gouri slowly kept her head on his chest & she could hear even his heart speaking the same to her.He hugged her softly with all his love Both were in their own world.

” Gouri” they heard Jhanvi calling. Om slowly released her & began making her walk to the hall.

J: gouri tum tayyar hu?
G: ha maaji,
O: mom, please do check on her ok??
J:( smiling) Om she’s not only your wife, but also my Bahu & my daughter too. Only a mother can take best care of her daughter, heard?

Om smiled hearing this. At times he felt that his mom loved Gouri even more than Prinku. They always had a lovely bond, he thought. He was always happy seeing his mom happy with Gouri.

J: gouri , Prinku have reached with her baby
G: is it maaji, why didn’t u tell me earlier?? I missed them a lot
J: I was searching you for saying this. But you were nowhere to be seen.

As they were talking, Prinku came there with her baby boy.
P: bhabhi….

Gouri walked faster towards Prinku, to see her baby.She stood there playing with the baby.
P: kaise ho bhabhi aap?
G: I’m fine, I really missed you.
P: me too bhabhi, I was really excited to come here.
G: how is your health,
P: I’m perfect bhabhi, come fast let’s take some pictures before the functions start.
G: did you have your food? If not I’ll bring you a glass of milk now.
P: oh no bhabhi, I’m already filled.Do you think Ranveer would leave me without having food?
G: the same is with Omkaraji. He would scold me nowadays for not having food & even if I play with cherry & chotu.
P: hmm…good that Bhaiyya is not here.

They laughed hardly.

It was time for function.Anika, gouri’s aayi & her Dadi were taking her to make her sit on the flower decorated swing. There was dance, music & so many celebrations which made Gouri more happier as she didn’t knew about all these.

After the functions were over, the family was having some nice time together. Gouri was being gifted by each person.The guests had already gifted her so much.

Anika had gifted some baby clothes to Gouri.
A: Chutki , these are woven by me myself specially for my honey. Did you like these?

Gouri was so emotional, she hadn’t expected such a sweet gift from her didi. She hugged Anika expressing all her love; all were elated seeing this.
A: one more thing, this was your bangle chutki,which you used to wear when we were together. I only had this as your memory when we got separated. You should make honey wear this…this is also my gift.

Gouri was extremely happy as Anika gifted it.She kissed Anika’s cheek.

G: bade Bhaiyya what is your gift?
S: gouri, I’m going to gift you your favorite gol gappas, specially brought for you.I also brought some best quality dry fruits for you & honey.You liked it??
G: the best gift bade Bhaiyya.
An: Chutki….best than mine…
G: ha…

All laughed.She opened the box & first fed Shivay with those gol gappas.
Om: shivay, now she will finish the whole thing at one go.
Sh: but she’ll be happy Na Om…
O: really shivay, you’re spoiling her….
G: because he’s my bade Bhaiyya, hai Na..
Sh: & she’s my pyaari behen too…

Shivay side hugged her.All had a hearty laugh.

Next was Rumya.They gifted her an idol of balgopal having makhan

Go: somu,this is so cute.I loved it.
R: wow chulbul bhabhi,u liked it? See, I told u sumo bhabhi would love my selection…
So: Mr.Rudy, it was my idea to gift her balgopal’s idol ok??
R: but it was me who selected Bal Gopal having makhan right??

Suddenly Dadi spoke up.
D: chup!! when will you ever stop fighting?? Do you even remember you are married at times?? What will be your kids condition if you’re like this?? Ha…

Both of them blushed when Dadi mentioned about kids.
Sh: arrey see how Mr.Rudra Singh Oberoi is blushing like a rose.Agla turn tumhari hai, suna??
R:( pouting) Bhaiyya please….
O: no please, how much did you uses to tease both of us?? It’s time to repay my bro.. ( all laughed)

All the elders gifted & blessed Gouri.Her aayi was so emotional & happy seeing her daughter being lucky enough to get such a huge family & love.She hugged Gouri while she wiped her aayi’s tears.

TejVi & ShinKy also blessed Gouri.Cherry & Chotu were sitting near Gouri & was having a gala time with her.

Finally it was Om’s turn.
O: woh…I’m sorry gouri. I haven’t brought any gift for you.

But she was very calm; she wasn’t surprised.
G: koi baat nahi Omkaraji, you’ve given me the best gift & you don’t need to give me any more.( smiling)

Suddenly Om called Khanna.& there was Khanna bringing a big gift, beautifully wrapped.All were surprised seeing this.Om asked Gouri to unwrap it & it was a beautiful cute little cradle.

G: Omkaraji…yeh…
O: pagli, I told that I didn’t have a gift for you. But this gift is for our honey…How is it??

Gouri’s eyes were filled.She slowly kept her head on his chest closing her eyes; while everyone adored the couple.

R: matlab O, you actually love honey more than chulbul bhabhi???
Soumya softly bet him for asking this while Om smiled.
O: Rudra, if Gouri is my heart, then Honey is my heartbeat. You got it??
G: Omkaraji!!! ( surprised)
O: kya hua Gouri?
G: honey kicked me now…..
O: is it???
G: haan I thought why she didn’t respond this whole day, but when you said that she strongly kicked me.See??

Om lovingly kept his hand to feel the kick & he smiled on feeling it…

Da: shukr hai bhagwan ki. He has given us all these happy precious moments for my parivar….( smiling)

Sh: Rudra don’t you think this is a DBO moment??
R: bhaiyya it’s also a selfie moment…note it…
Tej: then what’re you waiting for Rudra??come on??
Pi: haan haan stefy times….
Shakti: oho pinky, it’s selfie( laughing)
Pi: wahi toh Shaktiji….

Ani: Rudra it should be a khidkitod selfie ok??
Cherry: haan chachu, ekdum Oberoi style selfie.
R: come on guys, position fast….I’m gonna click it soon…So all of you say

& there goes the beautiful picture of a perfect family…..


So that’s a wrap up guys. I’d started this ff on May & it’s due to all your support & comments that I could reach till 50th chappy. I thought of stopping this with 20 or so. But this was a long journey. I got so many friends from this space due to my ff, who encouraged, criticized & appreciated my works. I always wanted each chapter to be different & unique & I do believe it was.

I’m so emotional to leave this space & this show for a big time but still will come back with a bang & chap 51 of second season. Guys do pray for me & dont forget me…Love you all…I’ll definitely reply to all of you who comment this chappy.

Thanks to all silent readers too & all my friends I’m not taking each of your names then it would be a long long list.I remember each one of you who supported me & even misses me when I couldn’t update at times. My heartfelt gratitude & love to all of you…

Take care,
Lotzzzz of Love ????

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