When she coloured my canvas – IB & DBO – Colour 47

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Colour suggestions
Nikita Jai :- sky blue – feeling of flying
Mahi :- baby pink – eternal Love

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Colour 47

Oberoi Mansion is busy with Janmashtami puja. It’s the day before the grand festival & all are hell busy in arrangements.Its special for the family because they are conducting special pujas for their upcoming younger generation.This is the first puja for chotu, i.e. Aniket Shivay Singh Oberoi & the 2 unborn babies of Gouri & Priyanka.

But dabang chiraiyya was never seen to be taken rest.She always did one or other things, which irritated her Jatadhari Pati & made that calm man to Nandi Bel.He tried many ways to stop her from running here & there ; he wanted her to be with Priyanka & take rest like her but alas, he couldn’t over power her specially when she stood in front of him with her cute puppy eyes & pouting face.H e always teased her that , he would have to look after two of his kids; including her .

It was beautiful evening. Om & gouri were in his studio , close to their room.He was doing the last minute works in his newly made Krishna idols for next day.This is the first time the Oberoi members are going to do puja with Om’s idols for janmashtami, rather than their usual small idol of Bal gopal.He wanted to present this as an offering to Lord Krishna for all the happiness given to him in the form of his family.

He made a big Radhakrishna idol & also of Natkhat Gopal. Both the idols were so beautiful & glowing with Divinity. While Gouri was busy in designing the clothes for his idols,she was very much excited & was in her usual chirpy mode.

Both were doing this as a surprise & didn’t allow any family members to enter the workshop & see the idols before the puja.

In between gouri had moved out of the room to get some decorative pieces from her room.While going back she happened to pass by Prinku’s room….

Om had totally finished his works & that’s when he heard some footsteps & saw Prinku & Gouri.He was so happy to see them & asked Prinku to come in.

O: kyaa hua Prinku, r u fine??
P: haan O bhaiyya, lekin….
O: kyaa??
G: wo ka hai Na Omkaraji, she’s feeling bored to sit simply in her room.So I brought her here to see the idols.
O: oho pagli, we had decided not to show this to anyone until puja right??
G: wo sub chodo Na..it’s for our Prinku.Let she be here for sometime, this would make her mood fine.
P: haan bhaiyya, pleat.No one here allows me to do anything.Tumhe pata bhabhi?? Till last year, it was me who did all the arrangements for Janmashtami, as I’m a Krishna devotee. It was me who used to take Bal Gopal for the puja.This year I feel so bored without doing anything, so make me also a part of all these.
O:( angry) no Prinku, u can’t take strain in this time.Did u see gouri? She’s so ziddy that she wouldn’t hear anything that I say & keep on doing something.I thought u r better than this girl & very obedient to Ranveer too.Now I understood, it’s this gouri who is spoiling you.
G: u know Prinku, this is the main topic that we fight on. He’s a very good person, except for this. He suddenly becomes Nandi whenever I try to do something creative…ajeeb chirotta…..hmm….

Priyanka began laughing hearing this.
P: Nandi..oh so from now on I’ll call u Nandi bhaiyya….how about that….
O: Prinku…I’ll give u nice & u gouri U r really spoiling my lil sister…pagli….
P: no bhaiyya, in fact bhabhi bohot cute hain…like small kids
She began pulling the cheeks of Gouri .

G: ok Prinku, can u help me in attaching these beads to the clothes? U can sit here & do it.
P: thank u bhabhi, for giving me some work.I love you.( she hugged Gouri)
O: so now this bhaiyya is out.
G: haan…bilkul…U have finished ur works right? So now go to our room & take rest.
P: bye bye Nandi Bhaiyya….

Om faked an angry face to those 2 chirping girls but was actually adoring this beautiful duo of bhabhis…..

A very peaceful night it was…
Rudra was deeply sleeping that he didn’t hear the ringing of phone.It was Soumya who attended the call. She was shocked to see O calling at this time.
S: hello bade Baal wale bhaiyya, is Gouri Di ok? any emergency??

She was shocked hearing what Om said to her
O: do u have any idea somu, to solve this? Can u help me (worried)

Shivay had fallen on the floor with a thud, as a result of Anika’s kick in response to the ringing photo.He somehow climbed up back to the bed, rubbing his back & worried to see Om calling at this time.

Sh: kyaa hua Om??
O: shivay please come out Na…

He tiptoed slowly,without waking up Anika & chotu from their sleep.As he opened the door , he saw Om & Soumya with a worried face.

Sh: kyaa hua guys, kuch gadbad hai…

He was shocked hearing all those & stood there puzzled.
Sh: what is Gouri doing now?? Is she fine??? We’ve to do something quickly, it’s already this much late & we can’t delay it more.Both of you come with me, no need to disturb Anika & Rudra now.Let them sleep, come fast.

As the trio were about to move further, they were stopped by a voice.

A: why wouldn’t u tell me this billuji? Why would u keep this as a secret???I’m her sister & I do have the right to know everything about her.This isn’t fair……

The trio were shocked, realising that Anika came to know everything….

Precap:- what happened to Gouri!!!???

How was this yaar, I would try to bring Priyanka in coming parts coz I miss PriRi moments in the show.I think u also would like it.

Please drop down your comments & very soon I shall come back.
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