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When she coloured my canvas – IB & DBO – Colour 45


Hey all ishqies & pkjs, I’m back with a new chappy.

Thanks for ur love & support guys which keep on asking me to write next chappie.I was busy with some music programs & will be busy till Aug mid coz in Kerala it is an auspicious month to pray Lord Rama & I have programs related to that.But I will try to update without much delays.

Once again sorry for not replying which makes me irritated to leave ur comments unreplied🙏😞

Thanks to bubblu, simrat, mahi,palak, niriha, shreyanvi,nikita,Nathalie, fida,Verna,Aarti,Samm,Alekhi, Zaveesha,UF,Renima for commenting. I really feel touched after reading ur replies on missing my ff.So lucky to have friends like u😊

Colour Suggestions
Mahi:- Yellow – happiness
Nikita:- purple – masti, shararat
Samm:- rose colored punch( thanks for loving my dp😉)
Renima :- green – fresh Rumya
sky blue – rikara

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Hope u would like this chappy.Sorry for typo errors,try to give a colour for this.

Colour 45

Gouri’s eyes were feeling heavy.She could feel a strong light touching her eye lids.She slowly tried to open her eyes .She could feel her head slamming hardly.She was feeling so much worn out; the whole body was in pain.She yawned softly, still feeling sleepy.She was stretching her hands & legs to take off the sleepiness. She slowly turned to the right side of the bed to see 2 eyes watching all her antics calmly & lovingly.A smile came running to her face seeing her Omkaraji.

Suddenly her eyes turned to the wall clock & her eyes bulged out seeing the time as 8:30.Her heart began beating fast thinking of the works to be done in the kitchen.She thought, all the ladies might have assembled by now.She suddenly jerked out from the bed but she couldn’t as his 2 strong arms pulled her down to the bed.

G: chodiye na Hume!!!
He simply smiled at this.
G: U r too bad Omkaraji, u could have called me earlier.
O:( smiling) but u were so tired gouri after the party.How will I call u??

Suddenly she got glimpses of previous day’s party, about which she couldn’t remember clearly. She remembered until drinking all glasses of juice after which she felt that her balance was lost.
G: what happened yesterday Omkaraji? I felt so tired after having the juice….

Om was laughing loudly hearing the question.He laughed further seeing her mentally calculating about yesterday’s incident.
G: oho….now I understand.It was Rudra who made the juice.He might have added something like he did for ur previous party.That’s why I fainted.

Om didn’t reply which made her more amused.
G: y r u laughing Omkaraji? Did u also drink the juice?
O: no Gouri, I didn’t ( laughing)
G: hmm…. then y r u laughing??( irritated)
Om was still smiling.

G: hmm…he is becoming naughty day by day.It was the next day just after his shaadi & he is behaving like cheapde ladka.I will have to tell somu to warn him….or….or else I will.myself ask him to stop all this nautanki…Let me show him.

Saying this she once again jumped off from the bed to the door.While Om stopped her from going.
O: gouri stop…
G: nahi Omkaraji…I have to…
O: ok we will talk to Rudra.First u go, fresh up, do ur puja & come…Ok??

Gouri was not pacified by this.But then she decided to obey him.She went to freshen up while Om went downstairs.

As gouri came after her bath she was amazed to see that Om had already brought her morning tea & he was adding sugar to it.In other cup, he was adding glucose biscuits.
G: arrey, why did u bring all this? I would’ve taken it.
O: gouri , tea is to be drunk.What difference does it make on who brings it.Come sit here & have tea.

They were having a good tea time near the balcony, with fresh wind & mild sunlight.Gouri was now feeling relaxed & fresh.Om was simply seeing her & smiling all along the time.

Gouri was further more amazed seeing a perfectly arranged puja thali kept in front of sankarji.She knew it was done by her pati who was now slowly regaining his belief in God.

She did aarti for sankarji, gave it to Om for taking aarti, applied tilak to him & gave the sweet.She kept back tali & began praying in soft, low voice to sankarji.

G: hey sankarji, please keep our whole family happy always & protect each & everyone from any dangers or bad sights.Please shower ur kripa on us daily. Keep our children safe & happy always…..

As she finished her soft prayers, she was startled hearing Om’s sound.

O: Shivji ;keep cherry, chotu & our honey safe from any danger & bless all our family members.

Gouri’s heart slammed against her chest hearing the name “Honey” from him. She remembered her honey who was aborted in her womb itself due to bua ma’s evil plans. She looked shockingly at Om.Why was he taking the lost baby’s name now!!!

G: Omkaraji…..honey…..kyun???

Before Om could speak up, Rudra came inside to their room & hugged Gouri.

G: Rudy kya hua??
R: thank u bhabhi…..
G: kiske liye???
R: for making me a chachu again….

She couldn’t believe what she heard; she stood frozen there.Her eyes were blurred while turning them to Om’s eyes.He was smiling whole heartedly at her.

Rudra broke the hug & looked at Gouri , with a smile.He pulled Om & made him stand near her.Om side hugged a still shocked gouri to bring her to reality.
O: gouri…..
G: ha…ha… Omkaraji….is this true?
O: of course gouri, our honey has come back to us.
G: par…par…till yesterday….

R: I will tell u bhabhi.

Flash back………..
Gouri fainted & fell in Om’s hands after drinking the fruit punch during pool party.Om tried waking her up but she didn’t.
R: O, please forgive me…. Bhabhi fainted because of me( head down)
O&S: Rudra, tum….
R: woh….fruit punch mein….

Shivay was about to bet him.
S: gouri drank all the glasses together.Oh god!!!

Meanwhile Chubby began talking.
C: bhaiyya, she didn’t faint because of punch.Ut might be something else.
R: what r u saying Chubby, she drank too much & it’s because of that effect she fainted.
C: no Rudra, that punch was pure, it didn’t have anything else.

Rudra was shocked.
C: ha Bhai, I was scared if bhaiyyas would scold me so I changed the fruit punch after u went & replaced it with pure one.
O: shivay, then we should call Dr.immediately.

Later , the doctor came to OM to check gouri.
O: is there any problem Dr.
D: No Om, she’s absolutely fine.It’s a good news.She have fainted due to pregnancy stress.
O: what Dr.
D: Yes Om, she has conceived again.

All the family members were happy.
D: U don’t have to worry.She didn’t take rest on all these days due to marriage preparations, in this carrying state.So her body couldn’t hold on more.I have given her some medicine to get some good sleep.Take extra care on coming days.Food & sleep should be perfect,ok??

Om was so happy, he wanted to share this news immediately with her.But he couldn’t wake her up unless she wakes up by her own.

R: so bhabhi, this is what happened….
All three were smiling.
O: do u know Rudy, she was coming to scold u for making the fruit punch.
She smiled…..
R: oh no bhabhi, how can u scold this cutest devar of urs….( pouting)
G: no no Rudy, I wouldn’t….after all u r the one who told me this good news first….( she said complaining, looking at Om)
O: not fair gouri, now u r scolding me?
G: haan…u could have told me this when I woke up.U were simply smiling throughout….it was my devar who told me.So he will have extra rights on my honey.Did u hear Rudra.
R:thank u chulbul bhabhi, I’m so lucky to have u with me( hugged Gouri)
O: so what about me Rudy?
R: hey jatadhari hippie, u always say SHUT UP RUDRA only, like Nandi bel.
O: you….what did u call me?
Om started chasing Rudra, while Rudra started running around the room, to escape from Om.

Meanwhile somu entered the room to see gouri.She saw Om chasing Rudra while he jumped on to the bed.
S: cry baby, u r married, not any 5 year old kid to run like this.
R:( angry) what to do sumo, say this to ur bade Baal wale bhaiyya to stop chasing me …..

Soumya ran to catch Rudra, when Om came to him to give him a slap, while Rudra went near to Gouri.
R: u saw bhabhi, sumo is always by Om’s side to scold me.
O: don’t call her sumo , u duffet
G: chup karo Omkaraji, don’t scold my devar again varna ek Jaap de dewar pe satjayebe!!!!
Rudra was showing his logic sign.

Soumya brought gouri downstairs where the whole family was waiting for her. She went & took blessings from Dadi, Tejvi & Shinky

She saw shivika standing by a side.She went & hugged an emotional anika.Both of them hugged , crying.
A: thank u chutki for making me a badi ma.
G: didi….( smiling)
Sh: waise anika , u r becoming old now , u r becoming badi ma..U have to grow up now .
A: hm….bagad billa, even u r becoming old.
O: come on guys, u will never stop fighting even if u become grand parents.
All smiled hearing this, while gouri moved to shivay.Both shared a cute hug.
S: gouri, I will teach u some special healthy recipes for the baby ok??
G: thank u bade bhaiyya…… I’ll surely come.

Cherry came with chotu in her hands.
C: chulbul choti ma, I’m so happy.Me & chotu have brought a gift for u & honey.
G: what is it my Cherry beta???

Cherry pulled Om near to Gouri & she presented a cute pink little teddy to both of them.Om & gouri were so much happy seeing this.Chotu was smiling loudly & clapping hands , who was in Cherry’s hands.
C: sorry chachu, I didn’t get time to buy a new gift.But this is mine & chotu’s favorite toy in the whole collection.That’s why I gave it for honey.Did u like it.

The family was surprised seeing this.They were amazed by the kids love to the unborn baby.They were all sure that the next generation would definitely share a more stronger bind than obros bond; specially shivika.
Om & gouri looked at each other happily.They kneeled down to hug cherry & chotu & kiss both of them.

O: bohot pasand aayi cherry dear.Thank u.Honey will be so happy to see this.
C: but I’ve to wait for a long time to see her( sad)
G: don’t worry cherry, she will come soon.After all waiting for a good thing is really sweet.
Chotu was dancing in Cherry’s hands hearing this.

C: is it choti ma….I’m so happy. I’ll start buying toys for her now itself. I’ll be there with u & honey every evening after my school time.So that when she come out , she will know me very well & we will have O sister’s moments.

Hearing this, chotu began pulling Cherry’s hair, angrily.
C: oops, sorry chotu don’t worry we will add u also chotu ….

Everyone laughed hearing the bro sis convo, followed by a cute laugh of chotu.

How was that guys.Sorry to shreya & renima who wanted to see drunk Gouri.But I had already written this part .Hope u liked this chap.But don’t worry I will be bringing a drunk Gouri in my coming os very soon.

Bye, love u all,
take care,

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