When she coloured my canvas – IB & DBO – Colour 44

Hey all ishqies & pkjs, I’m back with a new chappy.

I know it was a long break, I couldn’t manage time & when I did ,I was totally blank like never?.So many had messaged me , asking for next updates.M y phone too cheated me for some time?.I will try to never take such a long break?

I’m happy that I could reply to all of u in my last post.

Colour suggestions
Chap 42
Bubblu: pink – romance
gold – puja
Nikita: orange – motherhood of Anika
Renima: red – romance

Chap 43
Nikita,Renima : yellow – happiness
Bubblu: green- evergreen romance
Samm: sparkling yellow
VHM,Anusuya: yellow – haldi

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Hope u would like this chappy.Sorry for typo errors,try to give a colour for this.

Colour 44

It was the evening after the shaadi of rumya.Guests were flooding OM to see the youngest Oberoi being newly married, as he was the Mr.Romeo Oberoi.The mansion was being filled with all girlfriends of Rudy, sighing to see him settled finally.Of course, Rudra was looking dashing as always being covered with girls, but most importantly his focus was always on his dear sumo.Soumya didn’t have to roll her eyes at Rudra coz she knew that, now his eyes & heart will be only for his one & only lady love.

ShivOm were having a good time blackmailing Rudra by threatening him that they would disclose each & every secret of him to his wife.Poor Rudy, was way too scared about this as they were newly married & sweared to both bhaiyyas that he would always obey them from now on.

But the always playboy Rudra was extremely emotional when his both bros & bhabhis gifted him a portrait of Rumya together, made by Om, as his wedding gift.He was literally crying & hugging all 4 with an emotional Oberoi moment, when all the crowd had gone away & they got to spend some family moment.Shivika & rikara didn’t forget to pull in soumya to this cozy family moment.Dadi was exceptionally happy that day seeing this & was thanking God to have given this chance.She badly missed her husband Prithviraj ji who had wanted to witness such a moment, but her emotional moment soon turned out to be a teasing one as all her potas & their family came in to cheer up dadi.

The family was more happy with Priyanka being carrying & all obros were taking care of her like a crystal which chuckled Ranveer as she was always surrounded by her brothers now.Kamini has now transformed to a good person as she was expecting her grand child.Prinku was so happy as she could come back to OM after 3 or 4 months for her delivery.

The next morning was so much heavy for AniRi as obahus coz they had to arrange for all post shaadi rasams.They had a hearty laugh when Rudra miserably failed in ring finding ceremony & both obahus took Soumya to their team as they believed she could dominate Rudra just like AniRi could do over ShivOm.All the 3 bros were looking helpless in front of their so called wives.

The most exciting thing was the get together arranged in the evening, a pool party, with just the younger generation of oberois; the six of them.All were dressed in black for the pool party.Obros were awesomely handsome while the girls were astonishingly stunning their patis.

Rudra was slowly sneaking near chubby , his party friend.
C: hi Bhai, finally….
R: chubby, just move on yaar.Let me check.
C: kyun Bhai…party drink is ready.
R: I know that, but it’s mein much special add karne ki zaroorat hai.
C:( rolling eyes) No Rudy, u remember what happened last time when u made the fruit punch.
R: arrey come on Chubby.Its for fun.I think for this party, a special punch is really needed.Its fine, after all it’s just our family here.So there’s nothing to worry about. We’ll get to see everyone in their real andaaz.( smirking)

& lol, he began making the SPECIAL PUNCH while chubby kept on complaining.He was really tensed as he feared being blamed by ShivOm.

All 6 were having fun by dancing & singing.Shivika were having a dance competition while Gouri was in her Salman style dancing with Govinda style of Anika.Even Om was doing small steps with shivay & Soumya.This is when soumya noticed that Rudy was missing.As she was about to ask shivay about Rudra, he jumped & came in front of her.

R: hey somu!!!
S: Rudra, say the truth, to which girl were u talking over the phone.
R:( petrified) come on somu, why do u always think of me like this? That too the next day after shaadi itself.

Gouri who noticed this came to end their fight.
G:. arrey soumya, calm down.He went to arrange snacks for us , hey Na Rudra.

He made a crying face & pulled gouri’s cheeks.
R: haan chulbul [email protected] least u do trust me Na.U r the best bhabhi.

Anika came there , making a pouting face.
A: sabash Rudra, so u forgot me.I didn’t expect this from you.Hey bhagwan!!!!

ShivOm were laughing seeing this.
R: oho come on Anika bhabhi, I love u both equally.I know u love me more sincerely than my Bhais. I’m lucky to get both of u.

The trio were sharing a hug.While , soumya walked towards her bhaiyyas & stood in the middle of them, sharing a group hug.

S: & I’m lucky to get such loving bhaiyyas like this, isn’t it?
R: oh sumo, u r just….
S: cute like teddy right??

All were having a hearty laugh.

They were sitting near the pool & having a conversation.

A: Om, do u still have the pink coat given by riddhima for the night party.

Shivay was rolling his eyes @ Anika, while she suddenly realized what she had told.Om noticed this.

O: come on guys, u don’t have to be disturbed.My chiraiyya knows about all these & she’s absolutely fine with this. Isn’t it pagli?

He turned to Gouri for her answer while he saw her frowning @ her.
O: kya…kya hua??
G:(angry) U haven’t told me about pink coat till now?What is it?Ha???

Om was terrified seeing this, while Rudra was laughing madly , followed by a SHUT UP from ShivOm.

R: have u noticed one thing, we 3 brothers have got khidkitod wives, Always breaking something or the other.Anika bhabhi broke bhaiyyas window shield, chulbul bhabhi crushed O’s car….
S: what did I do cry baby??
R: don’t u remember sumo, u tore my credit card ( crying)
S: I’m sorry Rudra, she began flicking his hair.
R: it’s fine Sumo, after all u love me right.
S: of course Rudra, but if u do anything wrong again….
R:(smiling) I know u will forgive me.
S: who told u…. I’ll follow the path of my didis. I’ll destroy ur dumb bell.
R: mummy…..( crying)

AniRi: all the best soumya( laughing)

A little later, Rudra & chubby brought snacks & fruit punch for all & settled it in the table at the centre.Rudra was shushing Chubby each time he was about to tell Shivay about the punch.

They were having snacks, but now took the punch till now.Suddenly Gouri began coughing badly.

O: kya hua gouri.. kuch problem…
G: ha Omkaraji, woh….this chips has too much mirchi….( she told while coughing)
As Om was about to get some water, she suddenly took a glass of punch & drank.She drank 3 glasses together to stop coughing.Once she was fine, she felt more thirsty after drinking it , so she drank the punch from all the glasses.

Rudra & chubby was totally terrified seeing this & was scared of the aftermath of this.

Gouri slowly stood up & was about to say something & she suddenly fainted & fell in Om’s hands.All were shocked.

Chubby moved towards Rudra.
C: Bhai, I think she fainted dye to over dose.What will we do now? It’s all because of u.
R: Chubby…..( he gulped)

Om tried waking her up but failed so he decided to take her to room.While shivay was having some doubt & he saw an extremely petrified Rudy standing like a culprit.

S: Rudra….( he called Rudra angrily)
R:(looking down) sorry bhaiyya!!!

Precap: Gouri to scold Rudra????

I was totally blank & then came up with this .Dunno if it was good.Waiting for all ur comments…

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