When she coloured my canvas – IB & DBO – Colour 43

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Colour 43

A month had passed away.& guess what it’s the marriage of the youngest Oberoi which have become the talk of the city.

This wedding is made grand by khidkitod anika, but the unique thing in this shaadi is that Mr.OSO & his wife are in the bride’s side – Soumya
Specially because he was her bade baal wale bhaiyya!!!! This made Mr.Rudra a bit jealous coz his own O & chulbul bhabhi is with soumya…but for real he was very happy seeing the trio’s bond….

@Soumya’s home:
Few days b4 the wedding, the bride is selecting her joda brought from OM.There were 3 or 4 sets which were utmost beautiful but somu was finding it difficult to select as all were looking awesome on her.

S: bhabhi, chulbul bhabhi…..
G: ha somu, hum yahan hai…ka hua ?
S: woh… chulbul di…
G: ek jhaap de diwar pe satjayebe.Now u have also started calling me like that, just like Rudy(faking anger)
S: woh..kya hai na di, u r so cute when u r angry while calling u like that( & she hugged Gouri)
G: hmm….why did u call me now?
S: woh.. please help me to select my joda.All sets r beautiful, but I dunno which one will match me….

Om entered the home ,then.
O: hai soumya…
S: oh hai bb bhaiyya.I was just thinking about you.

Both shared a warm hug, admired by gouri.
O: waise somu, what is bb bhaiyya?
S:( laughing) u forgot, short for bade baal wale Bhaiyya….
G: so u have started putting Nick names for us also?

The trio had a good laugh. All 3 went to somu’s room, where her aayi was also there.
S: dekho na bhaiyya, help me to select one from this, please..
G: oh somu, it’s true that he is an artist.But his selection for ladies is too weak you know,he doesn’t have fashion sense.Rudra is the best for this.

Om rolled his eyes at gouri while she was giggling.
Finally, gouri & Om selected one out of all & soumya thanked them a lot for choosing one.She went for trying it out whereas Rikara moved out of somu’s room.As gouri headed to the kitchen, Om stopped her by holding her wrist & turned her back.
O: Mrs.OSO, what bakwaas did u say about me??
G: ka…meine kuch nahi kaha… Chodiye omkaraji….( struggling)
O: that I don’t have fashion sense, I’m weak in selection…
G:( laughing) it’s not bakwaas, it’s a truth, how many times I’ve exit during shopping, my dear hippie??

He moved closer to her, while she became conscious.
O: madamji, I’m very good at selection?
G: hmm…kaise?? koi saboot hai tere pass?
O: haan…tu…tu hai mere best selection ke acchi proof….

Her eyes widened; she was smiling whole Heartedly.How much he had loved to admire her smiling face.They created their own world out there, but were made apart by somu’s voice.

S: di, kaise he yeh??
G: ha…ha…somu, bohot sundar hai.I think u should send a photo to rudra now itself.
O: nahi gouri, the bridegroom should see his bride wearing joda, only at the mandap.
G: oho ji, tumhe kaise pata ye sab?
O: y not my dadi had told me this..
S: ok bhaiyya, then I’ll just fold & keep this back, ok?? then let’s go for tea.

She went back.
He smiled seeing a happy somu & turned to see gouri still adoring him.
O: hey pagli, don’t watch me like this.
G: kyu Omkaraji, u feel shy?( smiling)
O: bilkul nahi, I might get caught with ur sight… oh…

Gouri was angry,..
G: so u r ok if ur fans see u like this
O: ya perfectly fine.
G: oh I’ll show u today Who is dabbang gouri.

She began racing him & there goes the jhagda of Tom & Jerry.

Upcoming days were hectic for both families.Rikara were doing everything from somu’s side,helping her aayi.

It was the haldi day for rumya in their respective homes.All the plans desperate plans of rudra to meet soumya that day was failed by dadi as she wanted every rituals to be rightly followed.

The Oberoi ladies came to somu’s home with shagun haldi which was brought from OM & the function was about to start.

Gouri was feeling tired after all the work & had come to her room to get some water & to relax b4 the haldi started because she had the shagun haldi with her.

As she entered the room & had water, she nearly gasped seeing Om entering to the room.
G: hey Sankarji, why didn’t u go back to home omkaraji, this is a ladies only function for ladki & u r still here.Didnt u know bade bhaiyya had already gone…
O:( angry) relax gouri, I was following u since iI felt u r not well.
G: sahi hai, I’m not well.I don’t know if I will be able to attend the whole function properly.I just want to have some sleep.
O: gouri you just sit here for some time.I will give this , you can come after some time.
G: nahi omkaraji, I have to check whether all the performing ladies group has come or not.So it’s ok I’m fine now I will go now.
O: no gouri, give it to me.I will go with this.
G: iski koi zaroorat nahi hai.Hum hain na, it’s a ladies function so I will go.

Both began pulling the haldi bowl & finally a bit of the haldi fell on gouri’s hand.She was furious, while he smiled seeing her puppy face.
O: ha…ha…I told u gouri & u didn’t hear me.Why r u ziddy like this.Now see what happened…Peela khargosh ha…ha…

Gouri was angry, without thinking she suddenly swiped her hand on his cheeks, covering with haldi.Om was shocked seeing this , now it was her turn to laugh.
G: see now my hand is clean & ur face is..
She couldn’t complete as Om suddenly rubbed his stubbled cheek with gouri’s.Gouri nearly shivered due to this & closed her eyes.Her heart was beating fast while he kept rubbing her cheek with hers.
G: Omkara….
He was enjoying the moment with closed eyes, she could feel him smiling against her cheek.Finally he moved back smiling, seeing her with closed eyes.
O: gouri….

She slowly opened her eyes.He could see her pink cheeks in spite of haldi being on it.

Both were smiling at eo.
G: tum bhi na….

She couldn’t complete as he kept his finger on her lips.He went close to her with their faces it inches apart.
O: bohot sweet hai na..

Gouri moved down her face suddenly the door opened with Jhanvi entering.
J: Om …what r u doing here?
O:(nervous)woh ma..she is ..not well so..
J: oh my son, don’t worry we will take care of your wife not as much as yours(teasing)

Seeing haldi on their faces.
J: yeh kya hai bacchom??(laughing)
G: woh Ma, we….
J: suno…it’s not ur haldi,it was done a long time back.This is ur sister in law’s haldi,ok?
Both blushed hearing this & thinking about their wedding times.
J: ok I will take this, both of u clean ur faces & come soon.Om should go to home & see the arrangements there for tomorrow ok?? Dont take more time, heard(teasing)
G: ji, maaji…
Jhanvi left the room.

Gouri stared Om angrily, while he stood with a puppy face.
G: tum khush ho na??(angrily)
O:mm…nahi toh..(pouting)

She controlled her smile seeing his face.She suddenly stood up on her legs & kissed his cheek.Om was thoroughly shocked.
G: ab tum Khush ho…

He stood with his hand still touching his cheek, amazed

G: ab tum jao ok??

Saying this she pushed him out of the room& closed the door.Both were smiling thinking about how silly eo was….

How was this guys, please drop ur comments & forgive me for not replying?

take care…

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    1. Shraddha-DBO

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    Pheww…finally done with all parts ??
    Ammazing work..i loved the whole concept…
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