When she coloured my canvas – IB & DBO – Colour 42

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Colour 42

A beautiful morning.Gouri was slowly opening her eyes.She was amazed to see that Om was not there; usually she wakes up first.What happened today,she thought.She still cuddled on to the bed, thinking of the last night.How they had fought, he had brought her to the room, she was about to perform her kambakht stunt but it was Om who caught the sweet.They hadnt talked about the bet the previous night; he simply pulled her closer, nuzzled in her hair,tickled her & then….she just closed her eyes shyly when she felt some water drops on her face.

As she opened her eyes, she saw a bathed Om who was swaying his hair in front of her eyes to wake her up.She smiled sweety at him but then pushed him & woke up.She simply sat on the bed near to him, without looking at him.

O; r u still angry???

She remained silent finding it difficult to control her smile.She couldn’t help but simply adore him whenever s
he was close to her.

O: that’s not fair gouri. I agree I showed attitude to you, but then yesterday…we had compromised it all, he told with a naughty smirk.

She bet him on his shoulder for this type of talk.But he held her arms & brought her closer,
O: really gouri, do you have any more complaints?

She was simply lost in his eyes @ that moment.He took her more closer & began playing with her hair.
O: now do u have any complaint?

He slowly caressed her cheeks with his thumbs; she was shivering.He was smiling seeing her with closed eyes.
O: now??? now do u have any more complaints? he asked huskily.

He was moving closer to her lips slowly, they could feel eo hot breaths.They were inches seperate,when the moment was broken by a knock.Both of them suddenly jerked.He smilingly noticed her pink cheeks.She just raced to the door to open it shyly & there stood cherry.
C: good morning chulbul chachi, good morning omkie..

Om came to the door & picked up cherry.
O: oh my chweety cherry , what r u doing in this early time??
C: woh omkie….we have puja today in the morning for chotu & ma ,u forgot??

Gouri gasped thinking about this; how could she forget this important thing.Sge thought, all the ladies would have started the preparations now itself.She had forgot about the event in between their fight.
C: & chachi, badi dadi had asked to call you down.Go fast…
G: ha cherry, I will go now itself….

She went to the washroom hurriedly, while Om & cherry kept on playing.

Downstairs, anika was busy with chotu, & other ladies were engaged in puja decorations.It was special puja for the baby & mom.While gouri was alone in the kitchen, setting all the prasad needed.

She was checking final preparations of the kheer, while a hand came with a spoon to take the kheer from the bowl; gouri smiled seeing it & slapped on the hand to prevent from taking kheer.
G: ka hai yeh omkaraji?this is prasad.
O: woh…kya hai na gouri, I want to have some kheer now

She laughed seeing the pouting face of Om.She took 3 big spoons of kheer, & took it in another bowl to give to him.
G: take this, eat this fast & go….
O: don’t be rude pagli…r u still angry.I had apologized to u, but then..

He faked a sad face, which, she thought was real.She turned him towards her.
G: do u really think, I can b angry to u omkaraji?? It was just a small fight na?? Y do u take it seriously?
O: because u didn’t talk to me from the morning till now…I can’t pass even one day without seeing or hearing your pagli talk.

Gouri was laughing, how innocent he talks at times.
G: waise…u don’t eat sweet dishes right? then why did u ask me for kheer?
O: who told I won’t? u r the first one to make me have kheer during haldi & so I love it a lot now.

He took a spoon & fed gouri.He was about to have a spoon, suddenly he kept it back.
G: ka hua, don’t u want to have it?
O: ha, but b4 that…

He was going closer to gouri; she understood his intentions & tried to push him away but she was being pulled into his arms.As he was about to reach her lips, once again the moment was broken; by shivika.

S: ahem…ahem….love birds r flying here freely, in my kitchen??

Rikara moved away swiftly, heavily blushing.
A: arey, chutki…what all did u say yesterday?? that u wouldn’t compromise..u won’t go behind him..etc….u solved it in one night?
S: oh ya Om…u solved it in one night??ha??

O: come on guys, don’t tease us
Even u did solve it faster than us, in one day…
S: ok ok fine, but just remember we have got guests here today…
A: ha Billuji sahi keh rehe.Dont do ekdum 2 rs wali cheapdi harkatein here.
G: didi….she called helplessly

Shivika smiled, but they were surprised seeing Om having kheer.
A: arey Om, when did u start having sweets?Last week I brought sweets for you & u didn’t take it na?
S: woh kya he na anika, he would eat it only if gouri gives him.
O: nahi nahi, I like to have only kheer ,so…

Jhanvi came rushing to the kitchen at that time.
J: what r u guys doing here ?
S: woh badi ma, actually om & gouri were busy in…

Rikara rolled their eyes @ shivay.
A: they were busy in preparing prasad , we will come now badi ma.
J: fine anika, come fast it’s time for mahurat
She went away smiling, followed btly rikara.

Anika was about to go when shivay stopped her & signalled her to wait.He took a ring from his pocket & made her wear it.
A: ye kya hai shivay, iska zaroorat..

She didn’t complete the sentence as he kept his finger on her lip
S: this is for my beautiful patni & for the best mom of my kids.

Both shared a tight hug, but moment nikal gaya.They were interrupted by Rudra.
R: bhaiyya, I just came here to get some water only, nothing else.(laughing)

Anika shyed away suddenly.
R: dunno why the kitchen is becoming the favorite place of both couples in this house, bechare….
S: Bhai…we will also have a day ok?
R: haan….u should wait until that….

Shivika started beating rudra playfully while he ran away.

The puja was so grand & beautiful with Anika & Aniket being seated in the special sthan.Aniket was looking so sweet in her arms; he was so obedient & attended the puja very silently.All were adoring the beautiful mother-son duo.

Gouri did not take her eyes away from them.Small layers of tears were forming in her eyes thinking of her aayi & her long lost baby.Om was sitting close to her for puja.He saw her admiring anika & Aniket.
G: how beautiful r both of them??
O: haan gouri…why now you also feel you should be in that place, isn’t it??we should grant the wish of cherry soon….( laughing & teasing her)

He noticed her wet eyes as she turned to see him.He hadn’t expected her to be sad like this.
O: kya hua meri chiraiyya ko?
G: wo… Omkaraji…humari…humari honey…( she was about to cry)

Om cupped her face & slowly wiped away the tears.
O: don’t be sad gouri, I’m sure our little honey will be back soon.She will surely come to us.Pray to Sankarji…

She began smiling, she was happy to hear this.She was so much attached to that unborn baby; she silently sent prayers to Sankarji to give her a baby very soon….even Om prayed for that..

Precap:- get ready for rumya’s shaadi!!

Hope u liked it guys…..Do let me know ur comments.Check out my shivika TS too, “On my birthday” my first try on shivika…(it’s a double update from me today, both stories)

Bye,take care…..

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    Aww…??such a cute chapter. The way you described their romantic moments ??. I have no words so these emojis are helping me. And their kitchen moments being disturbed by shivika. I was laughing and I am still laughing thinking about that. In the last part, I felt sorry about gauri. Hope they have their choti chiraiya or chirota soon. Waiting for the next…

  3. What a khidkitodh episode…..
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    Thank you soooo much @shraddha for giving me new name Omkara version 2.0….
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