When she coloured my canvas – IB & DBO – Colour 41

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Colour 41

Om took Shivay to guest room same way as gouri took anika to her room

O: Shivay this is cheating ok? U have come home with bhabhi.
S: ha Om, she is my wife right? I should come with her na?

Meanwhile, @ gouri’s room,
G: no didi, u were not supposed to come.Did u forget the challenge we kept? That v r going to ignore our patis today for their tadi?
A: lekin chutki, vo kya hai na.Today Billuji came to pick me up @ our office, & he….

O: & you.. what did u do?
S: what else??? I said sorry to her & she said sorry to me, we went to a cafe, had some time , then we came back.
O: oh ,so this is was the important work u had to do….hmm….I never knew shivay u would fail in front of bhabhi.Usually u show so much of ur ego in front of her right?

A: yes chutki, u r right.He will never fail in front of me.But….but this time…
G: this time what happened??

S: woh Om, this time Idk, I was really missing her.I told u in the morning right? I can’t handle her absence & ignorance, I feel as if I will collapse.Even she said the same to me..

A: ha chutki, I also told him.I couldn’t bear it even for one night.I really missed him.
Gouri was angry; here she was fighting with her pati & what did didi do…
A: hey chutki, both of us know that we can’t stay without them & even they both know this.Its useless to show tadi like this, just go & tell Om that ..that u can’t afford to miss him.Come on.

O: what u said is true, I cannot even pass a moment without her.She also knows this, then y is she doing this, y is she keeping challenge.Did u know, she was plainly avoiding me in front of that Lokesh today…she was engaged in talking to that fool.

G: arey didi, actually Lokesh is very funny, except something is loose about him.He is very friendly, not like my Nandi Bel.So I was talking to him.Omkaraji is in a challenge with me, so I didn’t speak to him.
A: aww chutki, u told “my Nandi bel”, come on….this is a silly matter.Just go & solve it.

O: no shivay, girls shouldnt show attitude like this.

G: chirottas shouldnt b ziddy like this.

O: let her come first….

G: he should come first….

Shivay & anika were done talking to them.Both of them marched to their room.

S: kya hua anika, u were with gouri right?
A: no way shivay, they r more stubborn than us….ho….
S: we r also a reason for this fight.
A: yes but we solved it right.
S: ya, I’m sure they will make it up soon….

Most of the time Gouri & Lokesh were together for the whole day , joking & laughing.These 2 were just crazy; crazy people of same wavelength.Rudra also joined them in this fun, watching movies,playing games.Om was totally irked by this, the way how gouri enjoyed with Lok was boiling him up but he chose to be silent.

After dinner, it was time for bed.But Gouri- rudra- Lok was watching a horror movie.

Om was in his room, he thought gouri would come back as today anika is with shivay& gouri would never sleep alone.He became annoyed as she was being late.

As he entered the hall, he saw that those 3 were sitting in darkness with the Tv switched on.He slowly moved to them & started touching their shoulders.All 3 began shouting, by then Om had switched on the lights.

O: come on guys, y did u shout like that?
R: ( panting) O, what… what did u do? we were watching a movie….. horror…
Lo: I thought it was the ghost who were touching us.

O:( in mind) I wish if a real ghost had come to scare this idiot.
Lo: y did u come now??
O: came to call gouri.Did u see the time, come u have to sleep now.

Gouri was standing silent.

Lo: arey Bhai, she is not in terms with u right? then how will she come?isn’t it gouri??

Om was super angry; what is this girl up to? She is sharing all her personal things with others too?? Oh god.
He rolled his eyes at her.She was looking down.

R: oh, par chulbul bhabhi.Shivay bhaiyya & bhabhi have solved the problem, still now u r in challenge mode? kya hua?
Lo: vo kya hai na rudra? U know right Om is a hypocrat, otherwise who will ignore such a sweet girl like gouri for such a long time?? He is too hard yaar..

Om was so angry; so he means that I’m a cruel husband to gouri? Idiot, he doesn’t even know how we had spend time before .

O: gouri, just stop this & come…

She stood still there with remote in her hand.
O: gouri I’m calling u for the last time.

She was about to move away from him when Om suddenly swept her by her feet & took her in her arms .He started climbing the stairs , leaving an amazed Rudy & Loku behind.

Gouri was struggling in his arms while he was moving forward.H e was just looking straight& walking while gouri was continuously calling him by his name.She began hitting on his chest playfully.He stopped there & looked her.Both had a cute eye lock followed by which she began smiling slightly, which made Om also to smile.They began smiling thinking of what all silly things that had happened.But both were deciding not to forgive eo easily.He slowly entered the room, kept her in the bed, & bolted the door.He was smiling & slowly began walking towards gouri who was sitting & smiling in the bed.

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